Fix Asus Touchpad Is Not Working In 5 Easy Ways

The Asus touchpad is not Working Facing a problem with enabling your laptop touchpad? Finding troubleshooting in fixing your touchpad after all the efforts you put in. This might be a problem for the beginners while sometimes for the experts too. 

You have come to the right page. Here you will be finding sure and genuine results for fixing your touchpad problem. But before heading towards the solution, you know what a touchpad is and is used for?

fix asus touch pad

The touchpad is a pointing device that comes inbuilt within the laptop and is the smooth moving surface and a sensor. Our fingers enable the movement because of which the output is visible on the desktop screen. 

The touchpad is also known as a trackpad and has the same function as a mouse for a desktop or a computer. It is used to control the pointer in the screen called a cursor. It helps in pointing them and choose the icons and activate them. 

The touchpad comes in varying sizes depends on the various models of the laptops. Now, wireless touchpads are also available in the market.  

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Fixes For Asus Touchpad Not Working

Use the following ways to fix ASUS touchpad is not Working quickly and easily. These methods will not even work for ASUS laptops and help fix Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Toshiba, Huawei, and other laptops having Windows 10 in them. 

Method 1 Asus Touchpad Is Not Working then Restart Your Laptop

If your touchpad has stopped working suddenly, then restarting your laptop device might help you solve your problem.


This can happen because some applications run incorrectly in our laptop devices, therefore, leading to the disproportionate function of the system. Thus, disabling the working and functioning of the touchpad in your laptop devices. Restarting it might help, but you may look forward to the other ways mentioned below if the method does not work in fixing Asus laptop touchpad not working.

Method 2 Check Your Touchpad Is Enabled

You can use the function key (Hotkey) along with the F9 or F10 key, depending upon the model of your laptop. This is the quickest method to enable your laptop touchpad infraction of a moment.

Using the FN key + F9 or F10 key, enable/disable the touchpad or trackpad on your laptop.

As the in-built touchpad is not working, you will need an external mouse to fix the issues.

The other method follows:

  1. Start the windows.
  2. Then select Settings.devices
  3. Find the devices option and select it.
  4. In devices, you will find the Touchpad option. Make sure that it is open. If an external mouse is connected, ensure that “Leave touchpad when a mouse is connected” is tick marked. 

Your Asus touchpad is not Working problem should fix now.

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Method 3 Asus Touchpad Is Not Working then Update Your Touchpad Driver

You came this far, so it might be that the Asus trackpad not working is not fixed, so here is another hack for you. You can update your touchpad driver, which means you have first to uninstall the touchpad driver installed in your windows. And have to install a suitable touchpad driver from the official website. 

The steps to be followed while uninstalling the touchpad driver to fix Asus mousepad not working:

  1. Open “Windows”
  2. Then in the “Search” option, write “Device manager.”device manager
  3. After opening the “Device Manager,” a list opens.
  4. In the list, find “Mice and another pointing device”.
  5. Open the icon and right-click on the touchpad device.update driver ASUS touchpad is not Working
  6. And your touchpad driver uninstalls.

This should ix the Asus touchpad is not working issue.

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Method 4 Replace Your Laptop Device Touchpad Module

 If the above three methods did not work or solved your problem, there is a problem with your laptop device touchpad module. To fix this problem, you should replace or buy a new touchpad module with the old one or ask any professional to help you with this and repair your laptop touchpad module. 

touch module

Firstly, remove the bottom cover. Then remove the battery to replace the touchpad module. Generally, the touchpad module is accessible under the battery, so you have to disconnect the touchpad module cable connected to the laptop’s motherboard. Now, you can replace the touchpad module and put back a new touchpad module in place of it. 

Method 5  Re-enable Touchpad Settings In BIOS

Like a child feels happy if he/she gets an extra toffee. In the same way, here comes a bonus hack and the above four methods to fix your ASUS laptop touchpad, which will be equally useful like the above ways. 

  1. Firstly, you have to shut down your laptop
  2. Now, press the F2 key and stay holding the key on your keyboard. Press the power button and not release the F2 key until you saw the BIOS screen on your desktop.bios ASUS touchpad is not Working
  3. Now, go to the advanced menu.
  4. From the advanced menu, disable the touchpad device. And exit the window.
  5. Now, repeat the steps, and shut down your laptop
  6. Hold the F2 key on your keyboard. After which, press the power button and hold the F2 key till the BIOS screen appears again.

settings for BIOS

  1. Again, go to the advanced menu.
  2. From the advanced menu, this time, enable the settings of the touchpad device.Installer ASUS touchpad is not Working
  3. Now, finally, you should be able to resolve the Asus touchpad is not working issue.

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Generally, the above methods will help you solve the Asus rog touchpad not working facing your laptop touchpad device. If you face any problem with your device, like the Asus Zenbook touchpad not working, after trying all these methods, we would like to help you further with the same.

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