Antimalware Service Executable High CPU Usage | 4 Fixes

The Antimalware Service Executable is a process that plays a crucial role in the Windows Defender Application. It is notorious for taking up large amounts of CPU processing power and slowing down your computer. Antimalware service executable high memory is also used. Users generally encounter issues with it. Facing the Antimalware Service Executable High CPU Usage issue over long periods can be quite annoying and inconvenient.

Antimalware Service Executable High CPU Usage

You can fix the antimalware service executable high CPU usage issue by yourself with our in-depth article.

Method 1 Change Window Defender Schedule

For the antimalware service executable high CPU issue. Change Window Defender arranging and choices for people decisions For individuals with the high memory utilization.Was purchased by the Antimalware Service Executable happens when Window Defender is running at full range.

Change windows defender

We can arrange the yields that happened when you are against feeling the channel on the CPU. Advance sweep plan and full breadth.

  1. Click on the Start and type in “task scheduler,” and snap the top outcome to dispatch the program.
  2. In the course sheet on the left side, two overlap tap Task Scheduler Library.Change schedule
  3. Keep extending these envelopes and research the going with destinations: “Library/Microsoft/Windows/Windows Defender.”
  4. When you have opened the Windows Defender envelope, twofold tap on the Window Defender organized in the sheet, snap the Conditions tab, uncheck all the choices, and press an OK catch. This will clear arrange compasses.
  5. To ensure your PC, it is essential to plan some new ranges, yet we can do this so much that it will decrease the effect on the structure execution. The two-fold tap Window Defender Scheduled Scan, select Triggers tab, and snap scan
  6. Make another reach game plan that your necessities, picking choices that find a type of congruity between the security and the framework ability. We suggest regardless and step by step checks when you will undoubtedly not see the all-inclusive CPU use.
  7. Rehash the cycle for the three abundance associations found in the “Library/Microsoft/Windows/Windows Defender facilitator.”

Try this step to fix the msmpeng.exe antimalware service executable problem.

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Method 2  Antimalware Service Executable High CPU Usage Then Add Antimalware Service To Exclusion List

Add Windows 10 Antimalware service executable to a Windows Defender’s overview during the yield. Windows Defender checks every record on your PC – including itself.

add exclusions

This can now achieve some dazzling and collaboration efforts. And is a regular wellspring of the system. To obstruct this, you can set up the Window Defender to skip when playing out a structure check.

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open a Windows Task Manager.
  2. In the quick overview of cycles, search for Antimalware Service Executable.
  3. Right snap on the cycle and select an Open File Location.exclusion list
  4. In the area bar, you will see a totally Antimalware Service Executable. Snap-on the area bar and duplicate the full way.
  5. Open the Start menu, type “window ensure,”. And snap on the top outcome to discover the Window Defender Security Center.control panel
  6. Snap-on Virus and risk a confirmation. By then on Virus and danger insurance settings. Down until “Avoidances” and snap Add or murder preclusions.
  7. In the going with the screen. Click on Add an excusal, select Folder, and glue the way to an Antimalware Service Executable in the area bar.
  8. Snap and Open and the envelope we will presently prohibit from the range.

This should resolve the antimalware service executable high CPU usage issue.

Method 3 Disable Windows Defender

If the issue continues in the wake of applying the fundamental two fixes, it may appeal to you go to crippling Window Defender for what it’s worth.

windows defender

Remember that you have never served to the degree of the cyber-attacks. And you must present a persuading adversary regarding malware. Thing on your PC going before taking out Window Defender. Tested individual Window Defender utilizing the Registry Editor.

  1. For this, Press Windows Key + R to open the Run Dialog Box.
  2. In the Run Dialog Box, type re-edit and click OK to open the Registry
  3. In the course sheet towards the left. Twofold tap the organizers to research to software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows Defender.
  4. If you discover a library in the area named Disable Anti Spyware. Two-fold tap it and set the data to 1. 4b. on the off chance. That you don’t see a vault.Disable windows defender
  5. Right snap in the fundamental Registry Editor sheet.And select a New > 32-bit Value.
  6. Name this new library zone. Disable Anti Spyware.
  7. Two-fold tap and set its value data to 1.

This is to disable antimalware service executable.

Method 4 Antimalware Service Executable High CPU Usage Then Check For Malware Contaminations

Something more malignant may be causing. Windows Defender to upset your computer performance.

Run a full framework examine utilizing a reputable and lightweight enemy of malware solution like Semisoft Anti-Malware remove any malware that might be affected your computer capacity to run easily and securely and safely.


Windows Defender is a valuable tool. Especially since it comes free with your operating system. Yet it can unquestionably put a drain on your system’s CPU. By following the means described in this article. You will have the option to assume responsibility for Antimalware Service Executable.And keep your computer running at max throttle.

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So, in conclusion. These were our solutions to fix the antimalware service executable high CPU usage issue. Anyone can easily perform these fixes. Hope it helped you out!

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