How To Fix Windows 10 Update 0x80240023 Error | Complete Guide

Most updates contain new features, improved stability, and security, so keeping Windows 10 up to date must enhance your PC’s overall performance. Unfortunately, installing the update is not always pleasant, and consumers can also experience a variety of complications. People have been complaining about Windows Update Error 0x80240023 for a very long time. The destructive code appears when Windows 10 users try to install new security or feature update. Similar to this update error, you could also come across errors where your Windows menu is not starting, and some more errors like these. 

windows updat error

When the system refuses to install Microsoft Office File Validation Add-in for Office 2007, the Windows update procedure fails with error 80240023. The text accompanies the error code WU E EULAS DECLINED, indicating that the licensing terms for one or more patches have been denied. Most of the time, this happens due to corruption in the operating system. A similar issue might occur if Windows and Microsoft Office are not completely enabled.

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How To Fix Windows 10 Update Error 0x80240023

When you click the Check for Updates button on Windows Update, you may also see the error 0x80240023.

The value 0x80240023 indicates that all updated licensing terms have been refused. When installing the Microsoft Office File Validation Add-In, Windows Update encounters the problem 0x80240023.

Use Office File Validation installation

These are some of the steps:

  1. Open the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Downloads folderenter path for OFV
  2. Search all subfolders for the file called
  3. Double-click and save the OFV.msi installer file to your desktop. double click on OFV file
  4. Double-click OFV.msi to run it double click on OFV to run
  5. In seconds, the Office File Validation setup is complete. install add-insThe following files are installed in the Microsoft Office 14 directory by this add-in: GKExcel.dllGKExcell2.dllGKPowerpoint.dllGKWord.dllGKWord6.dlladdins
  6. Click Check for updates on the Windows Update page. The error 0x80240023 should no longer appear.

Office 2003’s internal name is Office11, while Office 2007’s is Office12. However, the above files are installed by the add-in setup in the Office14 (Office 2010) folder. This is most likely because the add-in was launched concurrently with or following the release of Office 2010. The add-in, on the other hand, also protects Office 2003 and 2007. 

Important instruction: In October 2017, Microsoft Office 2007 reached the end of its support lifecycle. Microsoft no longer provides technical support or security upgrades for the software. Installing the Office File Validation add-in for Office 2003/2007 does not guarantee that your machine is entirely secure. Upgrade to Microsoft 365 as soon as possible, according to Microsoft.

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Verify That Windows 10 Is Activated

Your operating system is most likely inactive if the update issue 0x80240023 persists after installing Microsoft Office validation. As a result, you’ll need to activate it for Windows 10 to install the update without problems.

  1. Press the Windows key and the letter I.
  2. From the drop-down option, choose Update & Security. click on update and security
  3. From the left column, choose – Activation.choose activation
  4. Check if Windows is active on the right-hand side.
  5. If not, activate the OS using a valid product key.

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Delete All Entries From The DataStore Folder 

All temporary and LOG files linked with Windows updates are stored in the DataStore folder. The update process might become stuck if files are corrupted, resulting in error 0x80240023. As a result, remove everything from the area and check to see if the problem has been rectified. You must first stop the Windows Update service before proceeding. The entire procedure is outlined below.

  1. Press: Windows + S
  2. Type – services into the search box and press enter.
  3. Look for the phrase “Windows update.”open windows update
  4. Select the same option and press the Stop button.
  5. Shut off the Services window.
  6. Open File Explorer file explorer
  7. Copy and paste %windir%\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore into the address bar, and then press enter.
  8. By hitting Ctrl + A, you may select all things.
  9. Select the – Delete icon.
  10. After that, reopen Services and start the Windows update windows update

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Alter The Date And Time

Windows frequently fail to install updates due to the wrong time zone, resulting in catastrophic errors. The same might result in Error 0x80240023. Here are the ways to see if your system is in the right time zone:

  1. From the taskbar, choose the search icon.
  2. Type Control Panel, press control panel
  3. Select Category as the View by option.
  4. Then click – Clock and Regionclick clock and region
  5. Select – Date and Time from the right pane. click date and time
  6. Toggle to the Internet Time tab. internet time
  7. Then change the settings with a click.
  8. Before selecting Synchronize with an Internet time server, select the checkbox.
  9. Now click – Update. click enter
  10. Finally, hit – OK to save your changes.

Unlike these steps, that you need to follow to update the 0x80240023 error, your windows might also have a problem where your taskbar gets frozen. Thus, to get that issue resolved, refer to this article.

Use The Windows Update Troubleshooter

If we cannot determine what caused error 0x80240023, addressing the problem may appear difficult. Microsoft provides a troubleshooter that examines the system for anomalies and automatically suggests a solution to correct such faults. Follow these instructions to utilize the tool:

  1. Press the Windows key, and I.
  2. From the drop-down option, choose Update and on update and security
  3. From the left sidebar, choose Troubleshoot. choose troubleshoot2
  4. Select – Additional troubleshooters from the right-hand window.
  5. From the drop-down option, choose – Windows Update. windows update run
  6. In the expanded box, click – Run the troubleshooter.
  7. After running the troubleshooter, follow any on-screen instructions that appear.
  8. When the utility offers a solution, click – Apply this patch.
  9. Finally, exit the troubleshooter and apply the latest patch.

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Thus, these are a few methods by which you can resolve your Windows 10 Update 0x80240023 error. Therefore, if you are facing such trouble, read this article, and resolve it as per the steps provided. Click here to know How To Fix “The Software Change Returned Error Code 0x643 1603?”

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