Avast VPN Problems With Solutions | Fully Explained

Let us first brave the whole term into parts and understand. Private network over here means anything access is only limited to particular individuals or a group of people.This article deals with Avast VPN Problems With Solutions


So when you go to find the exact meaning of the word virtualization, it means anything available in the virtual world rather than physically being available. Lets start learn about Avast VPN problems below.

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What Is A Virtual Private Network?

Virtual private network users get user names and passwords to access any site available on the internet without allowing them access to the internet service provider about their activities on the internet and even about their identity.  virtual private network

Let’s understand the concept of the virtual private network by a simple example.

Mr. Harish works in S&P private limited as a financial advisor due to the prevailing situation of the pandemic. He will be executing his work from home, but they do have a printer back there in his office. Now, if the printer sends any message to Mr. Harish’s laptop add it is secured by a virtual private network, this following thing: 

  1. The VPN first receives the message from the printer
  2. Later, the VPN encrypts that message
  3. And later, this encrypted message was sent to Mr. Harish’s s laptop. 

Hence the internet service provider won’t be able to know about any details that have been sent. 

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What Are The Common Problems In Avast VPN  ?

Avast secureline VPN is a subscribed virtual private network. It is available on the following operating systems Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. avast secureline vpn problems

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Listed below are few fixes for Avast VPN problems.

Method 1 When There Is A Refusal Of Your License File

Follow the following steps, and your problem of avast vpn problems will be fixed

  1. Go to the menu bar
  2. Go to my license

Scroll and go to the list of another available license.

 Go to Avast secureline VPN (latest)open avast

  1. Click on switch the license file
  2. Go to the first page and turn on the VPNavast secureline vpn connect
  3. And your work is done; you will even get a notification. 

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Method 2 When Avast SecureLine VPN Connection To The Wrong City

So we have two solutions for the following problem of Avast VPN problems. Let’s get started connects wrong location

  1. Some databases are available on the internet, like Google, which provides their database on which user traffic comes from the IP address. This kind of database can help you detect this right location. 
  2. And the last try is disconnecting your device from the Avast SecureLine VPN and try to reconnect. 

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Method 3 When There Is Avast SecureLine VPN Connecting Error

Fix: here are the steps to be follow to solve avast vpn problems.

  1. Disconnect your VPN server from the device and disconnect the physical internet service.disconnect vpn and select alternate location
  2.  Select an alternative server location

If there is any third-party antivirus available on your device, please turn that off. Error

  1.  Now login into Avast secure line VPN service whether your subscription has expired or not. avast secureline check existing license
  2. Remote existing VPN recommended uninstall tool PRO and reinstall it. 
  3. Close terminal if any conflicting VPN or proxy servers. 

And your problem will be solve.

Method 4 When The VPN Is Not Working On Windows

Fix: check if your internet connection works without a secure line. Then, disconnect the secure line and try to browse the web.  poor internet

If the internet connection still does not work, check your network configuration.

Select a different VPN location. Disconnect other VPN services that may be remaining on your device. If it gets connect, then it is likely that VPN won’t work.

Restart your device and try to connect to secureline VPN again. Hence, resolve avast vpn problems.

Method 5 When The Secureline VPN Is not Connecting To Mac

Fix: Some routers save the option to enable and disable IPsec, sometimes represented as VPN passthrough. 

reinstall again

For a secureline VPN to connect and function properly, you should ensure that either your IPsec or VPN passthrough is enable.  Next, you need to consult your firewall vendor about the UDP 500 and UDP 4500 being open on your particular firewall. 

If avast vpn problems persists, uninstall and then reinstall again as per the given guidelines. 

Let’s head towards the final steps.

Method 6 When The Emails Are Not Sent While Using VPN SecureLine

There are solutions available for this problem of avast vpn problems, but the best alternative.


According to me, is to send emails through internet browsers since VPN secure line will have no access to it.

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Method 7 When The VPN SecureLine Has Encountered A Technical Issue

If your internet connection works with secureline, disconnected it and tried to browse the web.  

  1. If the internet connection still does not work, check your network configuration. 
  2. Start your PC again.  restart your system

If this does not work, uninstall it, and we install it again under the guidelines provided to solve avast vpn problems.


So, these were our solutions for the most common Avast VPN problems. Hope this would help you in fixing your issues. If you have any other solutions please let us know in the comments section below.

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