hardware device is not connected to the computer

“Hardware Device Is Not Connected to the Computer (Code 45)”

When the Windows OS fails to admit a tool, it’ll show the error communication “Presently, this tackle device isn’t connected to the computer. (Code 45)”. Error law forty-five is also a relatively... Read more »
factory reset firestick with computer

How To Factory Reset Firestick With Computer

The most readily available is Amazon’s Firestick, which is cost-effective and allows you to watch various movies, web-series, play games, or listen to music all in one place. For setting up a... Read more »

What Do You Mean By Yourphone.Exe in Windows 10

In some cases, finding an unknown process in the Windows 10 process list is a big danger signal. Much malicious malware impersonates system processes and attempts to hide. This reduces user suspicion.... Read more »
mtg arena get thread context failed

MTG Arena Get Thread Context Failed (Full Fix)

The MTG arena game is one of the best games out there. However, there may be some problems that the user can face because of the restrictions that have been put in... Read more »
photo import not working

Photo Import Not Working On Windows 10? Try These Solutions

What to do if Photo Import doesn’t work on Windows 10/11?? Importing images from a memory card allows you to easily share them with friends or colleagues. However, if you are unfamiliar... Read more »
unfortunately gboard has stopped

How To Fix: Unfortunately Gboard Has Stopped Working

Facing issues with your Android device’s Google Keyboard? Here are a few things you may do if, unfortunately, gboard has stopped working. Gboard, or Google Keyboard, is the most popular and extensively... Read more »
computer goes to sleep too fast

How To Fix Computer Goes To Sleep Too Fast Issue?

The lockout feature in Windows PCs makes PC and laptops lock (screen darkening) once it has been left unattended for a specific duration. The low power mode present in almost every Windows... Read more »
discord Issues

How To Fix Rainbow Six Siege Discord Issues

Discord is an excellent application to connect and interact with people worldwide. Though it was created specifically for gamers, over the years, it is now used not just for gaming but for... Read more »
internet cuts out for a few seconds

Fixed: Internet Cuts Out For A Few Seconds

These days, the internet acts as a driving force behind all functions worldwide. Whether the stocks or the type of architecture for a neighborhood restaurant, the internet makes our endeavors gain more... Read more »
stop avast browser opening on startup

Stop Avast Browser Opening on Startup

 Viruses are an imminent threat not only to humans but also to computers. We use vaccines while they use Anti-virus. These help our computer be safe while browsing by keeping our domain... Read more »