Driver WUDFRd Failed To Load Error | Fix in 3 Easy Ways

Driver WUDFRd failed to load is one of the most common problems you may have faced before. So what causes the driver wudfrd failed to load for the device here? This error is typically linked to USB drivers, and these errors have an event ID of 219. This occurs when a device driver (such as a USB driver) on your machine fails due to a device driver or device malfunction.

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How To Fix The Driver WUDFRd Failed To Load Error

In this article, we will be discussing how to fix this driver WUDFRd failed to load error in 3 easy ways.

Method 1 Update Windows

The best way to resolve the driver \driver\wudfrd failed to load is to check windows updates because you might also be able to upgrade your drivers with Windows updates. You can try manually testing for new updates to address this problem.

  1. To open Settings, click Windows + I.update windows
  2. Go to Update & Security > Update Windows.
  3. Press Search for Updates in the right-hand pane and install all pending updates.check for updates
  4. After you’ve updated your Windows, restart your machine to check if error \driver\wudfrd is fixed.

Method 2  Driver WUDFRd Failed To Load Error then Disable Hard Disk Hibernation

Another tested remedy is disabling hard disc hibernation, and several users have solved the “Driver WudfRd failed to load” error with it.
So you can try it too for these,

  1. Press Windows + X, and from the Start menu, select Power Options.
  2. In the right pane, press Additional Power settings, which will open the Control Panel as shown in the image below. Then, for your current power plan, press Change Plan Settings.disk hibernation Driver WUDFRd failed to load
  3. On the new tab, press Change Advanced Power Settings.
  4. Expand the Hard Disk in the Power Options window and turn off the hard drive afterward.
  5. Click Apply and then click ok.disk hibernationn Driver WUDFRd failed to load
  6. Restart your machine.

Now, without an error driver\\wudfrd, you should be able to run your computer.

Method 3 Reinstalling USB Controllers

USB drivers should be responsible for the this  Error  in most cases. Therefore, you should feel free to try reinstalling your USB controllers if all the methods listed above fail to fix the issue.

Let’s see how it works-

  1. Go to the Device Manager.
  2. To extend it, double-click Universal Serial Bus controllers.
  3. Right-click on the USB controller and select System Uninstall. Select OK in the confirmation window to proceed. Use the same operation to uninstall all the other USB controllers.uninstall usb drivers Driver WUDFRd failed to load
  4. Restart your machine after uninstalling all the USB controllers. Windows will reinstall the already uninstalled USB controllers automatically.

The driver \driver\wudfrd failed to load for the device should be solve.

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Hope it was useful in fixing the Driver WUDFRd failed to load error. If you are overinform in how to solve this issue, please leave them in the comments below. We would like to include them in the article too.:)

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