Fixing The Update Error Code: 0x8024001e In Windows

You decide to install an app from the Microsoft store or update an existing app on your Windows operating system. The process stops abruptly, and your screen flashes a message, code: 0x8024001e. This great number is sure to terrify any user. Be that as it may, we delve deeper into the impact of this code and how to rectify it.

fixing the update error code 0x8024001e in windows

Code: 0x8024001e mainly occurs when Windows fails to install or update an application or file. Commonly occurring for users with an older version of Windows such as XP, Vista, and 8, you can see this error in Windows 10. This problem is more profound with Windows applications such as Edge and Microsoft Office.


Therefore, we shall find ways in fixing the update error code: 0x8024001e through this article. Continue reading and locate the problem yourselves!

Reasons For Windows Update Error Code: 0x8024001e

Ample of reasons are responsible for Error code: 0x8024001e to appear.

chrome error

  • Internet connectivity problems
  • Missing DLL files
  • Corrupt system files
  • Virus, bugs, and malware
  • Older operating system
  • Faulty Windows Store Cache
  • Incorrect date and time settings

Methods To Resolve The Error Code: 0x8024001e

Here are the different methods by which you can easily resolve the error code: ox8024001e:

Replacement Of Missing DLL Files

A major reason for Windows update 0x8024001e is the system’s inability to find files with the extension .dll. These files are located in the Software Distribution Folder. As it may contain malware causing the error. Deleting this folder also helps in removing these malware-infected files.

  1. Through Local Disk C in your system, find the “Software Distribution option“.system distribution
  2. Upon finding the folder, press delete.
  3. Reboot and restart the computer.

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Fixing The Internet

As mentioned earlier, a code: 0x8024001e error is primarily concerned with installation and updates. Internet woes only add to this problem and stall installation. Since, rebooting or restarting your router may solve the problem temporarily. fixing the internetTherefore, for a permanent solution, stable internet is must. Also Check Out This Slow Internet After Windows 10 update

Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter

A built-in app of Windows, this app internally troubleshoots the problem at hand. Hence, it identifies the error and automatically fixes it.

  1. Through the Windows key and Settings, go to the “Update and Security” option. Let the app troubleshoot.
  2. Clicking on the left pane and initiating “troubleshoot.”
  3. Search for additional troubleshooters and locate the Windows Store Apps.
  4. Restart your PC to check if the inaccuracy stands eliminated.

fixing troubleshoot problem

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Emptying The Windows Store Cache

Clearing files especially corrupted files, serve the purpose of fixing a code: 0x8024001e error.

  1. Use the combination of the Windows key plus the S key for opening the search option.
  2. In the tab, type “wsreset.”
  3. Right clicking this command. Running it as administrator opens wsreset in an elevated Command Prompt.
  4. Once the process ends, restart the PC.
    clear cache files
  5. Recovery tools: System File Checker, Deployment Image Servicing and Management

These in-built Windows utility tools can help fix the error occurring due to an issue with the computer system.

  1. In the Windows search option, type “cmd.”
  2.  Run this as administrator allowing it to open in an elevated Command Promptcmd
  3. In this prompt window, enter the command “sfc/scannow.
  4. The System File Checker scans the system and reports errors (if any).
  5. Now, on the same command Prompt, type the command “DISM/Online/Cleanup-Image/RestoreHealth.”
  6. Post the DISM scan, restart the computer, and check for errors

cleanup health option

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Windows Update Components

Another big reason for code: 0x8024001e to occur is corrupted Windows system files in the Windows Update Folder. Reset and clearing help fix the error.

  1. In the Windows search option, type “cmd.
  2. By opening in Command Prompt. Run it as an administrator command administer prompt
  3. Put a stop to Windows Update Services by typing these commands and using the “Enter” button to run.
  • net stop wuauserv command, net stop cryptSvc commad
  • net stop bits command or net stop msiserver command

4. Now, type the given commands to rename Software Distribution and the Catroot2 folder. Press “Enter” to run the process.

  • ren %systemroot\SoftwareDsitribution SoftwareDistribution.bak
  • ren %systemroot\system32\catrort2 catroot2.bak

cart root folder

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     5. Restart the earlier stopped Windows Update Services using the following commands:

  • net stop wuauserv command, net stop cryptSvc command
  • net stop bits command or net stop msiserver command

      6. Restart the computer and check for errors.
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While determining the source of the problem, it is advisable to scan for malware in any file. Even those that are conspicuous can initiate code: 0x8024001e error. Use Windows scan tool for this. Therefore, it is recommended to use anti-malware software (installed from an authentic place).

malware software

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Startup Repair tool

Additionally, another tool in Windows is the Startup Repair tool which helps recover and repair Windows applications that refuse to boot up. You can find this tool in hard drive.

  1. Using the combination of the Windows key plus the R key. Open a window to type “control update” and run it as an administrator.
  2. Post running the process, locate the “Recovery” option, and under that, search for a “Restart now” option.
  3. The computer restarts and shows you many options under the heading “Troubleshoot.”
  4. Under troubleshooting, look for advanced options.
  5. Under these options, locate “Startup Repair” and initiate the process.
  6. The computer restarts automatically to fix the problem.

startup repair tool

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System Restore

This method works when you are trying to eliminate a corrupt registry key. Hence, intend to put the computer in a state with no errors.

  1. Commence System Restore.
  2. Through the search option, find the “System Restore” setting.system restore tool
  3. Upon completion, restart the computer and check for errors.

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Is there any other tool apart from Windows which can solve my problem?

If none of the Windows's tools seems to work, you can use the Restore repair tools to solve all issues.

Which Windows is best to avoid this error?

While all Windows operating systems are vulnerable to this error, users are advised to avoid old versions of Windows Windows 10 has lesser update errors. While Windows 11 has an almost negligible error rate.

What are the built-in tools to solve this error in Windows?

System File Checker Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter Startup Repair Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool

Alternative methods for updating errors in Windows?

While the code: 0x8024001e is commonly observed while installing or updating internal files, Windows also faces a similar error while performing other installations. For example, the Windows Update Standalone Install error 0x80096002 occurs when an incompatibility is detected between software or driver with the system.

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With this, we have understood the complexities involved in a Windows update error. What are the mechanisms in place to resolve such an error? Ideally, the latest versions of Windows shouldn’t trouble the user with such an error. However, even if this error occurs, do not panic and carefully follow the steps mentioned above.

Keep updating your applications and software to leave no space for any malware to infect the system. Running security scans periodically to eliminate malware and viruses is a healthy practice for the system. Therefore, whenever you receive this kind of error, first you must always do is restart your PC. It may seem traditional. However, restarting your system solves 90% of your errors. If you fail to free your system from this code, even after restarting. Then, the other methods will probably help.

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