[FIX] Could Not Reserve Enough Space For Object Heap In Minecraft

If you are a Minecraft player and love this game, you have to know more about this game. It is one of the sandbox games, and it has gained massive popularity as a lot of people have already started playing this game, and they love it. This game keeps you glued to the screen. In this article, we will be discussing could not reserve enough space for object heap in Minecraft error.

The players of this game can make their host play on their kingdom together with their friends.

You can always get loads of experiences when playing this game as you play so many battles and crafting activities. Moreover, you need to know all this while playing the game.


Sometimes there might be a problem while accessing the Minecraft host or errors like space errors and the problem of not reserving enough space for object heap Minecraft. Pop over here to know the fixes of  “Minecraft Sound Not Working?”.

Website: Minecraft

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How to fix the problem of not reserving enough space for object heap Minecraft

Being a Minecraft player, you should know how to fix the problem. If your laptop is not allowing you to play the game, you have to understand what problem is there.

In this case, you can try the PC program called a driver fix. This kind of program allows the smooth running of your PC driver and helps your PC with the errors that may occur while playing the game.

Solution 1. Try Installing 64-bit Java JRE

  1. Firstly, search for Java JRE download on any internet browser.
  2. Secondly, visit the official download page and click for Windows(64-bit). Let the download complete.
  3. After downloading, click on its installer to install the Java runtime environment.
  4. Start your Minecraft server and try assigning more RAM to it.

minecraft server

5. Then check if the error ended or not.

6. If the issue still has not got ended, follow the given steps.

7. Open Run on your desktop.


8. Start the Command Prompt by typing “cmd.”


9. In the Command Prompt, type “java version.”

10. It will display the Java version currently installed on your PC. If it does not say 64-bit Server VM, it means Minecraft is still using the 32-bit version available on your PC.

11. For fixing this, remove the version you installed now and reinstall it(64-bit version) again.

12. Reopen Run on your desktop.


13. Now open the Control Panel.

control panel

14. Select Java(32-bit) and Uninstall it.

15. Also, Uninstall the 64-bit one.

16. After this, reinstall the 64-bit Java JRE. Finally, open Minecraft again and check for any changes.

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Solution 2. By Adding a New System Variable

One more solution to the problem of could not reserve enough space for object heap in Minecraft is adding a new system variable. You can try limiting any assigned memory to your Minecraft server to 512MB by adding a new system variable.

Follow the steps below,

  1. Firstly you need to create a system restore point before any further steps.
  2. Secondly, start Run on your desktop.


3. Now open the Control Panel.

4. Open Security tab, and then System tab.

security tab

5. View the advanced system settings.

advanced system settings

6. In the opened window, press the Environmental Variables.

7. Open the System Variables, and click on New.

system variables

8. Enter the desired Variable names and values.

variable names and values

9. Finally, press OK to exit.

Note- This process will automatically set the memory size limit to a max of 512MB and hence would fix your issue of could not reserve enough space error.

The Minecraft server error ends by installing the latest edition of Java JRE 64-bit. As the 32-bit edition works only above the memory front, installing a 64-bit edition of Java will eliminate all the limitations. However, if the error occurs after making these changes, try limiting the assigned memory to 512MB by adding a system variable.

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Solution 3. Try using another Minecraft server

One of the main reasons for using your own Minecraft server is “RAM.” If your PC does not have enough RAM, you may not run your server without system lags. Furthermore, using the Minecraft Server Hosting feature, you may increase or decrease your RAM according to your choice. But, before that, select a server plan matching your requirements.

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Your Minecraft server consumes a large amount of RAM for supporting all the players connected to run their software respectively. The number of players, plugin types, and mods installed will heavily affect the quantity of RAM needed by your server. The reason for players to choose the RAM is that they can perform much more with their server.

try using another minecraft server

Minecraft’s Server Hosting plans are as below:

1GB – This is the ideal plan for the general users(single person use).

2GB – This is a dream pack for the players who add additional plugins and mods to their server. (two or more people can also use this)

3GB – Additionally, players using this can install medium-sized mod packs and plugin packs of 20-25 mods.

4GB – using this, total mod packs can be increased to 35-40.

5-10GB – it supports more than 40 mods and plugins.

15GB EX Series – This is recommended for large communities of gamers and for players who use extreme mod packs or plenty of plugins.

Furthermore, the best feature of buying this is that you can Upgrade or Cancel your plan anytime by choosing their secured server hosting plans.

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Therefore, if you are playing a game, you have to keep every tiny piece of information about the game to avoid any further problems, like fixing the situation when an error occurs while playing the game. So these are the steps that you need to follow to fix the problem of not reserving enough space for object heap Minecraft. This game is fantastic, and you will enjoy playing this game. This game has become very popular now in many regions. Hopefully, now you can fix could not reserve enough space for object heap in Minecraft error. Tired of the Error “There Is Insufficient Memory Or Disk Space, Word Cannot Display The Requested Font”? Click here to know the fixes.

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