How To Fix apimswincrtheapl110.dll Not Found

The most common cause of the apimswincrtheapl110.dll Not Found error is a corrupt (or missing) copy of the file. Using apimswincrtheapl110.dll files as an external resource can cause Autopsy (64-bit) issues because of the high risk associated with them. It is the Dynamic Link Library format for system files that use the DLL file extension to store their data.

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Malware, improper shutdowns (OS or Autopsy (64-bit)), and other apimswincrtheapl110.dll-related events can cause corrupted files to be created. apimswincrtheapl110.dll files that are damaged or missing prevent Autopsy (64-bit) or apimswincrtheapl110.dll from loading correctly, resulting in Autopsy (64-bit) or apimswincrtheapl110.dll error messages.

Problems with Autopsy’s (64-bit) Windows registry entries can occasionally cause the apimswincrtheapl110.dll error to occur.  Registry paths, such as apimswincrtheapl110.dll, can be cause by incorrect file registration and cause Autopsy (64-bit) difficulties. A failed installation or uninstallation of Autopsy (64-bit), a relocated apimswincrtheapl110.dll, or a missing apimswincrtheapl110.dll may be responsible for these faulty file path references.

how to fix it
how to fix it

Causes behind this issue can be by a variety of factors, including:

Apimswincrtheapl110.dll has a corrupted registry key associated with it

  • It was discovered that the file apimswincrtheapl110.dll had been contaminated and corrupted by malware.
  • When apimswincrtheapl110.dll is damaged, it can be caused by a hardware failure associated with Brian Carrier, such as a graphics card.

During the installation process, another application overwrote the correct version of the apimswincrtheapl110.dll

  • Another piece of software (not Autopsy (64-bit)) maliciously deleted the file apimswincrtheapl110.dll (or inadvertently).
  • It is possible that an Autopsy (64-bit) application apimswincrtheapl110.dll inadvertently, leading to this problem (or maliciously).

 Here are some steps to take to resolve the apimswincrtheapl110.dll errors

Step1: Cleaning the Windows registry, optimizing the computer, and restarting the computer are steps in the process.

Step2: Reinstall Windows and any available driver updates after reinstalling Windows to ensure that any remaining issues are resolved.


Step3: Typically, this error notice advises you to reinstall the application in question. It is possible that “reinstalling the program will resolve this issue,” but in most cases, doing so will resolve the issue immediately.

Step4: The Windows library will occasionally attempt to stack an apimswincrtheapl110.dll document that does not exist. Consequently, we recommend that you use the repair option to correct any incorrect record references path that may exist.

If the above method does not work, you can also try the following steps

  • Opening your PC’s browser and typing into the address bar will bring you to this page.
  • You need to scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the API-ms-win-crt-pile l1-1-0.dll record download section.

  • Select the 32-bit or 64-bit version of the software based on the architecture of your computer.
  • If you are using a 64-bit client, you must download the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the software.
  • When the download is complete, open the compressed Zip file and extract the contents.
  • It will be on C drive on your computer.
  • Select the Windows folder, the system 32 folders in the Explorer window, and finally, the system 32 folders.

    dll files in extracted folders
    dll files in extracted folders
  • Check to see that the 32-bit file has been correctly located.
  • You must verify and extract both files in the 32-bit folder if you are using the 64-bit version of the application.

  • It is necessary to restart your computer to ensure that the apimswincrtheapl110.dll error has been corrected. If this is not the case, restart the computer several times until it is.

No matter how much you despise the process of resolving these issues, there are numerous alternatives to consider. 


  • Delete any existing program files that may be causing the errors and then reinstall the program from the beginning.
  • Scan the Windows PC registry for viruses and clean.
  • Look for potential Windows updates as well as Windows Defender upgrades.
  • You can also reload the program files causing the problems several times, providing you with the best result in some cases. Make sure to look for the most recent iteration of the software.

 Hopefully, the above methods will be effective in resolving the issue.

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