How To Clear App Data in Windows 10?

Are you finding ways how to clear app data in Windows 10? Refer to this step-wise guide and get it resolved at the earliest very easily.

AppData, short for Application Data, is a folder in all Windows Operating systems. Microsoft has come up with the AppData folder on Windows Vista, which is also visible on Windows 10.  In Windows 10, the AppData folder is a hidden folder whose location is C:\Users\<username>\AppData. It consists of custom settings and other information that PC system applications require for their operation. It includes application settings, files, and data unique to different computer applications, i.e., all the data specific to one’s Windows OS user profile. Tired of the error “LA Noire Won’t Launch On Windows 10”? Click here to fix it!

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For example, one might find application configuration files, web browser bookmarks and cache, and temporary files in the Windows 10 AppData folder, hidden by default. It has three hidden sub-folders:

  1. Local: It includes files tied to the current PC. The files with the user profile without breaking something need not shift.
  2. LocalLow: It is similar to the Local folder, but it contains “low integrity” applications that execute with more local Windows security settings, like temporary data of the browser.
  3. Roaming: It includes various critical application files or saved games that can roam around multiple devices with a user account.

The data of various email programs, such as Outlook or Thunderbird, computer games, and game clients’ clients’ saved files are all stored in this folder. Read this article which is about the different ways that you can use to access graphics hardware on your Mac.

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What Goes In The AppData Folder In Windows 10 And How To Clear App Data in Windows 10?

Depending on the configuration and customization features, a program installed on Windows 10 goes to the Program Files x86 folder or the Program Files folder. Completing the program installation, one requires to alter the settings, configure it, customize its interface, and do other things as per requirements. HP Laptop Screen Goes Black Randomly But Still Running is a common problem many HP laptop users face. Fix this before proceeding further.

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The computer’s hard disk, inside the AppData folder, also stores this data. This data contains program cache, app settings, temporary files, and configuration files.

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Windows Uses A Separate AppData Folder To Clear App Data

Instead of using the Program Files x86 or Program Files folder, utilize a separate AppData folder by Windows to store the application information, data, and files.

The advantages of this include:

  1. Easier to manage user data, especially if there are multiple accounts on the PC. Windows thereby create a separate AppData folder for each user, making it easier for each user to manage their settings.
  2. Apps and programs security: one user cannot access another user’s profile or folder because of a separate AppData folder, which makes the apps and programs secure. subfolders
  3. Prevent the system from suffering disordered data as every user will have a separate AppData folder and app settings.
  4. They remove the unnecessary access to the Program Files x86 or the program files. Only users with administrative rights can access the Program Files directory by Windows. The user can gain permission if the AppData is available in it. Are you facing the issue steam app is already running, but it isn’t? Click here.

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Finding The AppData Folder To Clear App Data

For finding ways of how to clear app data in Windows 10, one must first find the AppData folder. The AppData folder in Windows 10 is not visible. To see the folder, one must enable “show hidden files in the File Explorer or File Manager.” In a Windows PC, every user account has its AppData folder containing some contents. In this manner, Windows apps can store multiple sets of settings. Each user account has an AppData folder in the directory of that particular user. It is situated in C:\Users\<username>\AppData.

On opening this folder, three subfolders are visible – Local, LocalLow, and Roaming – each containing particular AppData folders. There are two ways the AppData folder can be viewed, by accessing it manually through the user’s folders or using the “AppData” variable name. Also, a lot of people have been experiencing File Explorer not working on their Windows 10 devices. This issue has been occurring for a few months now. Read this article to know How To Fix Windows 10 Update 0x80240023 Error.

To open the AppData folder on Windows 10, one must open File Explorer/Windows Explorer and type %AppData% in the address bar. One can navigate to the required folder (Roaming or Local) by pressing enter.

To access this folder manually, follow the following steps:

  1. To open File Explorer, press Windows logo key + E win e file explorer
  2. “This PC” present on the left pane to be clicked this pc clicked
  3. Local Disk (C:) to be double-clicked  local c drive clicked
  4. After scrolling down to users, select ‘i’.
  5. On the list of users, the user account profile to be clicked choose users
  6. On the list of contents, one can find AppData. By double-clicking it, one can access its contents in it. 

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What Happens On Deleting The AppData Folder?

The AppData folder is not visible for a reason. Most Windows users need not know about it. PC programs store their application data in this folder. By deleting this folder, all related settings and information of the programs and applications will get back to basic. For example, the browsers will erase the user profile data and locations, and the games will erase all the gaming data and settings.

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On the deletion of the AppData folder, there will be problems with installing applications on the computer. It may eventually wreck the laptop, and that is something no user wants to experience. Click here to learn how to fix the messages app Keeps crashing on android.

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Hence, in the AppData folder, you will find the bookmarks and profiles of different internet browsers, like Edge, Firefox, and Chrome.

Thus, one can keep data synced between devices or transfer data from one device to another using the same profile because the Windows apps use the AppData folder. Above all, I hope you learned how to clear app data in windows 10. If your app can’t run on your PC, read this article to solve it.

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