How To Adjust HDMI Screen Size On TV Windows 10?

Technology is anywhere, from washing garments to drying them. From taking images to importing them, going from one vicinity to another. So rightly said using Tim O’Reilly, “What new era does is create new opportunities to do an activity that customers want to be executed.” Want to  Adjust HDMI Screen Size on TV then this article is for you.


We have CD and Pen drives to proportion the records from one laptop to another. But what if we can show the complete laptop show on a screen? In this newsletter, we are going to speak about HDMI.

What Do You Imply By HDMI?

The full shape of HDMI is High-Definition Multimedia Interface. It was designed in December 2002. Transmits pics from a source to Monitor, TV, Projector, and many others.  Supports billions of devices, and except displaying an image of the Monitor at any source, it can also be in use to control devices. That form of HDMI is called HDMI-CEC (consumer electronic control); it could additionally be used to proportion net connectivity and people. Types of HDMI are HDMI-HEC (HDMI Ethernet channel), and proportion audio using HDMI-ARC (Audio go backchannel). HDMI cable is available online on Amazon, Flipkart, and many others. Or you could visit the closest electronic save and purchase an HDMI cable.

The maximum HDMI cable used types A, its dimension is 13.9mm x 4.45mm with 19 pins. Type A HDMI is used to attach the laptop, HDT.V, TV, Projector, Set-top field, and so on to the display.hdmi (adjust hdmi screen size on tv)

Although generation has leveled up in today’s era as we’ve got smart T. Vs in which we can see OTT Platform or surf internet however nevertheless HDMI Cable is used in massive volume everywhere in the international as it has many blessings as we can at once proportion our monitor display at the TV, you can use it to expose a presentation on a larger display screen, etc.

But while we connect the HDMI cable to the supply, there are opportunities that the scale of the display screen Appears large or smaller than meant. This article will assist you to know how to modify HDMI screen size on TV on Windows 10

Methods To Adjust HDMI Screen Size On TV Windows 10

The following are a few methods to Adjust HDMI Screen Size on TV

Method 1 Checking The Resolution Of The TV

Resolution plays a vital function in the connection of the HDMI cable for your machine.


If the decision of your Tv isn’t always suitable with the system, then the display will no longer be able to share the display, first, take a look at the resolution.

You can check the resolution of the TV on the box of the TV or the guide that came with it.

Note the original resolution of the laptop as it will assist you to repair the resolution of the computer while you’ll eject the HDMI cable.

Method 2 Want To Adjust HDMI Screen Size on TV Then Join HDMI Port

 To join HDMI Port Follow the below steps.

  1. Your laptop and TV must become off.
  2. Connect the input port of the HDMI cable to the TV."<yoastmark
  3. Then Connect the output port of the HDMI cable to the computer.
  4. Switch to your TV, after which your laptop.
  5. Change the TV’s input with the TV’s remote, changing it to the HDMI option.


So follow the above steps to  Adjust HDMI Screen Size on TV.

For Windows 10 Users:

If you use Windows 10, then you may additionally observe the stairs referred to beneath

  1. Close all the open programs
  2. On your keyboard, hold the home windows key and press P at the windows and p
  3. Select anyone option suitable for your need.

Method 3 Modify The Display Screen Length Of HDMI On TV 

After you’re past all the above steps, the problem arises to alter the display screen length of HDMI because the graphic may stretch out or reduce, which makes the pixels distorted.

If you’re using Windows 10, then to alter the display size of HDMI, observe the beneath-referred steps:

  1. Right-click on the mousepad and click on display settings.mouse
  2. You can see the resolution option, click on the drop-down button, and select the decision that suits your need.
  3. If you’re nevertheless not glad about the resolution performing on the bigger screen, click on superior display settings.
  4. You will then be able to see the custom scale alternative.settings
  5. The scale starts evolving from 100 percent and is going to 500 percent.
  6. Choose the scale in line with your need.
  7. Click on the save

Note: Remember the authentic scale and determination to set the computer scale and resolution after ejecting your HDMI cable.

Sometimes the HDMI cable no longer works well, and due to that, the graphic does not seem on the bigger display screen; attempt converting the HDMI cable in such cases.

connect to system

Try Unplugging the video device and TV once in a while; the connection is loose, so the HDMI Cable cannot transmit the image from the Monitor to the TV.

So follow the above steps to  Adjust HDMI Screen Size on the TV.


There are a few greater motives why HDMI cable may not guide your system, and, in such cases, you could Google for help.

So, this is all about Adjust HDMI Screen Size on TV Then how to join the HDMI cable along with your pc and adjust the dimensions of the display of HDMI on TV Windows 10. I desire this article turned into helpful for you, and you must have been capable of remedying your difficulty with the help of the records given in this article.

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