Funimation Not Working On Chrome [Troubleshoot Guide]

Let’s learn what to do. Funimation not working on Chrome. It is a video streaming service designed for anime cartoons with google chrome. Before we know how to fix the Funimation in Chrome.laptop

one has to be aware of Funimation and its reasons which causes this problem of not working in Chrome.

What Is Funimation?

Funimation is a video streaming service specially designed for anime cartoons with google chrome. The name itself suggests to the audience that it is related to anime which is famous worldwide. It is not easy to watch popular, old or new anime cartoons via every search engine. To make it easy, Funimation Global group LLC, an American-based company, came up with the idea to create a platform where an anime cartoon lover can watch them.funimation

To access your desktop or laptop, click on. A button is displayed which says add to desktop. Click on that button to confirm it. You will be able to access it in your Chrome.

Once a user starts using Funimation, one can encounter many issues like video streaming, lagging, missing icons, etc. 

Factors For Funimation Not Working On Chrome

  1. Poor Internet Connectivity
  2. Chrome version compatibility.
  3. Chrome chrome address bar
  4. Cache or browser history issues.
  5. OS version of laptop or desktop.
  6. Funimation plugin adaptability with browser.

Once we know about the plugin and its root causes, it is time to solve the Funimation not working on chrome issue. All anime lovers must learn these simple techniques. Once you are aware of these techniques, you can watch all your favorite cartoons.

Methods To Fix Funimation Not Working On Chrome 

Below mentioned are some factors of Funimation not working on Chrome and its fixes:

Method 1 Proper Internet Connection

This plugin requires good internet connectivity for non-stop playing of videos without any buffering or quality issues. The Internet service provider is the backbone for this service or plugin as it works on different web techniques or protocols. Poor internet might block the operation of the Funimation streaming service, which will lead to Funimation not working on Chrome.

check your connection

To ensure that the internet with Goodspeed is a must. There are different ways to connect your pc or laptop to the internet. One can connect their laptop or PC through a mobile hotspot or wifi. It is better to try a new network which has the best internet speed. To get the internet through a mobile hotspot to a pc or laptop, please refer to the below images.internet connection

NOTE: Chrome must be inactive when you are connecting to a new network. Reopen Chrome to check the speed of the new network. Follow this process till good connectivity is obtained.

Method 2 Chrome Version Compatibility

Before installing the Funimation plugin to Chrome, ensure that the version of Chrome is compatible. If not, update Chrome to the latest version and then add the plugin.


One can check the chrome version by clicking the three dots in the right corner of the bar menu. You can try to update the version by clicking on the update tab. Please look at the below images for reference. Restart Chrome to confirm whether it is compatible or not.

Method 3 Funimation Not Working On Chrome Try Disabling Chrome Extensions

As a user, one can add many extensions to Chrome depending on the usage. These extensions might sometimes stop the functioning of google chrome and result in Funimation not working on Chrome. To fix this issue, one should know how to disable the extensions. It is pretty simple and can be done in two steps:

  1. Click on the extension’s icon displayed on the right side near the URL bar. Click on manage extensions once the window is popped out.extensions
  2. Then select the extensions which you want to disable just by toggling the switch on/off button. One can disable all the extensions too.
    extensions disable
  3. To confirm that Funimation is working fine, reopen Chrome and run the website for a while.

Method 4 Clear Chrome Browsing History, Cache, And Cookies

One more way to fix the issue of Funimation not working on Chrome is to clear the history cache and cookies in your google chrome. By doing this, the functioning of google chrome gets better. Few website’s functionalities depend on the browsing history, cache of Chrome. Funimation is one of those websites which are dependent. It is relatively easy to clear the history or cache, or cookies in Chrome.


  1. Open the Chrome browser. Click on the three dots displayed on the right corner of the URL bar. 
  2. A menu is displayed. Select the history option or Click Ctrl+H. Also, choose cookies and cache options from the menu bar to clear.
  3. Click on clear browsing history. Would you mind selecting the period option from the dropdown and confirming it before you clear the history?clear your browser’s data
  4. Once you clear the history, please close the chrome browser. Reopen the browser to check whether Funimation is working fine or not.

Method 5 OS Version Compatibility

Ensure your PC or laptop is installed with the latest OS. Due to the growth in os compatibility

many operating software versions are released at regular intervals. The OS version compatibility can affect the functioning of Chrome sometimes. This can lead to the issue of Funimation not working on Chrome. It is better to have the latest version of OS compatible with the new version of Chrome or Funimation.

Method 6 Prefer Using Another Browser

Sometimes Funimation not working on Chrome due to various reasons. other browser

In such cases, it is better to use browsers like safari, Firefox, Microsoft edge to solve this issue.


By trying one of the abovementioned ways, the issue of Funimation not working on Chrome can be resolved. If still, you are unable to fix this issue, please feel free to seek professional help or advice. Still, if you face problems while playing videos on the Funimation website or plugin, drop a mail to [email protected]. The support team will solve the issue, and you can watch your favorite anime cartoons without any trouble.

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