‘Browser Keeps Opening By Itself In Android’ – Fix This Error

Hello, everyone! Our lives are inextricably linked to technology. And, during this while when we’re on the subject of technology, how can we ignore our smartphones? None of us wants a malfunction in the equipment we carry around with us daily. Android is among the most popular and widely used operating systems for smartphones, and most of its users across the globe rely on it. However, as with any other gadget, it is not without flaws.  A smartphone is a gadget that we all use regularly.This article says fix for Browser Keeps Opening By Itself In Android


However, it, like any other gadget, might have problems. Therefore it must be in good working order. According to many users, the ‘Browser keeps opening by itself in Android’ is one such problem, but there is a solution. This article contains all of the necessary information about that.

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Many people have complained that the Browser on Android continues opening itself.

settings on phone

which may be a frustrating problem. There could be various reasons for this. Below are different methods for solving it once and for all.

Fix For Browser Keeps Opening By Itself In Android

The following are few methods to solve the issue Browser Keeps Opening By Itself In Android

Method 1 Delete Your Browser’s Cache And Data Or Use The Disable Using Apps Feature To Disable The Feature

A simple command like “Force Stop” or “Clear Cache” can prevent a Browser keeps opening by itself in Android. You must do all three procedures listed below before checking to see if the Browser on your Android phone continues to open by itself. For this discussion, we’ll assume that Chrome on Android keeps opening on its own, so here’s what you can do:


  1. Go to the Settings menu.
  2. Scroll down and select Apps from the drop-down menu.
  3. Find your Browser and choose it (in this case, Chrome).clear cache data
  4. First, press the Force Stop button (check if the issue is resolved and whether Chrome is opening on its own)
  5. If Force Stop isn’t working, go to Storage, then Clear Cache. After that, go to Manage Storage* and select Clear All Data.

The Manage Storage option is located next to Clear Cache; however, settings may vary from one Android smartphone to the next. Because when you hit Clear All Data, all of your app data will be destroyed. It’s a good idea to back up your data and maintain track of your passwords – preferably using password managers, backup databases, and so on. And will indeed prevent the ‘Browser keeps opening by itself in Android’ issue.

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Method 2 Browser Keeps Opening By Itself In Android Then Uninstall Any Questionable Applications

  1. Select Settings > Apps > All from the drop-down menu.
  2. Locate and pick the app that has no name. It’s generally found near the bottom of the page.
  3. Select the Uninstall option now.

uninstall apps

This problem can arise when you install an application from a third-party source. These programs can be dangerous and create similar issues, so make sure you get rid of them.

Users experienced problems with Bluetooth Auto-Connect. However, the issue was resolved once they uninstalled it. Note that the malicious software might have a legitimate name and come from the Google Play Store.

Other programs that may cause this ‘ Browser keeps opening by itself in Android ‘  issue include:

  1. Bluetooth Toggle
  2. ApkExtractorLite
  3. Save or repost on Instagram
  4. Deleolaptop
  5. Spelling Corrector
  6. Peel Remote
  7. S Voice

These are the most prevalent offenders, although any app might be blamed. This can be the reason Browser keeps opening by itself in Android.

Method 3 Change Your Online Browser And Run An Antivirus Scan On Your Phone

Install a different web browser and see whether the ‘Browser keeps opening by itself in Android ‘ problem still exists. If the problem persists in another browser, do an antivirus scan on your phone.


If your browser keeps opening by itself in Android, the most likely culprit is a rogue third-party program, so examine your installed apps and uninstall any that appear suspect.


Method 4 To Get Rid Of Malicious Apps, Use an Anti-Malware App

Let’s look at Chrome as an example. We all know Chrome is a trustworthy browser. However, if your browser keeps opening by itself on Android, you may be infected with malicious software sending you to the Browser. Isn’t it obvious that you’d want to get rid of this harmful software or file as quickly as possible? Avast Antivirus is an example of an app that can assist you in this regard.

opera mini

Here’s how Avast Antivirus may assist you in detecting and removing malware from your Android device:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store and download Avast Antivirus.
  2. Press the Open button.
  3. Select Allow access.

avast antivirus

When the prompt comes on the following three screens, tap Next.

Select Scan Now and wait for the scanning process to finish. Your device will scan all of the apps on your Android smartphone here.

Method 5 Browser Keeps Opening By Itself In Android Then Use A Different Browser

If your current Browser keeps opening by itself in Android, switching to another browser may be a better alternative until you can figure out what is causing the problem with your current Browser.

brave browser

For Android, there are numerous excellent browsers to pick from, including Chrome, Brave Browser, Opera, and many others.

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Using the steps we have listed above, you should stop your Browser keeps opening by itself in Android. I strongly advise you to first scan your Android smartphone for viruses using an app such as Avast Antivirus. Remember to perform a factory reset only if all other alternatives have failed. Otherwise, you will lose your data unnecessarily.

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