8 Best Ways To Fix The Game Opening On The Wrong Monitor

Video gaming is a field that has evolved since it came into being. Today, professional gamers use large screens and multi-monitor setups to play a game with better graphics and user experience. While the experience of such an immersive gaming format is second to none. The complexity involved in projecting a game on a multi-monitor is such that gamers often face the problem of the game opening on the wrong monitor.

A multi-monitor setup entails the configuration of your system before you play a game, with one of the monitors being the main one. Due to various reasons involving your operating system, drivers or even a loose connection the game launches on the wrong monitor.

multi screen game

This article looks into the nuances of what causes such an issue and the solution. Don’t stop here! Continue reading to enjoy the best gaming experience on your multi-monitor setup!

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Reasons For Games Opening On The Wrong Monitor

There can be many reasons for this whereas some of the common ones are listed below:

  • Faulty configuration
  • Outdated Windows

application on wrong window

  • Faulty system drivers
  • The problem in detecting the second monitor

Solving The Problem Of Games Opening On The Wrong Monitor

Here, we’ll address your issue with games starting on the incorrect monitor.

Physical Inspection

It may not sound very technical. However, physical inspection is the first step in fixing the monitor problem.

  1. Fixing all loose connections (if any), such as plugs and wires. loose hdmi cable
  2. Place one HDMI cable end into the graphics card and the other on the monitor. Is HDMI missing on Windows? Click here to fix Your HDMI cable
  3. Look for the compatibility of the graphics card with both monitors.
  4. After finishing the physical inspection, go to the Display settings in your system and find “Multiple Displays.” multiple screen display
  5. Click detect and your system will detect the second monitor.
  6. After detection, you can assign both monitors their designated action.

System Update

Outdated systems are usually incompatible with multi-monitor setups and updating them to their latest versions is advisable.

  1. Through the system settings option, look for the “Updates and Security” tab.
  2. Windows recommends updating the system when a new update is available. Click on update and restart the system.
  3. Check monitor compatibility with the updated system.

update your system

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Driver Update

Along similar lines as that of system updates, updating system drivers is also required for proper functioning.

  1. After performing a system update, use the Device Manager option. Locate the hardware component required.
  2. Look for display adapters and monitors in the hardware component section. Click Here to connect your Hardware Device.
  3. Choose the driver update option and let the computer find drivers automatically.update drivers
  4. If you want better drivers, download authentic drivers from the manufacturer’s website. Use the browse driver option and update the drivers.

Windowed Mode    

A good remedy when a game opens on the wrong monitor in Windows 10 is the Windowed mode repair fixes for games that do not need a full screen. Launch the game via windowed mode and follow these steps:

  1. Launch the problematic application.
  2. Do not maximize or minimize the application and directly close it. After closing, check in the task manager if the application or any application component is still running in the background.windowed mode
  3. Restart the application and check the monitors.
  4. If the problem persists, close the application with the control key and launch it again.

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Disabling The Monitor

Game opening on the wrong monitor can happen if one of the monitors fails to function. Disabling the wrong monitor and restarting it can resolve the issue.

  1. Start the application and shut it down. Close all its components from the task manager.
  2. Navigate through the Display Settings and locate Multiple Displays.disabling the device
  3. In the Multiple Displays, find the wrong display. Disconnect the display and reboot your computer.
  4. In case of a failure, disconnect the display again and open the Device Manager. Open the hidden devices located in the view tab.
  5. Locate the Monitor category. Disable all monitors, barring the main one and choose the option “Disable device.”
  6. Reboot the computer.

Changing The Main Display To A Different Monitor

If games keep opening on the wrong monitor, then tweaking the display helps solve the multi-monitor problem.

  1. Launch the game and immediately shut it down.
  2. Shut down all game-related operations from the Task manager running in the background accordingly.
  3. From the system settings, choose the Display tab and find the Multiple Displays option.switching the display
  4. Select the required display and finish the process by clicking “Make this my main display.”

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Screen Switch

Switching screens is a good way to prevent Game opening on the wrong monitor. This is further enhanced by transferring the game to the monitor of choice.

  1. Launch the game.
  2. Using the key combinations of Windows + P, find Project settings and only select the Second Screen.
  3. Use the same key combinations and now choose “PC screen only.”switch screen display
  4. Close the game and relaunch.

Customizing Game Shortcut

As a last resort, you can customize the game shortcut for the game with a specific monitor.

game shortcut

  1. Using the Personalize menu available on the desktop, select the Taskbar option.
  2. From the taskbar, select the dropdown menu “Show Taskbar Buttons on.”

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Are these methods applicable for steam games as well?

Do not worry if your steam game opens on the wrong monitor. The remedies suggested above are devised for games in general and are extremely useful even for steam games starting on the wrong monitor.

What if my system fails to detect the monitor?

Through the System settings, locate the Display option and the detect button. Click on Detect and wait for Windows to detect the monitor. If, even after this, Windows fails to detect your monitor, then it is probably a driver issue.

Does Windows Operating System play a role in this problem?

Ideally, the multi-monitor issue can occur in any operating system. However, the older the Windows, the greater the chances of such an issue occurring due to incompatibility factors. Update your system to the latest version.

How do I ensure there is no lag on both monitors?

Ensure to check the refresh rate on both screens. The refresh rates could be the same or be divisible by each other. Example: 60Hz and 120Hz, respectively

What are the other applications that can solve this issue?

If you do not wish to be burdened with intensive technicalities, downloading applications such as the Repair tool can help solve your problem. Other applications include the Nvidia Control Panel, Ultra Mon, and MurGeeMon.


Professional gaming is highly taxing. Every player must strive to get the best user experience, and a multi-monitor setup is one such step in the right direction. Game opening on the wrong monitor can be very frustrating for a gamer and can significantly derail the gaming experience.

Any player suffering from game-opening on the wrong monitor can follow the simple procedures we mentioned to get the multi-monitor setup working. Such errors often occur because of an outdated system, operating system, or driver. Regularly checking updates and installing the latest system version will save you trouble troubleshooting every time the multi-monitor setup fails.

Hopefully, you have identified the exact problem plaguing your multi-monitor setup and are rectifying it through the steps given above!

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