top 6 ways to get rid of windows 10 unnecessary processes

Top 6 Ways To Get Rid Of Windows 10 Unnecessary Processes

A computer’s performance and speed depend upon the number of diligently running processes at a given time. A process uses the resources of the system to run. At any given time, there... Read more »
top 2 solutions if remote desktop connection is greyed out

Top 2 Solutions If Remote Desktop Connection Is Greyed Out

The “Remote Desktop” or RDP connection feature on Windows 10 allows you to take control of a remote computer over a network connection that can be over the internet or the local... Read more »
check out everything about virtual memory low

Check Out Everything About Virtual Memory Low

This error message is typical when the computer’s virtual memory configures to a custom size that is too little, and more memory is necessary. This occurs more frequently when working with video... Read more »
Resolve Windows 10 Update

Resolve Windows 10 Update Status Stuck On Pending | Top 6 Methods

In this article we will be discussing the top 6 ways on how to resolve Windows 10 update status stuck on pending. Windows 10 updates update your computer with the most recent... Read more »
idt high definition audio codec a device attached to the system is not functioning

Fix: IDT High Definition Audio Codec A Device Attached To The System Is Not Functioning

Over its predecessors, Windows 10 represents a significant advancement. However, Microsoft was unable to rid it of errors and flaws completely. No matter how many updates you make, a few issues still... Read more »
fix multimedia audio controller

Fix Your Multimedia Audio Controller With Easy Tricks

Probably you are sitting with the “oh-no” expression right now! Having no sound is disheartening, especially if it’s a calm evening. Need not worry hard about the same. Since your multimedia audio... Read more »
all you need to know about language accessory pack of microsoft office

All You Need To Know About Language Accessory Pack For Office

In this age of technology-dependent lifestyle, keeping your software up to date with brand new features takes the top priority. Quality software that is next to nothing short of brilliance is essential... Read more »
buy windows xp

Guide To Buy Windows XP Along With Benefits

Are you planning to buy a Microsoft Windows XP Professional Retail License? But facing a dilemma whether to buy one or not! Take a deep breath because this composition will be your... Read more »
my keyboard is typing backward in windows 10_11 _ fixes

Top 4 Ways To Fix If Keyboard Is Typing Backward In Windows 10/11

Many people have recently noticed that their Windows 10, 11, or other devices’ keyboards are typing backward. Almost all professionals moved to Google Docs and Teams for official paperwork and meetings after... Read more »
[solved] a problem has been detected and windows has shut down

[Solved] A Problem Has Been Detected And Windows Has Shut Down To Prevent Damage To Your Computer

When you use software, you should corroborate your HDD’s state, which will help similar crimes. This error can be fixed if you check your tackle or reset your operating system. Try to help detect... Read more »