Simple Method to Change Shortcut Icon on Windows 10 | 2023

Windows is a user-friendly and multitasking operating system, as it provides “pop-ups” that notify users of warnings and recommendations, among other things. The language is kind and easy to grasp, with a nice tone. One of the important aspects of Windows is the shortcut icons, which are all over the screen. This is a complete guide to change shortcut icon in Windows 10. changing the shortcut icon on windows 10

Microsoft has combined the metro interface from Windows 8 with the traditional Start menu and desktop functions from Windows 7, resulting in a very user-friendly operating system for all Windows users. Microsoft’s brand-new web browser, Edge, is one of Windows 10’s major features. Read this article on Bluetooth Not Detecting Devices On Windows 10

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How to Change Shortcut Icon on Windows 10?

Icons by Windows visually represent elements such as applications and folders. This is part of the graphical user interface (GUI) in Windows. Icons are little graphics that reflect the objects they represent and are possibly present throughout Windows. A variety of desktop icons are available on the Windows desktop. On a computer screen, an icon is a tiny picture, generally a symbol, that graphically represents a software program, file, or function.

Icons make objects on your computer or functionality within a software simpler to recognize and discover. The Segoe MDL2 Assets typeface from Microsoft has almost 1000 icons. Although getting an icon from a font may not seem logical, our font display technology ensures that these icons look clean and clear on every monitor, at any resolution, and any size. icons in windows 10

Speaking of icon shortcuts on Windows 10, Icons were created as a simple method to identify data and files. Still, a Windows 10 shortcut icon may sometimes feel too basic to be effective. In such a situation, Windows makes customizing the icon a breeze.

Any shortcut icon, whether it’s a typical one referring to an app, file, folder, web page, or one of the usual desktop icons, may be changed in Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. This is useful if you don’t like an app’s default icon or want to give your Windows PC or device a personal touch. Changing the icons of some shortcuts, particularly those with dull, generic icons, such as files, folders, and web pages, might also help you discover them faster. This post will show you how to replace icons on Windows 10 with ones that are more appealing to you.

First Things First: More on Changing Shortcut Icon

The icons for your Windows shortcuts can be saved in a variety of file types with the following extensions:

ICO- it is the most well-known icon file type in Windows operating systems. It can only hold one icon at a time.ico file

EXE – Icons can be incorporated into an app’s or program’s executable files. One or more icons can be stored in an executable file.

DLL – DLL (Dynamic-link library) files can also include collections of icons. One or more icons can be stored in a DLL. The majority of Windows icons are present in DLL files.dll file

Depending on their construction, only some EXE and DLL files store icons. ICO files, on the other hand, always include an icon. Remember that Microsoft advises utilizing icons that are at least 256×256 pixels in size, and if the icons included with Windows don’t meet your needs, you can always download alternatives. To start with, look at these seven websites where you can acquire free Windows desktop icons. Read two ways to convert PNG, SVG, and JPG images to ICO files on Windows if you want to make your icons.

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How to Change Shortcut Icon in Windows 10

Here are some steps which would make changing the icon of a shortcut on Windows feels like a breeze:

1. In File Explorer or on your Desktop, look for the shortcut with the icon you want to alter. Select “Properties” from the shortcut’s right-click menu.file explore

2. Make sure you’re on the Shortcut tab in Properties for an application shortcut before clicking the “Change Icon” of the shortcut icon

3. If the shortcut opens a web page rather than an application, move to the “Web Document” tab and select “Change Icon.”properties

4. A pop-up called “Change Icon” will appear, offering a list of icons you may use with the shortcut. These icons are from a Windows system file- “imageres.dll.”changed icon

5. If you want to change the default icon that is displayed, click “Browse” and select an EXE file, an ICO file, or a DLL file. The icons you can use in the box below will appear after the file loads.

6. Click “OK” after you select one of the icons, whether using the default selection or a custom file.

7. You’ll see that the icon in the Properties box has changed to the one you choose. To close Properties and preserve the adjustments, click “OK.”

Check out this article to learn about easy fixes for File Explorer Not Working errors.


And, voila, your new icon for the shortcut is all ready! Try changing the icon for whatever shortcut you choose. It’s a terrific way to give your Windows installation some flair. Hope this article has helped you to change the shortcut icon in Windows 10.

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