Microsoft makes continuous improvements to Windows. This changes made Windows 10 lot faster and stable. But as its a software, problems may arise and you need to boot into safe mode. Heres the guide on how to boot into safe mode in Windows 10/8/7. Actually, windows 8/7 has a dedicated key to go into safe mode. Simply by pressing the F8 key, you can go into safe mode. But Since Windows 10 boot time is a lot faster, you might get trouble and cant get a right timing for pressing F8 key. But Hey, don’t go anywhere, I will tell you the methods for how to boot in safe mode Windows 10 and then for Windows 8 & 7.

But why you need to boot into safe mode?

Sometimes Windows ran into trouble and you cant run it smoothly. This might be because some software won’t support fully,  didn’t installed correctly and now causing a trouble using windows.

Booting into safe mode, prevent usage of user installed apps and only shows the minimal system require files with minimal/simple UI. You can then, un-install the culprit and get reed of the issues.

Now that you know what’s the purpose of this article let’s get to the main point. 😛

How to boot in safe mode in windows 10

Note that this procedure is performed on Windows 10, however, you can follow this for windows 8 and 7 also.

There are many ways to boot in safe mode on windows 10. let’s check some of these…

These all methods include the first few steps same as booting into advanced boot options as the safe mode is one of the parts of the advanced boot menu.

1. Using the Shift key to boot in Safe Mode

A simple way to access safe mode is by booting your windows in advanced boot options by pressing the shift key while you click on restart button.

Step1: In the logged-out mode, press the power icon and then press the shift key and then click on the restart button.

Windows 10 advanced boot options

Step2: The following screen now shows on your screen. Here select TroubleShoot option.

Step3: Now on the next screen, select advanced options.

Step4: On next screen, the advanced boot options show on your screen, select on the startup settings option by navigating using the arrow keys.

Step5: Next screen shows you different types of options are now displayed on the screen. Click Restart to access these options.

Step6: Type the number corresponding to boot in safe mode option. functions key also do. Once you click on restart button, windows now restart in safe mode.

2. Boot into safe mode from settings

From settings, you can restart the PC to access advanced boot menu, and from there you can boot PC in safe mode.

Go to settings and click on Update & Security.

Windows 10 advanced boot options


Then from the left side menu, click on recovery menu.

Now press the Restart Button Under Advanced Start-Up option.

PC is now booted in advanced boot options, here select Troubleshoot -> Advanced options -> Startup Settings and select boot in safe mode.

3. How to boot in safe mode using msconfig

Another best way to boot in safe mode is to set the default option to safe mode, every time you boot up. This can be done using msconfig settings.

Press Windows + R button simultaneously to launch a run window.

Type msconfig and hit enter.

Now choose a boot tab and check on safe mode option. Make sure, it is set as minimal.

Click on Apply. Now every time you turn on PC, the safe mode gets booted until you turn this off.

4. Boot into safe mode using Windows recovery drive.

Using recovery drive is one way to boot into safe mode when your PC can’t boot normally and you can’t access any windows settings. For this, a recovery drive is needed to be created before the windows get into trouble. create it from below link.

After creating a repair drive, put it on and go into advanced boot menu to access it.

Once you go there, first choose the keyboard layout that you using. Then select Troubleshoot -> Advanced options -> Startup Settings and then select safe boot option.

5. How to Boot in safe mode using Windows Installation Disc

This method requires an Installation disc to get into the repair section. If you don’t have the disc you can borrow from someone, as you don’t need his key because we are not installing windows here.

Put up a disc and access it while booting.

select the language and click next.

Now select on Repair your computer from the next screen by clicking on it.

From next screen, select troubleshoot – > command prompt.

Windows 10 advanced boot options

A command prompt show on your screen, type following command there.

bcdedit /set {default} safeboot minimal

PC now restart and boot in safe mode once you close the command prompt and choose to continue option.

6. Boot windows in safe mode by interrupting boot forcefully

One of the best ways to boot in safe mode is to create a panic situation for windows and not letting it boot.

To do this, press your power button or reset button during when the screen appears that says “starting windows”.

You have to do this more than 3 times to get into advanced boot options and then you can access the safe mode option by going Troubleshoot -> Advanced options -> Startup Settings.

These all 6 ways on how to boot in safe mode work perfectly on Windows 8, while some options are not for windows 7. But hey, read below the quickest way to boot in safe mode for windows 7

[The Quickest Way] How to boot in safe mode windows 7

Getting into safe mode in windows 7 is a lot easier. Since Windows 7 have not a recovery feature, everytime of windows misbehaves, it asks you to boot in safe mode during the startup.

To create a panic situation for Windows 7, just press a power button of your laptop or pull out power cable of desktop PC.

The next time you turn on the PC, a black screen asking you whether to boot in safe mode or Start normally. Select the option by arrow keys and hit enter. That’s it.


Windows 10 is a lot faster, that F8 key method wot work simply. However, there are other ways to boot in safe mode. We have explained all these options with easier and visual ways. Then there’s a little section that tells you the quickest way to boot in safe mode for windows 7 also.

This guide is intended to solve a query of how to boot in recovery mode windows 10 and for Windows 8/7. If you got some queries regarding this, you can always comment below.

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