Why Can’t You See The Cursor In Chrome? [Explained]

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers because of its speed, reliability, and security. It is a neat and basic browser. Navigating the web is simple with Omnibox and many tabs. Chrome will remember the active charges when it closes, allowing you to continue where you were before completing all the bills. It is unnecessary to install any additional software because Chrome already has a built-in PDF viewer. Sometimes, an issue arises when you can’t see the cursor in the chrome browser.

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But as we know, nothing can be perfect, so this browser has some minor issues. One of them is the disappearance of the cursor.

Is your Windows 10 Mouse also lagging? Refer to this article and get your solutions.

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Can’t See The Mouse Cursor In Chrome

In some circumstances, it’s typical for the mouse pointer to disappear in Chrome. When viewing a video or streaming a movie on your preferred platform, Chrome may sometimes desire to conceal the cursor. This is done to prevent interruptions while you watch your favorite programs.

But when you switch to touchscreen mode on a laptop, you could also notice that your pointer vanishes. This is because Chrome occasionally questions whether or not the touchscreen should have a cursor shown. Chrome’s default hardware acceleration settings, which speed up the device, might cause your cursor to vanish.

chrome cursor

When using a wired mouse and keyboard in conjunction with your touchscreen laptop, this issue does not arise. However, it is rather typical in touchscreen gadgets, from tablets to 360-degree spinning laptops.

Outdated drivers, caches, corrupted or missing system files, and strangely acting peripherals are further potential causes of the mouse pointer disappearing.

5 Ways to Fix Disappearing Mouse Cursor

If you can’t see cursor in chrome, here are some of the ways to fix the disappearance of the mouse cursor from your chrome browser are:

Use the Restart Command

Every time the cursor vanishes, it might be annoying to open the task manager, end the process, and restart Chrome. Using Chrome’s restart feature to restart the browser without using the task manager is one approach to avoid this.

typing restart command

To continue the browser, type chrome:/restart into the address bar. Additionally, you may save the URL and touch on it anytime the pointer disappears.

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Update the Drivers

On Chrome on Mac and Windows, one of the reasons, if you can’t see the cursor in chrome, may be due to the out-of-date keyboard, and mouse drivers can also cause the mouse pointer to vanish.

Steps to update the drivers:

  1. Open the Run dialogue.run command
  2. By entering devmgmt. msc and clicking Enter, you may access the Device Manager.
  3. A list will now appear. Locate mice and other pointing devices, then click on them. then try to locate your mouse.updating driver
  4. Update Driver by performing a right-click on it.

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Re-launch Hardware Acceleration

Google Chrome has a hardware acceleration feature that improves the browser’s performance. Additionally, while using the browser, the display performance is enhanced.

Compatibility difficulties with the resources involved may arise when your hardware is utilized to improve the performance of your system. The mouse cursor disappears as a result of this! Therefore, turning off the hardware acceleration feature could help.

Please do the following actions:

  1. Open the Chrome browser, then select “Settings” from the Menu Icon (three dots) in the upper right corner.
  2. Currently, scroll down to “Advance Setting” in the “Setting” box.advance settings in chrome
  3. Then, directly below the option to “Use hardware acceleration when available,” scroll down and select Relaunch from the System section.hardware acceleration option
  4. Restart your Chrome browser now, and you’ll see that the problem is fixed.

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Update Your Chrome Browser

Your old browser version is another factor to consider when the mouse disappears in Chrome. The pointer can vanish if your browser is still using flaws from an earlier version or is out of date.

This problem could be resolved by upgrading your Chrome browser to the latest version.

To upgrade your Chrome browser, kindly follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the Chrome browser, then select Help > About Google Chrome by clicking the menu icon (three dots) in the top right corner.about chrome in settings
  2. To upgrade your browser, click the Chrome Version button right now.

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Keyboard or mouse-related files can become corrupt. You must perform the SFC scan to find and replace these files. To fix the system’s damaged data, Windows 10 users must execute a Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) scan before the SFC scan.

Note: Keep in mind not to stop the scans while the verification procedure is in progress. Although the scans take a while, blocking them might damage your system.

To conduct a DISM and SFC scan, kindly follow the procedures below:

  1. Press the Windows key first, then type “Command Prompt” into your browser.opening cmd
  2. To right-click, press [Shift+F10], then click “Run as administrator.”
  3. Now, enter “DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth” on the command prompt to launch a DSIM scan.inserting commands
  4. You must use a separate command to use external media as a repair source. If you desire to utilise a detachable repair source, use the command: DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth /Source:C:\RepairSource\Windows/LimitAccess
  5. After doing the DSIM scan, we must perform the SFC scan. For performing an SFC scan, type “sfc /scannow” and tap Enter.
  6. The problem will be fixed after the scans are finished.

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If the command has fixed any files, you must restart your computer, else if you can’t see cursor in chrome even now, try using another mouse or port.

Try using a different mouse. Purchase a new mouse and check to see whether the pointer is visible with it. Additionally, attach the mouse using a separate port. Your machine may experience this error due to a broken port.

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