4 Ways To Fix Netflix Error Code: UI3012

Netflix & Chill  The most trending words and the popular activity for many in recent days. Imagine how dreadful it would be when this error pops up while watching the last episode of Money Heist.

netflix error code

Terrible indeed! UI3012 error code points out a network connectivity issue that forbids the device to connect with the Netflix service. This article can help you resolve this problem within few minutes.

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 4 Simple Ways to Troubleshoot The UI3012 Error

Follow the following steps to fix the error:

Method 1 Network Connection, Speed, And Permission

It is quite common for this error code: ui3012 to occur while streaming Netflix in a low-speed internet connection. Therefore check your connectivity, speed and then refresh the page.


  1. If you are using mobile data, switch over to WI-FI. If multiple devices are connected to your WI-FI network, it may decrease the download speed in the individual connected devices. In such a case, consider changing the network you are connected to. As some public networks may block streaming intentionally, make sure your network allows streaming. Also, if their network bandwidth is found to be limited, consider changing your network to private Wi-Fi or high-speed cellular data.
  2. If you have enabled VPN in your device, it may interrupt the network connection due to DNS ( Domain Name System )configuration issue. Thus it is better to disable VPN while streaming. Follow the given steps:settings
    1. Go to “start” and select “settings.”
    2. Search for “network & internet. ”

      Network and internet
    3. Locate “VPN “and turn it off


3. Proxy servers facilitate accessing the internet faster. It does not allow the pc to access the website directly; instead, it retrieves the required information from the websites and provides us. After a long term use, there will be a lot of cache memory built up, which causes network connectivity issues. Consider disabling proxy if the above troubleshooting techniques don’t work out. Follow the steps given below:

    1. Go to “start” and select “settings.”
    2. Search for “network & internet. “
    3. Under “Manual proxy setup, “turn the switch “off” for “use a proxy server.”

      proxy setup

        proxy setup

Method 2 Error Code: UI3012 Then Home Network

Try restarting your home network to fix the error code: ui3012. Switch off the device and router for about 30 seconds and restart the router. Wait for indicator lights to become stable, and then restart your PC. The other suggestion would be resetting your router. Follow the given steps:

  1. Go to settings of your PC.
  2. Search “network reset.”
    network reset
  3. Open a new window and select the reset option. Your pc will restart, and the issue is likely to be resolved.

If this doesn’t help, try changing the router’s location to a place with a better signal. Make sure that the streaming device is closer to the router. Try to keep the router at a height rather than the floor. Keep the router away from other wireless and electromagnetic devices. This can cause disturbances in the signal. If the issue is still not rectified, try connecting the device directly to the modem. The error code: ui3012 more likely to be fixed by now. If not, get in touch with your internet service provider, reset the router and check if there is a problem with the modem.

Method 3  Browser Extensions

Browser extensions are plugins that interfere with browser activities. It is not safe, as it can download your passwords and other private data. Browser extensions also keeps track of our activities online. It can end up downloading malware, too, in some instances. This can also be a reason for error ui3012 to occur. So first, check if you have an extension related to Netflix. Follow the given steps:

  1. Open your browser and choose the “menu” option in the top right.
    google chrome address bar
  2. Select “More tools.”
  3. Choose “extensions”.
  4. If you find extensions like “force Netflix 1080p”, choose it and switch it to off mode.

Now try logging in to Netflix again and check if the issue is resolved.

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Method 4 Cache And Cookies

The number of cookies might constantly build upon your pc. This reduces your internet speed and performance. It can be one of the reasons for the error to occur despite making changes with the home network. So make sure you keep clearing your cache memory and delete your browser cookies on a regular basis.



So Follow the steps given below to fix error code UI3012 :

  1. Open your browser and choose the “menu” option in the top right.
    menu option
  2. Select” More tools. ”
    more tools option
  3. Choose “clear browsing data” or ctrl + shift+ delete.
  4. There will be two options available ( basic and advanced). To fix this error, “basic” is sufficient, and it clears the browsing data, cookies & other sites data, and Cached images and files. The advance option deletes passwords, sign-in data, auto-fill, and hosted apps data.
  5. So Click “Clear data.”


The above 4 simple ways will help you resolve your problem with the Netflix code error: UI3012. In conclusin Hope this article was resourceful and helped you to fix the issue.

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