Ways To Fix If BootMGR Image Is Corrupted | 6 Easy Methods

It is best to fix the problems independently to avoid privacy invasions as the computer stores Personal information. BootMGR Image Corruption is one such which you can resolve manually. If your BootMGR image is corrupted, explore BootMGR and learn more about this problem’s causes and solutions. Read this article on fixing the error in booting of Amazon Fire Stick.

What is BOOTMGR?

BOOTMGR is a read-only file that allows several operating systems to be booted from the same machine. It activates the OS from the hard disc after loading capacity boot encryption mechanically.

bootmgr image is corrupted

However, if BOOTMGR is missing or corrupted, the computer’s startup may be affected, and you may receive the BOOTMGR image is corrupted or couldn’t find the BOOTMGR Image error.

Causes behind BOOTMGR image corruption

A variety of factors can cause the BOOTMGR image corruption problem. Some of them are as follows:

bootmgr image corrupted

  • Corrupt or misconfigured files.
  • BIOS setting that is out of date.
  • Upgrade concerns hard drives and operating systems.
  • Furthermore, hard drive sectors have been damaged or corrupted.

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Methods to fix if BootMGR image is Corrupted

Follow these easy methods to give an easy solution to your problems:

Method 1: By using the Windows installation disc

If Windows fails to start and you get a corrupted BOOTMGR image error, you must check if your computer is virus-free. You can use an anti-malware program to do the test. If there’s nothing suspicious, it’s time to locate the system installation DVD. To get started, follow these steps by using the Windows installation disc.

  1. Connect your computer to the disc that came with Windows.
  2. It would help if you restarted your computer.
  3. Then click Next after selecting your desired language options.windows installation disc
  4. You will find options in the lower-left corner. Choose Computer Repair.
  5. Choose your computer’s operating system.
  6.  Select Startup Repair from the available recovery choices.
  7.  Then wait for Startup Fix to complete its scan and repair.

Method 2: By using a Bootable USB Drive

Using a bootable USB device to fix the corrupted BOOTMGR image problem may also be a better alternative. To select a corrupted BOOTMGR image, follow the methods below:

bootable usb drive

  1. Shut down your computer and then plug the flash drive containing the Windows Media Creation tool into the USB port.
  2. Then start the computer using the Power button. Wait for your computer to boot up before selecting Boot from USB.
  3. Select the Windows Media Creation Tool from the USB disc. Use the USB drive to start your computer.
    start bootable usb drive
  4. Select Troubleshoot> Advanced Options>Startup Repair from the Repair Your Computer menu.
  5.  Furthermore, select the operating system currently installed on your machine and then let the process finish, and you may fix the problem then.

Method 3: By manually updating the BOOTMGR File

Because the issue is caused by a corrupted BOOTMGR image, replacing the file with the correct version can resolve the problem. Take the following steps:

  1. Use the Windows installation CD to start your machine.
  2. Click Next after selecting your chosen language, time, and keyboard options.
  3. Choose the drive containing the Windows operating system. One may find it in C drive.manually updating bootmgr file
  4. Select Command Prompt from the System Recovery Options box.
  5. Press Enter after typing “bcdboot C: Windows /s D:” (without quotes).
  6. “Boot files successfully produced” will display when the operation finishes by the Command Prompt. 

Method 4: By restarting the computer-

If you start your case and get an error message that says “BOOTMGR is corrupted,” try restarting your system by pushing the power button on your laptop or turning off/on the power supply.


Furthermore, this is also the easiest way to resolve the issue.

Method 5: By checking Boot Sequence in BIOS

If you have multiple drives, check the boot sequence in the BIOS settings and ensure the correct hard disc drive.


List it first to repair BOOTMGR Image. BOOTMGR image error warning will appear if you list the wrong disc first.


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Method 6: By updating the BIOS configuration

Also, the outdated BIOS can corrupt the BootMGR image. To resolve the issue, update the BIOS configuration version. A Windows installation disc or a bootable CD/USB are viable options for repairing the faulty BootMGR image.

updating bios configuration

If the above techniques did not work to fix BOOTMGR image corruption, then you need to locate your Windows installation disc and follow the steps below. Click here to learn what Setup files are and the answer to your question: Should I Delete Windows Setup Files? 


What is the location of BOOTMGR?

The BOOTMGR file is read-only and hidden by default. It's in the root directory of the Disk Management partition identified as Active.

How do I make changes to Boot Manager?

BCD Edit (BCD Edit.exe), a utility bundled with Windows, can be used to change boot parameters. BCD Edit requires that you are a member of the computer's Administrators group.

What is the reason for the absence of BOOTMGR?

Corrupt and misconfigured files, hard drive and operating system upgrade issues, corrupt hard drive sectors, outdated BIOS, and damaged or loose hard drive interface cables are major causes of BOOTMGR errors.

How can I use CMD to repair BOOTMGR missing in Windows 7?

Type ‘BOOTREC /FIXBOOT’ into the command prompt window and hit the enter key to run the command. Type ‘BOOTREC /FIXMBR’ and then press the enter key to run the command.


When you get the corrupted BOOTMGR image issue, it’s natural to try to fix it on your own. We’ve explored several options for resolving this problem that you can try independently. If you cannot implement these suggestions, you should seek assistance from a repair shop. I hope this information was useful.

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