An Easy Guide on How to Hide the Address Bar in Google Chrome

One of the highlights and features that Google chrome’s clients love is the moderate UI permitting maximum screen space to view web content. You can build your screen space further up to your discretion by setting auto-hide the address bar at the top corner of your Google Chrome window. Chrome also could lead to problems, where apps won’t be able to login. Refer to this article to know more about the problems and their fixing methods.

On the off chance that you are searching for ways to conceal or hide your address bar, this article may as well be of value to you.

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What Do We Know About The Address Bar in Google Chrome?

Well, we all use the address bar of the Google Chrome program to open a site’s URL. Google Chrome, then again, permits you to look through right from the URL bar or Website locater. Omnibox, or Chrome’s Omnibox, is a feature and/or component that consolidates search with the address bar.

google chrome address bar

Omnibox will give the accompanying choices when you type a catchphrase and/or a particular keyword in the address bar:

  1. To utilize a default search engine to track down different links in bookmarks, history, and, surprisingly, ongoing or recent downloads that incorporate the objective catchphrase,
  2. Employing a default search engine, investigate a significant catchphrase.

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How To Hide Address Bar On Chrome?

We are now moving on to the issue of our article.

You may be able to disguise rather conceal the address bar in Google Chrome by;

1. Pressing the F11 key

f11 key

2. or using the Zoom feature.

Be that as it may, these two techniques might conceivably conceal everything, including the tabs, Google menu, and content, which can likewise cause an inconvenience.

Anyhow, you need not be concerned. The other two choices for concluding “Chrome conceal address bar” are recorded here:

1. Add to desktop or create an alternate route, i.e., create a shortcut. 

2. The subsequent choice is to empower, i.e., enable Compact Navigation.

3. To see the bit-by-bit instructional tutorial, scroll down.

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Method 1: Add to Desktop or Create a Shortcut

Step 1:Launch your Google Chrome program on your PC or laptop and then move to the page whose address you need to stow away and/or conceal.

Step 2:Now, Click on the Google menu (three dots) accessible at the upper right corner of the window.

Step 3: working forward, click on More tools > Add to desktop. However, If the Add to desktop alternative is inaccessible, you can create a shortcut route.

hide address bar on chrome

Step 4:Then, at that point, tick the checkbox of ‘Open as window’ on the Add to desktop or Create shortcut window and afterward click Add or Create.

Step 5: Then, you can head back to your desktop, and you will be able to see another symbol or icon on it. 

Step 6:Select Open from the context or setting menu when you right-click on the symbol/ icon.

google chrome address bar

A new page should be opened and/ or accessed in the Google Chrome program, and you will not have the option to see the address bar.

Although, in any case, you can still see the address bar, you can tap on the Google menu and afterward select the option like “Open in… “, and the location bar will become imperceptible.

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Method 2: Enable Compact Navigation

On the other hand, you can utilize Compact Navigation to conceal the Chrome address bar.

Step 1: First and foremost, in the Chrome address bar, type about: banners and afterward hit Enter.

Stage 2: Now, scroll underneath the rundown until you see Compact Navigation. 

compact navigation

Stage 3: Then, enable Compact Navigation and allow Chrome to restart to get to the component, 

Stage 4: Once the Google Chrome restarts, right-click on one of the tabs and pick the Hide the toolbar afterward.

hide the tool bar

Later, when you have finished the four stages, the address bar should become invisible and be gone now.

To get to the address bar once more, click on the tab. In any case, notice that the address bar will auto-hide or conceal rapidly on the off chance that you don’t utilize it as soon as could be expected.

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Have you figured out how to conceal the Chrome address bar?

Hoping this article was suitable to help you with your issue. If you are aware of other ways of concealing the address bar in Chrome, kindly let us know in the comments and/or remarks section below. Certain issues in chrome can also cause several other problems like the application Twitch won’t load, or the google chrome shows a lot of ads, etc.

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