We, the internet users usually save our passwords in a browser. Google Chrome is a popular browser with good features and multiple platforms support with password sync in Google account. With such features, the majority of the users are using Google Chrome as their default web browsers. Google password manager in chrome is a good feature with auto filling the passwords and securing your credentials. But sometimes you may need to export Google Chrome Passwords (to import in other browser/password manager). But somehow it’s not a straight way to export them. This article explains you the trick to export Chrome passwords in the easiest way.

How to export chrome passwords from Chrome browser

To export Google saved passwords you have to change some hidden settings in the Chrome browser. Let’s check how it’s done.

Step1: Launch Google Chrome browser on your PC. (Remember, smartphone won’t work here).

Step2: In the address bar, type following line to open chrome flags.


Step3: Now chrome hidden settings windows opens up. Here search “password export“.

Step4: Now find the password export setting from the search result and change it to Enabled.

Step5: Browser now asks you to reload it. Just hit Relaunch button to changes to take effect.

Step6: After browser opens again, go to settings by clicking on 3-dot menu at top right side.

Step7: Now, from the settings screen, open menu by clicking on the menu icon and select Advanced and then “passwords and forms“.

Step8: You can now go to “Manage passwords” option to see all available chrome saved passwords.

Step9: The list of all your Google saved passwords. At the beginning of the list click on 3-dot menu and select “Export Passwords“.

Step10: Now you will be prompted to type windows login password/PIN, enter it.

Step11: On the next screen, you will be asked to save the file. Select your desired location and your chrome password export to CSV is completed.

Using this simple trick you can easily export chrome passwords to CSV file.

But remember, your all id and passwords are now visible and can be seen by anyone who gets the passwords CSV file access. So don’t share it anywhere and keep it safe.

Now that you have exported chrome saved passwords, because may be decided to go with some password like LastPass, 1password, etc. Let’s check how you can import chrome passwords in some of the popular password managers tools.

How to export chrome passwords to LastPass

The idea is simple to import chrome password into LastPass. As any browser don’t allow you to import passwords by any password manager you have to do it by way of CSV way.

Step1: Click on the LastPass icon form the browser toolbar.

Step2: Now, go to More Options –> Import –> Generic CSV File.

Step3: Now select the CSV file that you exported with the help of the above section of this article.

Step4: Your all chrome passwords are now imported in LastPass.

In similar ways, you can import google saved passwords into your password manager.

Now that, you are wondering how to export wifi passwords to LastPass. let’s check it.

How to export saved Wifi passwords to LastPass

To import passwords to LastPass your PC need to have a wifi adaptor and you should install LastPass Universal Installer.

Step1: In the Chrome browser click on the LastPass icon from the toolbar.

Step2: Now, go to Tools –> Import From –> Wi-Fi Passwords.

Step3: Click on import to start importing.

You are done.

Similarly, you can import Chrome Autofill Data to LastPass or any password manager tool using csv importer.

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