Dx11 Feature Level 10.0 Is Required To Run The Engine | How To Fix It

In this current generation, most youngsters are heading towards online games. Most of the time, instead of meeting physically, they mostly prefer to have interaction while playing online games. Technology is updating daily and bringing up new platforms for the kids and the youngsters to engage themselves. Following this comes the issue of dx11 feature level 10.0

Dx11 Feature Level 10.0

In the same way, many glitches have been noticed, which make the user irritated & sometimes they fail to enjoy such types of platforms as they cannot fix it. Let me tell you, this type of error message is very common & without getting worried & breaking your head, you can easily fix dx11 feature level 10.0 issue.

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What Does Dx11 Feature Level 10.0 Mean?  

DX11 is an application programming interface that is operated in windows & was developed by Microsoft. This API provides a compatible system for the hardware to accelerate multimedia support & adapt its parameters to provide the best experience. It stands for “Direct X11“. This interface of Direct X11 is the latest generation which handles the relationship between the OS, Graphics card & sound cards.

Dx11 feature level 10.0

This error means that the Direct 3D Hardware feature required by the game engine is not available or supports the system’s hardware. It means that the application engine is not supporting the Direct 3D feature level 10 version. This type of error generally appears when an application or game needs a higher graphical processor.

Sometimes there is the possibility of getting the error because of running an outdated graphics card driver or maybe because the GPU is not compatible or may be due to the outdated OS which causes problems like dx11 feature level 10.0.

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How To Fix The Dx11 Feature Level 10.0  Error?

Solving this error is not that much harder. Before going for a solution, we need to do some steps to verify that the required application is installed in our system or not or the graphics card is appropriate.

Method 1 Look For A DirectX In Your System

If you have Windows 10 installed in the system, DirectX 12.0 will be automatically installed. But if you use the new DirectX interface, GPU cards need to support them. directx

To verify which DirectX version is working on your system:

  1. Need to open Run Box (Press Windows key + R)open run
  2. Type “dxdiag” & press Enter
  3. DirectX diagnostic tool will get open; need to verify the DirectX version in System Tab.directx diagonostic tool
  4. To check the feature level, get into the Display Tab & check for the DirectDraw Acceleration, Direct3D Acceleration & AGP Texture Acceleration.

Method 2 Dx11 Feature Level 10.0 Then Update Window’s 10 & DirectX

Simple fix for dx11 feature level 10.0 goes :

  1. Go to Setting App & select Update & security. Check any updates is available. Update your system & restart the system.
    windows update
  2. After updating the system, we need to install the latest DirectX version. 
download directx

Get it from Microsoft Official website.

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Method 3 Run The Application With A Dedicated GPU

Here you go to solve dx11 feature level 10.0 problem.

Windows 10 computers have two graphics cards, 1St is the integrated graphics card & the next one is dedicated graphics cards.

If the system is already using integrated graphics cards, you need to switch it to dedicated graphics cards. To change the graphics card following are the steps to follow.

  1. Press Windows key + R & select the Device manager option.open device manager
  2. Open the Device Manager & look for the Display adapters & select & right-click on the Built-in Intel Graphics Adapter to disable it. Now check whether the pop-up error is resolve or not.

Method 4 Dx11 Feature Level 10.0 Then Update Graphics Card Driver

If the points mentioned above are still not working, then there might be an issue with the graphics card or outdated. Follow the next steps:

  1. Press windows key + R & type “devmgmt.msc” & press Enter to open Device manager.run devmgmt
  2. Select the Network adapter & right-click on the graphics driver you want to update & click the Update Driver option.network adapter
  3. Click on ‘Search automatically for updated driver software. & wait to get the driver installed.

In case the window is not able to detect the driver & updated it. In this case, we need to update the driver manually. For this, we need to visit the Microsoft official website & search for the latest & compatible driver for your system. 

After doing all these steps & still not fix dx11 feature level 10.0 error popping in your system, in this case, we need to follow the following steps.

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Method 5 Install The Latest Patch

After applying all these steps still, you are getting the error message; then, it is mandatory to install the latest Patch.

windows update

The game developers time to time, are updating the patches to fix the common errors to enhance the game installation & add new features. To get the latest updates or Patch, you need to visit the game’s official website.


I hope the following methods have brought a smile to your face. So, these are the following method, by which you can easily fix your error message ‘dx11 feature level 10.0’ & enjoy your game without any issue & with all comfort. 

That is it for today. See you guys in the next article and until then, happy gaming! 

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