Bluetooth Not Detecting Devices on Windows 10

Bluetooth is a vital technology that wirelessly connects a variety of gadgets to PCs, laptops, and tablets. There are various reasons why Bluetooth not detecting devices on windows 10 occurs. There are multiple options to get things working again if you have Bluetooth difficulties.

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Bluetooth technology is used by a large number of people regularly. On the other hand, those users are unable to do their everyday chores without the assistance of Bluetooth-enabled devices. But what if Bluetooth doesn’t find any devices?bluetooth

A mix of software and hardware issues cause the majority of Bluetooth problems on Windows 10 laptops. Therefore, Multiple Bluetooth devices can sometimes cause issues with each other and the PC to which they are attempting to connect. Connectivity issues can also occur when the computer requires an operating system, software, or device driver update. Also, Other common causes of Bluetooth errors in Windows 10 include a broken device, incorrectly enabled or disabled Windows 10 settings, and the Bluetooth device being turned off.bluetooth visibility

 Before we go into how to solve Bluetooth not recognizing devices on Windows 10, it’s a good idea to go over some of the possible scenarios. Therefore, You will gain a better knowledge to cope with it this way.

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Bluetooth Not Working On Windows 10 Errors

Several people reported that Bluetooth was not working on their computers.


Reinstalling the Bluetooth device and updating its driver is the best approach to repair this.

1.Bluetooth Support Service Not Identifying Or Detecting Devices On Windows 10

Since the error is occurring, you should restart


Bluetooth Support Service and see if it cures the problem.

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2.Bluetooth Headphones Or Keyboard Not Found

This problem can occur on various devices.


Hence, To fix it, double-check that the device is correctly connected to your computer.

3.Bluetooth Won’t Connect 

If Bluetooth won’t connect, the issue is almost certainly related to your Wi-Fi. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are sometimes combined into a single card in some devices. This can be fixed temporarily by turning off the Wi-Fi.wifi off

4.Devices Are Not Discovered Via Bluetooth 

You might run across this problem after upgrading to Windows 10. However, by running the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter, you should be able to address this.


Trouble shoot

Microsoft has provided several solutions to this problem, and the remaining solutions have been discovered by other users who are encountering the same problem. Consider if you can address the problem by completing the instructions below!

 Different Ways to Fix Bluetooth Problems on Windows 10

There are several other options to attempt because the causes of a poor Bluetooth connection might vary. Here are the most effective methods for resolving frequent Bluetooth issues in Windows 10.

Method 1 Enable Bluetooth

  1. Check to see if Bluetooth is enabled on your device. Bluetooth on Windows 10 laptops and tablets is sometimes mistakenly disable. Open the Windows 10 Action Centre by selecting the system tray icon in the lower-right corner of the screen and looking for the Bluetooth icon to see if it’s turn on.laptop
  2. Firstly, If the light is dim, then the Bluetooth is turn-off. Users have to turn it on by selecting the Bluetooth icon. Turn on and off Bluetooth to restart it. Secondly, Any Bluetooth connectivity issues can generally be remedied by rapidly resetting the configuration. Hence, Open the Windows 10 Action Centre, choose the Bluetooth tile to switch it off, wait a few seconds, and then select the Bluetooth tile again to turn it on. Your device would then search for Bluetooth devices by itself.

Method 2 Bluetooth Not Detecting Then Close The Distance

  1. Close the distance between the Bluetooth device and the Windows 10 machine. It’s likely maybe your Bluetooth device is not within reach of any Windows 10 computer or laptop. When creating the initial connection, place one next to the other.bluetooth initial connection
  2. First Check to see if the gadget you’re using supports Bluetooth, as it is widely in use by many smart gadgets. Second, If the product’s box or instruction manual doesn’t mention Bluetooth, then it’ll have to connect to a Windows 10 device via another method, such as Wi-Fi or a wire. Lastly, Connect the Bluetooth device to the computer. To connect to a Windows 10 PC, a Bluetooth device must be turn on.

Method 3 Bluetooth Not Detecting Keep Windows Updated

  1. Restart the Windows 10 PC. Most Windows 10 difficulties, including those involving connecting to a Bluetooth device, can be remedied by restarting the update
  2.  Keep your focus peeled for the latest Windows update. Installing the most recent version of Windows 10 on your computer or tablet maintains it secure and assists you in pairing your Bluetooth device by downloading any missing data.

Method 4 Bluetooth Not Detecting Then Turning Off The Bluetooth

  1. Turn off other Bluetooth devices. Even while this should not be a problem with current computers having several Bluetooth devices and that are attach can make pairing new ones problematic at times. Now, TURN OFF all other hardware devices that connects to your Windows 10 machines through Bluetooth during the initial pairing phase.settings on phone
  2. Make sure there are no Bluetooth conflicts. When coupled with several computers, tablets, or smartphones, some Bluetooth devices have problems connecting. As a result, Turning off the Bluetooth on all but one of the smart gadgets and computers can fix the issue of Bluetooth not detecting devices on windows 10.See Also: Potential Windows Update Database Error Detected | 4 Fixes

Method 5 Bluetooth Troubleshoot

  1. In Windows 10, launch the Bluetooth troubleshooter. Built-in troubleshooter tools in Windows 10 scan a machine for specific problems and fix them. Now you have to open the Start menu and go to Settings, > Update & Security > Troubleshoot > Bluetooth to start the Bluetooth troubleshooter. Hence, by following above steps, your problem must be solve.bluetooth troubleshoot
  2. Remove and re-add the Bluetooth device. From the Windows 10 Start menu, go to Settings > Devices. Locate and pick your Bluetooth device from the list of connected devices. And choose Remove device. Pair the gadget upon rebooting the computer.


It happens many times on OS like Windows that Bluetooth not detecting devices on windows 10 error occurs. These were the ways through which you can resolve the issue.

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