“Could Not Connect to Steam Network” Error | 4 Ways to Fix

Steam is a video game distribution launching software. It was first released in the year 2003 by Valve to provide their customers with new game updates. Steam was later developed into PC software and mobile application. It started providing automatic game updates, friend lists, and other features like in-game voice and chat. While playing, clients may face real-time errors, and one of those is the “Could Not Connect To Steam Network” error. Let us check out four important tips that have helped several users fix the above-mentioned error.


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4 Ways To Fix The “Could Not Connect To Steam Network”

Here are some ways to fix this issue

Internet And PC Issues

One of the primary things is to check the internet connectivity and troubleshoot problems within the PC. These are some of the major reasons for the “Could Not Connect To Steam Network Error” to occur. Windows alert the user with a quick pop-up or visual during the case of poor network connection. One of the simplest ways to check your connection is to look at the right corner of the taskbar. If the symbol displays a network error, then follow the different methods mentioned below. 

no internet connection
No internet connection

· Error may occur due to poor network connection between the internet server and the PC, so try rebooting your router or modem.

  •  Next method is to check the physical network cable connection, make sure the cable is plugged in firmly to the PC and modem. 
  • If your problem is not resolved, then click on the symbol to open the troubleshoot problems dialog box and check for solutions suggested by windows.
  • Another factor leading to poor internet connection is technical difficulties due to Internet Service Provider. Most providers put up their service outage status in their websites and mobile applications. So, try checking their page through your mobile phone.
  •  Another solution is to try Restarting your PC; this can clear up any driver issues, software crashes, or frozen applications. It is one of the simplest ways to resolve your network settings.
  • Turn off Windows Firewall defender. This method may seem unlikely because we are aware of the fact that this software protects from malware and other viruses, but sometimes it can serve as the reason for the could not connect to Steam network error in the Steam application. Any background applications like antivirus, anti-spyware or VPN applications may even interfere with the network connection. So, try turning off this software temporarily.
  • Steam launcher requires several open ports. Check and verify if all the ports in your router and firewall are open for Steam. If not, open the ports and restart the application.

If your “Could not connect to steam network” error still persists, try using the next method.

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Start Steam In Offline Mode

The steam application works in both online and offline mode. If you receive the “Could not connect to Steam network” error then it’s a network connection error so, restart your Steam application. Now you can decide to switch to offline mode if you receive can’t connect to steam error or network error.

choose steam in offline mode because of could not connect to steam network error
Offline Mode Option

After switching to offline mode, go to client settings and change your download server to another location. Then restart the Steam application, and now your system should be good to go. This method seems to be the most consistent solution without going into deletion of your Steam folder. 

 If your problem is still not solved, we have two more ways that will definitely help you get rid of that “Could not connect to steam network” error.

Update Steam Network Driver

Updates and patches are a crucial part of system software. Steam checks for updates after logging in, but in case it doesn’t, manual updating is essential. Check for new steam client updates that are available for network drivers. If any update is available, then update your software with the newly released version of the network driver.

If there isn’t any updated driver available, then you may need to delete and reinstall the current driver. Also, Steam provides customers with a handy website that monitors server traffic. By checking this site, you can see if Steam has any network or server outages, which will explain to you the reason for getting a “Could not connect to steam network” error.

 Here’s the final and the ultimate method if you are still struggling to get rid of that error.

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 Reinstall Steam

 This method is the last option if all the above methods fail and do not provide a feasible solution. This method could fix any corrupted files that deny from connecting with the network and get rid of your “Could not connect to steam network” error. It is important to be aware of the fact that any games installed in the Steamapps folder will be deleted when you uninstall Steam.

steamapps folder
Steamapps folder

Hence get a backup of the folder before deleting the application from your PC. You will be able to find that folder in the C:\Program Files\Steam path.


All types of software which connects people face server or network error; it is just part and parcel of gaming. The fellow steam users and the Steam Company make use of the above mentioned methods to ensure smooth functioning of the application. Make use of these solutions to fix your problem, and enjoy your gaming session!

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