Failed To Play Test Tone Fix The Error In Windows 10

Have you ever found yourself running around to plug in your earphones to the laptop to attend the zoom meeting you’re already late to, only to find that there’s an audio issue that you can’t seem to fix? Now you look like a fish out of the water, yapping away without any audio to give it context while your coworkers watch. Talk about embarrassing. Sounds familiar? So, in this article, we will see how to resolve the error of Failed to Play Test Tone.

failed to play test tone

With the pandemic ravaging the world and virtual meetings becoming the new normal, chances are we’ve all been in such embarrassing situations. 

There are so many times that plugging in your earphones doesn’t do the trick. You’re left confused and slightly irked. You then proceed to spend the next few minutes trying to figure out what’s wrong, only to end up abandoning it altogether. At this point, you’re not sure what went wrong, but you are left wondering if this is divine retribution, for you had laugh at that one coworker back in the day when they were facing technical issues. 



While it may be time to look back on some questionable things that you did that would fetch you retribution, solving the error Failed to Play Test Tone is more accessible than escaping discipline.

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Why Does The Error Failed To Play Test Tone Appear?

Usually, this error occurs in 2 cases-

  1. if the audio drivers in use are outdated 
  2. if there is a hardware issue


Some other reasons include device compatibility issues or an issue with the audio settings of the laptop. 

A simple tip to avoid this from happening beforehand is to ensure that your audio drivers are updated regularly and remain up-to-date.

So now that you know why you think that, you’ll probably be able to solve this issue on your own. While you’re always welcome to try, given below are a few solutions to save you from wasting your time trying unless you’re a tech expert. In that case, good luck.

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Ways To Fix Failed-To-Play Test Tune Error On Windows 10

Several issues may have caused the error Failed to Play Test Tone. So it’s only fair that there are various ways to tackle this problem. 

Method 1 Use the Audio Troubleshooter

  1. Start by running the audio troubleshooter on your device
  2. To do this, type troubleshooter in the system search 
  3. then select additional troubleshoot from the window and open itTrouble shoot
  4. On the opening, look for the play audio option
  5. under additional troubleshooter find the play audio option 
  6. Click on it and select runrun
  7. follow any onscreen notifications that may come up 
  8. try identifying the problem and fixing it using the troubleshooter
  9. Solve issue using troubleshooter
  10. once the issue is resolve, close the open windows rebooting
  11. reboot the pc so that the changes made come into effect

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Method 2 Failed To Play Test Tone Then Change The Default Test Tone Settings

The computer often acts on its own and changes the settings to suit the device plugged into it. While this automatic process does make work more manageable at times, it also causes errors like these. 

The device changes the default tone base on the headphone or speakers that have been plug into it.

Here’s a way to fix such an issue which will in turn fix Failed to Play Test Tone:-

  1. Open system settings
  2. Select system and soundsound
  3. Find the option “DEVICE PROPERTIES” on the right side of the window
  4. Select and open that option
  5. Click on additional device properties and you’re on your way to fix Failed to Play Test Tone. properties
  6. Select the option “ADVANCED” from the pop-up window
  7. Now select the default format
  8. Try changing and adjusting the bit and rate depth.settings on phone
  9. Perform the Hit and trial method till then, and we did not get the perfect setting.
  10. Once found, select and set that setting
  11. Now try testing tone again once adjusted

If you’ve been lucky by now, it must have solved your issue as you followed the above-stated two most common solutions to this error. However, if you’re amongst the unlucky ones who’re still stuck, do not fear. Here are two more slightly less common solutions to this error:-

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Method 3 Disable Sound Enhancements Of The Device

Computers, many times in an attempt to ease our work and provide a better quality of sound, adjust the tone, so tweaking these settings might fix Failed to Play Test Tone.

  1. Open sound properties
  2. Click on sounds
  3. Select the option “PLAYBACK” from the pop-up windowlaptop
  4. Select your device (i.e., the device plugged in, such as headphones or speakers) from the drop-down menu
  5. Click on properties properties
  6. Find the option “SOUND ENHANCEMENTS.”
  7. Click on that option. 
  9. Click apply to get the settings to take effect
  10. Click on ok
  11. Now check to see if the test tone plays

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Method 4  Failed To Play Test Tone Then Restart The Audio Services Of Windows 10:-

Another way to fix Failed to Play Test Tone is to follow these steps

  1. Open services manager
  2. Find the options that say “WINDOWS AUDIO” and “WINDOWS AUDIO ENDPOINT BUILDER” in the window.
  3. Double click on the optionssettings
  4. Check that the status of the service is not set to “RUNNING.”
  5. If it is not set to automatic, set it to “AUTOMATIC.”
  6. If the status is already “RUNNING,” then shut it off using the “STOP” option. restart-computer
  7. Would you please press on the restart button to get it running again
  8. After making, the changes, click on “APPLY.”
  9. Now click ok
  10. computerClose the windows opened
  11. Restart the system
  12. Now check to see if there is any error or not.


I sincerely hope that one of these ways ended up working for you and fixed your issue – Failed to Play Test Tone. If not, I’d suggest referring to the official Microsoft website to get in contact with a Microsoft team tech expert. And until the issue remains there. I’ll tell you to hold off on the Zoom calls or Teams meetings lest you get embarras.

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