Windows 10 home version is all good for the home users. Besides the pro version, windows home version lacs some of the features that require to be enabled/install by ourselves. One of such features is Group Policy editor(gpedit.msc). You can notice this by typing it in Run tool, and it says “windows can not find this command.” gpedit is rarely required but its worth to have it on your computer. This article explains to you how to enable gpedit.msc in Windows 10 Home version.

What is gpedit.msc

A group policy editor (gpedit.msc) is a simpler version of Registry Editor. It does most of the work of editing user configurations, network settings, and even local computer settings. Although these settings can be done on the registry editor, it is more complicated in later.

How to enable gpedit.msc in Windows 10 Home version

This method is 100 testing before writing the article, and its working fine on my windows 1o home version. Also, the file provided in the download link is 100 % safe and is an official file.

Follow these very simple steps to enable gpedit.msc in windows 10 home-

Step1: First of all. Download to your computer.

Step2: Extract the downloaded zip file and more the gpedit-enabler.bat file on the desktop.

Step3: Now, right-click on the bat file and select “Run as Administrator” to install it.

Step4: Wait for few minutes to complete the process. After the gpedit installed successfully, you can press any key to finish the setup and close the command prompt.

enable gpedit.msc in windows 10 home

Step5: Now, you can type gpedit.msc in the Run tool to open group policy editor on windows 10 home version.

That’s it; You can easily enable gpedit.msc in windows 10 using this easy method.

Third Party Apps to use gpedit.msc in Windows 10 Home

As we already know, the group policy editor is the easiest way to change settings than complicated registry editors. In the above section, we have seen the official way to enable gpedit.msc in windows 10 home. But, due to any reason, if you are not able to install it properly, you can install the alternative third-party apps that serve the same purpose as the official tool does.

Let’s check out a few of these tools –

Policy Plus – An alternative third-party app to enable gpedit.msc in windows 10 home

This tool is very similar to the official gpedit app. The user interface and functionality are also the same. Since windows home version doesn’t provide all registry templates, this tool allows you to download all those templates online from Microsoft site.

Install Policy Plus to enable gpedit.msc in windows 10

Step1: Download policy-plus file on your computer.

Step2: Right-click on the file and select “Run as Administrator” and install the tool.

Step3: Now, you have to install all the ADMX Files online.

Step4: To install these templates, go to

Menu –> Help –> Acquire ADMX Files

Step5: Now, restart your PC once, and you can use the tool.

That’s it, using these simple steps, you can enable gpedit.msc in windows 10 home in an alternative way and use it.

Hope you enable gpedit.msc in windows 10 hone procedure helped you and you have enabled it successfully.

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