Computer Shuts Off Randomly? What To Do? [Fixed]

Computers will make life easier by saving us time and nerves. Ideally, ‘But what if my computer shuts off randomly or on its own?’ you might wonder.

A tumultuous computer is ruthless: it can wreck your life, harm your business, or destroy your reputation. Random shutdowns, on the other hand, trigger nervous breakdowns. And make your hair grey. As a result, our goal for today is to resolve my computer shuts down automatically’ saga and restore peace and stability to your life.

So, your computer keeps shutting off at random times, and you got surprised as to what to do. Your Windows-based machine may be taken over, but it’s a long shot.

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What Causes a Computer to Turn Off?

Following are the top three issues why a computer shuts off randomly:

1. Overheating

2. Issues with the Driver

3. Problematic OS

computer to shut off randomly

To repair the random shutdowns, start at the top and work your way down:


Heat-related issues may be at play if your PC shuts down unexpectedly.

overheating-computer shut off immediately

Heat-related issues are frequently caused by:

  1. Irresponsible PC usage;
  2. Difficulties with fans;
  3. Residues such as dust, dirt, hair, and other particles;
  4. Overclocking.

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Use of a Computer Carelessly

To begin with, heat and your computer are not a good mix. As a result, keep your computer cool at all times: breaking this rule puts your computer in jeopardy. As a result, your motherboard turns down all of your devices to save your computer.

  1. Follow these guidelines to keep your computer from overheating:
  2. Keep your computer away from hot spots;
  3. Never put your pc too close to a wall;
  4. Keep your PC out of direct sunlight;
  5. Don’t use your computer if it’s humid outside;
  6. If you use a laptop, utilize a cooling pad;
  7. If your computer is overheating, replace the thermal paste.

Issues With Fans

  1. Overheating is caused by malfunctioning video card fans, case fans, or CPU fans. Examine them closely to see if any of them are acting up:
  2. If any of your admirers continue to shriek, it’s a warning that something is wrong;
  3. Take a moment to clean your fans if they are dirty or dusty — this good deed may help resolve the computer shut-off randomly issue.

Dust and Dirt

To reduce overheating and subsequent shutdowns, keep your computer clean and avoid ‘eating around the computer’ behaviors.

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Your PC’s components might not be able to handle the additional power demands if it got overclocked. Remember that overclocking your computer is akin to playing with fire: it could result in significant computer damage or the computer shuts off randomly.


As a result, we advise you to turn off your overclocking utilities – your system should now run as fast as it should. It may grow hot and nervous if you don’t take care of it.

Driver Issues

In Windows 10, faulty or out-of-date drivers might cause random shutdowns.

driver issues

Following are some tried-and-true methods for keeping your drivers in good shape:

  1. Make use of Windows Update.
  2. Windows 10 can look for driver updates on its own:
  3. Run the Windows Driver Verifier program.
  4. You may also use Windows Driver Verifier to find out if any of your devices are problematic:
  5. Make use of Device Manager.

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Manually Update Your Drivers

You can manually troubleshoot your drivers one by one. You should delete and then reinstall your drivers. Look for the most recent driver versions for your models on the vendor’s websites.

Make Use of a Unique Tool

Try a specific program, such as Auslogics Driver Updater, to diagnose and fix all your driver issues quickly and easily.

  1. Problematic OS

Windows-related issues require special care. We should discuss them here to avoid their dominating the spotlight.

So, if nothing seems to work to alleviate this ‘shutdown horror,’ you might as well acknowledge that your operating system isn’t working properly. It’s possible that anything went wrong after you upgraded to Windows 10.

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Consider the Following Suggestions for Troubleshooting:

These suggestions will help you with troubleshooting-

Make use of the System Restore Points.

Restore your Windows to their former glory:

  1. Control Panel -> Start (right-click) -> Security and System
  2. Open System Restore -> Next -> File History -> Recovery -> Nextfile restore systems
  3. Choose your chosen restoration point and click Next -> confirm your choice by clicking Finish ->. On the warning box, select Yes.

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Restart the Computer

Restore your computer’s factory default settings by doing the following steps:

restart-computer shuts off randomly

If you have previously upgraded your system, you will have the option to continue on Windows 10 or downgrade to a previous version of Windows – the choice is yours!

Reinstall Your Operating System

Why not give your computer a new lease on life? Consider reinstalling your operating system if the computer continues to shut off at random.

reinstall osoverheating,

Unfortunately, this will remove all of your personal information. As a result, double-check that you’ve backed up all of your crucial files.


I believe this article will guide you to solve the problem of your computer shutting off randomly. Perform these techniques to keep your PC on track.

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