0xc0000142 Error [Fixed] In 6 Easy Ways

Error 0xc0000142 is a common problem that occurs in any Windows version when an application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). The reason behind the error is the malfunction with the program the user is trying to use or due to its corruption. Many users commonly report running into this error while running cmd.exe a DOS emulator program in computers. Dealing with error 0xc0000142 can be extremely frustrating, and as it turns out, many windows users face this problem while trying to install their favorite PC games as the application was unable to start correctly 142.


The list of the applications are as follows :

  1. Far Cry 3
  2. Far cry 4
  3. Metro Last Light
  4. Dying light
  5. GTA V
  6. Witcher 3
  7. Star Wars Battlefront 2
  8. Outlook
  9. Call of duty Advanced Warfare
  10. Autodesk AutoCAD
  11. Watchdogs
  12. Metal Gear Solid V- Phantom Pain
  13. Age of Empire


A general reason for this error is missing certain files in the application was unable to start correctly 0xc0000142 directory. The file that is generally missing is known as DLL or Dynamic Link Library. Downloading and copy-pasting these files in the directory should solve the problem. But this problem can also occur in other software such as MS Office, Steam, AutoCAD, and many more. Fixing these files will give you easy access to the application, which is displaying Error 0xc0000142. 

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Easy Methods To Fix 0xc0000142 Error

There is a simple guide to help you fix this error by following the instructions below and easily reaching your required results as it is due to the application was unable to start correctly.


Let’s take a look at some of the methods:

Method 1 Performing A Clean Boot Of The System

To solve the problem with this method, you would need to follow the following steps.

  1. First, you would need to go to the Taskbar and search for the Systemtask manager
  2. Configuration app, then run it to reopen MS Config.
  3. Then, in the System Configuration window, you need to switch to the ‘Services’ tab from the displayed tabs.
  4. Now in the bottom left corner of the window, you will be able to see a Hide alllaptop
  5. Microsoft services’ option, you need to select the option.
  6. From the Services window’s leftover options, you have to select them all and click the ‘Disable all’ button.restart-computer
  7. Now click the ‘Apply’ button and restart your computer.

If the 0xc0000142 error still shows up, try the other methods.

Method 2 0xc0000142 Error Then Run The SFC (System File Checker)

To solve the problem with this method, you need to follow the below-given steps.

  1. Press the Windows key and R at the same time while being on your desktop.
  2. In the prompt that opened, type ‘cmd’ (excluding quotes) and press Enter.run
  3. Now, in the command prompt window, type ‘sfc /scannow’(quotes not included) and press Enter.
  4. Wait for the process to get completed.chkdsk
  5. Reboot your computer and check if the application you want to run is running or not.

If not, then try the other methods.

Method 3 Using The Regedit.exe

  1. Press the Windows key and R at the same time while being on your desktop.run
  2. In the prompt that opened, type ‘regedit.exe’(excluding quotes) and press Enter.
  3. Now from the window that opened, navigate to the path.laptop
  4. ‘HKEY_LOCALM_ACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows’.
  5. From the pane that opens on the right, locate ‘LoadAppInit_DLLs.’ Click on it.
  6. Now, in the prompt window that opens, change the value in theValue Data’ section from 1 to 0\restart-computer
  7. Restart your computer and check if the problem still shows up.

If the problem still shows up, try the next method.

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Method 4 0xc0000142 Error Then Boot Windows Into Last Known-Good Configuration

  1. Shutdown, your computer, making sure there no more processing going on.
  2. Turn on your computer and after the manufacturer logo disappears, start.shutdown
  3. Spamming the F8 key (In some laptops, spam it while holding the Fn key)
  4. Repeat the above steps until and unless you enter the Advanced Boot Options.settings
  5. Once you enter the Advanced Boot Options, use your arrow keys to navigate to
  6. The ‘Last Known Good Configuration’ options from the available list of options.
  7. Press the Enter key to select the booting option ‘Last Known Good Configuration”advanced option screen
  8. As soon as you boot into your system, check if the error is still showing up.

If it is still showing up, try any of the above-given methods to fix the problem.

Method 5 Try And Run The Application In Compatibility Mode

The developers of the program you’re trying to use most likely created them for the earlier versions of Windows, and sometimes they might run poorly, or they might not run at all. One of the ways to fix this issue is to try to use the application in compatibility mode. This mode allows you to run the program using settings from an earlier Windows version. If there is a possibility that your program is designed to work with a specific version of Windows, this could be your quick fix. Remember always to run the program as an administrator.

To enable compatibility mode:

  1. Right-click on the program displaying the Error 0xc0000142.settings
  2. Select the Properties option, followed by the Compatibility tab.
  3. Click on Run Compatibility Shooter
  4. Choose your preferred compatibility mode so that the program would run smoothly in your System.run as administrater
  5. Ensure that you are running the program as an administrator
  6. Select Apply and exit.

Check once again if the error code is popping up or not.

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Method 6 Uninstall Unknown Programs

Specific programs such as Search Protect, SW Booster, or Performance Optimizer need to be uninstalled as they might be the reason why the error code keeps showing up repeatedly.

The steps to uninstall programs is relatively simple in following through –

  1. Open the Windows Control Panel.
  2. Click on the Installed Program List.control panel
  3. Choose to uninstall any of the applications mentioned above.

Check to see if the error code is still showing up or not.

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Following these steps may fix the Error 0xc0000142 on your System or application. Feel free to go through our website to find solutions to tech related problems. Have a nice day!

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