Discord Freezing Issue? How Do I Solve It? [Solved]

Are you a gamer? Do you want to communicate with other gamers while you’re playing? Are you excited to do this? Here’s what we have for you, it is the DISCORD app. Discord app is specially developed for enthusiastic gamers like you to voice chat or text messages to your video game teammates, creating a lively game community. It can be installed on your personal computer, android, IOS. However, after a long run or frequent usage of your discord while gaming, you may face several issues like discord freezing. 

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Does Your Discord App Freeze? 

Several factors can cause discord freeze, including hard and software issues. Here are the following tips that you need to follow to avoid freezing your discord, and use these tips to solve discord freezing. discord recieves freezing issues

  1. This can happen after the discord app has been updated because of a known bug 
  2. Lack of proper system compatibility 
  3. If you enable the key bindsdiscord Issues
  4. If you enable hardware acceleration, Here are the following solutions for unfreezing the discord app 
  5. Refresh the windows by restoring the computer this may fix the problem 
  6. Issue due to key binds: This issue is usually caused if you enable the key binds, and to fix it, be sure to disable all Discord key binds. 

Ways To Fix The Discord Freezing Issue

Here are some of the ways to solve discord freezing issue :

Method 1 Steps For Deleting Key Binds 

  1. Open discord app 

open discord app

  1. Click on the user settings open discord settings
  2. Select the key bind option the settings select keybinds
  3. Place the cursor on the key binds then, and you should be able to see the red cross mark over each key bind. If that red cross mark does not appear on any one of the keys binds, this confirms that it has a key bind issue. 
  4. Click the red cross mark to delete the key bind issue. 
  5. Repeat the process until all the key binds are deleted.discord keybindEven then, if that doesn’t solve the problem of discord freezing, disable hardware acceleration in the Discord app.

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Method 2 Discord Freezing  Issue Due To Hardware Acceleration

Turning hardware acceleration in discord app, hardware acceleration takes advantage of other personal computer components to perform the tasks. Unfortunately, this causes trouble for the computer to function improperly. 

  1. Open the Discord app. open discord app
  2. Then, click on the Settings option. open discord settings
  3. After that, choose Appearance. 
  4. On the right side, click Advanced and then select Hardware Acceleration. hardware acceleration issue

Toggle off the Hardware Acceleration. You might be asked to confirm; if so, press OK. After all the steps, the app will restart the discord app, and the problem will be fixed. Check again if you still have discord freezing. If this problem still exists, try running discord compatibility mode because sometimes you may have compatibility issues. 

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Method 3 Issue Due To Compatibility

  1. Close the discord app laptop
  2. Select properties by right-clicking 
  3. In properties, click compatibility and check if it is in compatibility mode. check compatibility mode
  4. Select windows 
  5. Click applies 
  6. Select OK After all the steps, the compatibility issue will be resolv, and the discord freezing issue will be unfroze.

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Also, you can face the following issues.

  1. Apart from the above issues, sometimes you may also see a black screen on the discord app if your graphics driver is not update. This is call discord black. As there are many black screen variation problems, you should look and find what specific problem you have regarding the black screen. This discord black will be the problem with the app itself. discord black screen
  2. Also, remember that the Discord app should not let your personal computer slow down. If you come across this issue, you should use some specialized software to run your personal computer smoothly.

These are just a couple of solutions that might help you to fix discord freezing. Visit Discord

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Alternate Ways 

See the following alternate methods to fix the Discord freezing issue.

Method 1 Discord Freezing  Then Switch To Discord Application Or Website 

The Discord app is available in both application and website format. In most of the events, the problem of freezing is seen on the application of Discord, so try to switch to the site version of Discord. If the problem of discord freezing arises in the site version, try to switch the other way around.open discord website

Before trying to switch the Discord format, try to clear the cache.

To delete the cache files from the site, press ctrl + H and then clear the cache and history. 

Method 2 Delete The Cache Of The Discord App

Discord saves the client’s data, files, and other brief data. There is a possibility that the reserve Discord records are corrupt or harm. They can make the discord freezing.

empty cache

This problem can easily be solve by clearing the Discord cache files.

  1. Close the Discord App
  2. Open the command window by pressing win + R.open run
  3. Search %appdata%.run appdata
  4. In the opened window, search for a folder named Discord
  5. Delete the entire folder.delete discord

 This might have cleared all your caches.


After doing all these steps, hopefully, the issue of discord freezing would have resolved. We hope you found this article helpful. Don’t forget to go through tour site to solve your tech-related issues.

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