FIX : An Existing Connection Was Forcibly Closed By The Remote Host Minecraft

An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host minecraft error popup comes when a user is trying to access the Minecraft online game server. Minecraft is an open-world game. That features blocky terrains and advances as the player roam around, extracts minerals, and builds tools. There can be many reasons behind this error message. 

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Ways To Fix The Issue Existing Connection was Forcibly Closed 

The best few workarounds may be to look for firewall settings, network issues, or problems with java & Minecraft installation files. 

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Method #1 Checking Off  The Windows Defender-Firewall Settings Toggle

 Windows Defender-Firewall is a security system that ensures that there is no flow of unidentified traffic in or out of a host device. So, when someone has access issues with their network, this is the first thing they need to check if the host Minecraft forcibly terminated an existing connection. Additionally, one can de-select the Windows Defender Firewall setting by heading to the start menu and searching for settings.

windows defender

Within Settings, we have to head to Updates & security and inside it search for Windows Security, and turn the Firewall settings toggle to Off. 

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Method #2 Changing The Domain Name System Address

A DNS address change might be the missing piece to solve the problem of an existing connection being close without notice by the remote host Minecraft when Windows Firewall cannot be turn off. One can change the DNS address to Google’s public DNS address. One can access these Network settings by right-clicking the network icon in the toolbar and then selecting ‘Open Network & Internet Settings. Further, click on ‘Change adaptor options’ and select the connection currently in use.

existing connection was forcibly closed then changing the domain name system address

Once your current network is selected, click on properties and head to Internet Protocol Version to open up the IP & DNS address settings. Once you reach this page, enter the Google Public DNS addresses. 

DNS server: and Alternate DNS server:

Method #3Existing Connection was Forcibly Closed then Restarting Your Network

This is the third method of finding a solution to the problem of an existing connection was forcibly close by the remote host Minecraft. First, unplug the modem, disassembling the Ethernet cables from your router. And then re-connecting the devices and checking for any possible issues once the indicators start blinking back like normal.

existing connection was forcibly closed then reset network

Restart the Minecraft application. If the issue persists, try another way below. Check if the problem of an existing connection being forcibly close by the remote host is okay. If it persists, try another method below.

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Method #4 Re-Installing Java

If the issue is still not done after taking the steps said above, it is most likely that the issue of an existing connection was forcibly close by the remote host Minecraft. One can try uninstalling and then re-installing the updated versions of java in this case. To uninstall the Application, head to the control centre and select ‘Uninstall a Program.’ After this, search and select the Java application and click on uninstall.

reinstall java

To confirm if this rectifies the issue, restart your device. Then run the Minecraft application, and connect it to the Minecraft online server. If the error still shows up, the next Fix might be for you.

Method #5 Existing Connection was Forcibly Close then Re-Installing Minecraft

Following the same process as you did for the java application if an existing connection was forcibly close by the remote host minecraft. Next, go to the control center and select ‘Uninstall a program. Within the menu, select the Minecraft application and click uninstall. Once the process is complete, a popup will appear with a message regarding the successful installation of the game. Close the popup, and then download the latest version of Minecraft. Which you prefer and install it using the setup files.

existing connection was forcibly closed then reinstall minecraft

Once installation is complete, re-run the Application. First, to ensure that it runs correctly and connects to the game’s online server without any error messages. Else you might have an issue with the hardware of the device one is trying to run the game on.

Download Minecraft Here


These fixes for the problem of an existing connection was forcibly close by the remote host Minecraft. They were basic and easy to follow. Minecraft is a good interpretation of an open-world game. It is fun to connect on the game server and play with friends worldwide.

Following these steps will ensure that all the software sides of things are working correctly. And function exactly how they should function. We hope this article was fruitful for you! Pop over here to know the fixes of  “Minecraft Sound Not Working?”.


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