HDMI Sound Not Working Error | 4 Easy Fixes 2023

The High-Definition Multimedia Interface, or HDMI, has revolutionized audio-video streaming by providing an interface that allows the transmission of uncompressed video and audio data.This Article describes about how to fix HDMI Sound Not Working error


In simpler words,HDMI means  this interface has made it possible for us to view content from small to big screens and vice-versa without any hindrance or reduction in quality! While technical maestros will find this definition very reductionist, it was only after HDMI’s introduction in 2002 that it became possible for us to stream high-definition content effortlessly. But as always, good things come with cons. A very common problem with the HDMI coming into the picture was the HDMI sound not working error. Another very common problem one can encounter while playing music or video on Windows is the 0xc00d36c4 Error, read more here to get solutions.

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4 Ways To Fix HDMI Sound Not Working Error

The invention of HDMI technology is one of the best things that has happened to humankind undoubtedly.


Still, you can see small technical issues like audio-video synchronization or the HDMI no sound frequently. But this is nothing that you cannot fix on your own. We are always here to help! In the article, we will explore different solutions to eliminate the ‘Sound not Working’ error in HDMI.

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HDMI Sound Not Working then Check your Connections

Before you stomp out and get irritated, make sure that your connections are perfect. Loose cables and not plugging them in properly can often lead to HDMI audio not working. Also, make sure that there are no hardware issues in your devices and that your HDMI cable is in good condition.

check your connection

You can hope that the problem is not an underlying issue in your electronic devices and rather change the HDMI cable since they are easily replaceable. If you tried the steps mentioned earlier and still face the HDMI sound not working error, check out the following tried and tested ways.

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Make HDMI The Default Playback Device 

If you hear no sound through HDMI, it can be because your defaults are not set properly. You can often see that it’s easy to toggle between audio output devices on Windows, many times the default output device is the device speaker, and many times there is no audio output installed. You need to put HDMI as your default playback device to automatically toggle the output device back to the speakers after the connection is removed.

To change the default playback device:

Open Run by pressing the Windows Key + R.

To open the audio device settings, type mmsys.cpl and search. Run mmsys

  1. Make sure that you are logged in through the Admin to make changes.
  2. Go to the Playback tab and select the HDMI device option (often the option that does not say ‘speaker’ and normally is named after the desktop itself) and enable the device.HDMI Sound Not Working
  3. Click again on the HDMI output device and select it as default. Apply changes.

Driver Updates

If your default playback device is HDMI and you still see sound not playing through HDMI, you should check if the audio drivers have been updated. Visit your computer manufacturer’s official website and download the drivers from there. (Note: It is always better to download drivers from the official websites since the programs are much more reliable).

Here, is a list of all Computer manufacturer support websites, feel free to go through it to find yours.

To update your drivers,

Open Run by pressing the Windows key + R.

Open device manager by typing devmgmt.msc and search.

Run devmgmt

  1. From the list, search for ‘sound, audio, and game controller.’ Right-click and select the audio device required and right-click on that as well. Choose the option update driver software.
  2. Make sure you are connect to the internet to get driver updates. update driver
  3. A window provided two options pop up and choose the one stating search automatically for updated driver software. If there are any updates available or required, the device manager then automatically downloads the same. search automatically
  4. To download the latest versions of the drivers, visit the official website of your device’s manufacturer.

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HDMI Sound Not Working then Check Your Graphics Driver

Use this solution if the HDMI Sound Not Working error occurs suddenly or if the HDMI functioned perfectly on the device anytime before. It can be possible that any updates to the Graphics driver might have interrupted the connection and so rolling back from the previous update might help if the HDMI worked perfectly earlier.

Open Run by pressing the Windows key + R.

Open device manager by typing devmgmt.msc and search.

HDMI Sound Not Working then Run devmgmt

  1. Go to the Display Adapters section, right-click on the required driver, and go to properties from the drop-down box. Display adapter properties
  2. Go to the Driver tab and select the option Roll Back Driver. Apply changes. roll back display driver

  Hope this solves your error but if not we have one more solution you can try. We have a great article on how to fix Showbox not working. Check it out!

HDMI Sound Not Working then Check All Audio Controllers 

Properly plugged in HDMI cable, no sound coming out still? Check if any of your audio controllers are disable, it might cause the device’s audio to malfunction and hinder output swapping. Enabling all audio controllers allows Windows OS to decide the audio output and its general behavior automatically.

Open Run by pressing the Windows key + R.

Open device manager by typing devmgmt.msc and search.

HDMI Sound Not Working then Run devmgmt

  1. Go to the View tab and check if the view hidden devices option has a tick mark against it.
  2. Then go to System Devices and select audio controllers, right-click and go to properties.
  3. Go to the driver and check if the Enable option is available. If so, that means that the audio driver had been disable. Go ahead and enable it. enable driver
  4. Apply changes and restart your PC to enable the driver.


These are a few solutions that can help you fix the HDMI Sound Not Working error. If none of these solutions work, we would suggest you reinstall the audio drivers from the product manufacturer’s official website. Also, check if the HDMI cable is working with other devices to locate the HDMI Sound Not Working error source. If the problem is with your device, it would be better to get it check at the service center.

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