Browser Opening By Itself In Android: Fixed

I’m pretty sure all of you have experienced this annoying problem at least once in your life when using your smartphone. And if you haven’t, you are indeed one of the luckiest people in life. This bug, where the browser opens by itself, is prevalent in android devices. This article talks about what to do if browser opening by itself in Android. Imagine using your phone casually, scrolling through Instagram, or going through your daily news read. And then suddenly, out of nowhere, your browser opens up by itself and opens up a random webpage that has several advertisements and pop-ups in it. How infuriating it is, only those who have experience know it. 

The cause of such an activity can vary from device to device. Sometimes, it is due to installing an app or visiting a website that allows it to access your browser and show you advertisements. Other times, there might be a bug in the system UI itself causing the problem. After all, the Android OS is known for its bugs.

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What To Do If Browser Opening By Itself In Android

However, the only best part about this problem is its simple solution. So, you don’t need to worry, as following the steps listed below, you can get rid of it in seconds.

Clear Browser Cache And Browser Data

One of the most simple and most effective ways to get rid of the problem of browser opening by itself in Android is to clear the browser’s data and browser cache. Since, in many cases, the problem arises due to some malware on your phone transmitted via websites, this simple way has a perfect chance of fixing your problem.

  1. All you need to do here is go to your phone settings.
  2. Next, go to your browser that may be chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc., and open browser settings.


3. There, you will see the option of precise data and clear cache, and click on both options, and you are done.

4. Now, try restarting your browser.

clear cache

This simple solution has usually been the fix for the bug. However, if the problem does not resolve, try the following way.

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Delete Suspicious Applications

Sometimes, applications are also the factors that can cause browser opening by itself in Android. Installing third-party apps can sometimes cause these to appear, or these apps can get installed along with other apps, so you might not even notice that they are there.

Again, however, the solution is straightforward.

Go to your settings and then click on the option that displays ‘all apps.’

Go through the list of installed applications. Check if there are some suspicious apps. They either have no name, are in another language, or simply are just applications that you never installed willingly. Next, click on the application and click on uninstall option.

list of installed applications

After completing the steps, just wait to see if the bug still exists.

You might not find any such applications in some cases, yet you might still face the problem. If that is the case with you, try to remember which were the last apps you installed on your phone that could be games, space managing apps or battery saver apps, etc. Try uninstalling them or replacing them as they might cause the problem.

Even after this, if you are still facing the problem, try another alternative: as follows.

Try A Different Browser

Sometimes, there might be a problem with the browser itself. Therefore, try to switch to a more trusted and well-reviewed browser on the PlayStore.



Popular and trusted options include Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox.

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Scan Your Phone

To fix browser opening by itself in Android, this is the next method. In a particular case, your phone might be infected with a virus that cannot only cause more problems but also wipe away all your data and cause your phone to act strangely.

To check if that is particularly the case, try installing trusted antivirus software or run an antivirus check with the inbuilt virus scanning features in your phone if they exist.

scan your phone

The antivirus will scan the app or the file causing the bug and give you the option to remove it.

Check Your Phone In Safe Mode

If the browser opening by itself in Android, we can try another method. In the worst-case scenario, the virus might be some initiatives that even the best antivirus software cannot track. If your antivirus reports no viruses, but you still face the problem, try these steps:

  1. Long press the Power Off button.
  2. Next, when you see the switch off and restart menu, touch and hold the Power off option or the restart option (depending upon the phone manufacturer) until you see the option that says safe mode.

check your phone in safe mode

3. Next, click on it and turn on safe mode.

The purpose of doing this is that you are free from third-party applications when you are in safe mode. Moreover, if the culprit is an application, you can find that application safely that you might not see when using your phone in the normal mode.

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This is the complete guide to fix the problem of browser opening by itself in Android. Despite being a pervasive one, this bug has the capability of erasing all your data. So, always use trusted applications.. Do not click on random links to websites, as they might contain malware or adware that could result in such problems, or even worse.


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