How To Fix The Adobegcclient.exe System Error? Step By Step Guide

Many of us use Adobe software daily. The Adobe system offers many valuable programs. The Adobe system is known for its reliable and high-quality programs, but there are some scenarios where the AdobeGCClient.exe error named MSVCP140.dll suddenly occurs. This error is most likely to affect Adobe Acrobat users but can also affect other users. It also displays when you try to launch the program, and you cannot use the Adobe software. It does not contain any warnings, so the problem cannot be predicted or fixed. 


This issue is mainly due to an Adobe update. The Adobe system can push the updates that cause this issue on its own. The new update depends on MSVCP140.dll. Therefore, you will get this error if they are not installed on your computer. The Adobe system has officially announced that it will fix this bug in the next update, so there is some hope.

But don’t worry if you don’t have the latest updates. There are many ways to avoid or completely solve this problem.

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3 Methods For Adobegcclient.Exe System Error

A few easy methods to resolve the adobegcclient.exe system error from your PC are as follows.

Microsoft C Redistributable

 The approach to resolving the adobegcclient.exe system error is to download the Microsoft C Redistributable Package. Installing this redistributable train solves numerous druggies’ problems. Lines are generally included in the setup when it’s imperative that the program function duly, and it’s because of train dependences. Still, MSVCP140.dll is formed by the update, so you’ll have to download the train yourself. The needed lines are included in the Microsoft C Redistributable Package.

  1.  Click the Download button to download the Microsoft C Redistributable Package. adobegcclient-exe-system-error method
  2. After downloading, you need to install bothx64.exe andvc_redist.x86.exe. Still, if you’re using a 64- bit system, first installvc_redist.x86.exe and alsovc_redist.x64.exe. After installation, renew your computer and see if the issue is solved. However, uninstall Microsoft C Redistributable 2010 (or any other aged interpretation) from the program and reboot if the problem persists. That should surely break the problem. If you don’t know how to uninstall:

              1. Firstly, press the Windows key and press R at once adobegcclient.exe system error

              2. Type appwiz. cpl and press Enteradobegcclient-exe-system-error method 1

              3. Find Microsoft C ++ Redistributable, right-click and select Follow additional on-screen instructions. You can also click Microsoft C++ Redistributable and Uninstall at the top. 

adobegcclient-exe-system-error method 1

Following these steps you can easily download Microsoft C Redistributable 2010. See also how to fix the steam error code 41 easily.

Rename Adobe GC Client

This method 2 for resolving the issue of adobegcclient.exe system error. In this, renaming the AdobeGCClient.exe to AdobeGCClient.old also fixes the issue. Please do not worry. This is an Adobe file for security reasons, and this file checks for a legitimate copy of the Adobe product. The change is not a problem. 

  1.  Firstly, press the Windows key and press R at the same time. adobegcclient.exe system error
  2. Type C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Common Files \ Adobe \ AdobeGCClient and press Enter. adobegcclient-exe-system-error method 2
  3. Right-click AdobeGCClient.exe and select Rename
  4. Rename AdobeGCClient.exe to AdobeGCClient.old and press Enter. Click Yes when prompted for confirmation. That’s it. The error will no longer be displayed.

adobegcclient-exe-system-error method 2.4

If you follow these steps downloading AdobeGCClient.old will not be a huge task for you. Check out how to solve if the windows has stopped the device because it has reported problems.

Install C++ Microsoft Redistributable

This is method 3 for solving the issue of the adobegcclient.exe system error. Follow the steps below to solve it.

  1. Open Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable in your browser. adobegcclient-exe-system-error method
  2. Click the Download button. adobegcclient-exe-system-error method 3
  3. Select vc_redist.x64.exe (64-bit) for 64-bit Windows or vc_redist.x86.exe (32-bit) for 32-bit Windows adobegcclient-exe-system-error method 3.3
  4. Install both the 32-bit and 64-bit C++ Redistributable packages, but you can only select to download one at a time. adobegcclient-exe-system-error method 3.4
  5. Press the Next button to save the Microsoft C++ Redistributable 2015 installer to Windows. Launch the Microsoft C ++ Redistributable 2015 installer to add the package to Windows.
  6. If you already have C ++ Redistributable 2015 installed, you can also repair it from the control panel. adobegcclient-exe-system-error method 3.6
  7. Firstly, press the Windows key and R key combination, and type appwiz. cpl, and click OK to open it. adobegcclient-exe-system-error method 1
  8. Select C ++ Redistributable 2015 and press the change button to open it. adobegcclient-exe-system-error method 3.7
  9. Click the Repair button in the Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable 2015 window.

adobegcclient-exe-system-error method 3.8


You can easily Install C++ Microsoft Redistributable after followinf these above mentioned steps. See how you can fix the audio service on local windows system.

About Adobegcclient.Exe System Error

AdobeGCClient.exe is not part of Windows, but it is still essential. AdobeGCClient.exe has located in the “C: \ ProgramFiles \ PublicDocuments” subdirectory. File sizes such as 2,989,032 bytes (22% of these files), 2,948,072 bytes, and five other variants are shared.

A trusted signing authority signed the original file. This way, you can check the copy to see if it is fake. The AdobeGCClient file is not part of the Windows operating system, and this Adobe GCClient program does not have a display window and does not appear in the taskbar.

AdobeGCClient.exe can monitor your application. For this reason, 33% of all experts consider this file a potential threat, likely to cause damage. 

adobegcclient-exe-system-error method 3.7

If this file appears on your hard drive or Windows Task Manager, ensure it is not a malicious variant. Many Trojans indeed try to hide their true identity by calling themselves AdobeGCClient.exe. 

You can use the above information or tools such as Security Task Manager to determine if the case file is an unwanted variant.

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The steps provided above will solve the issue of the adobegcclient.exe system error from your PC very easily. We really hoped this guide helped you to resolve the issue. Click here to know How To Fix “The Software Change Returned Error Code 0x643 1603?”

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