Solved: How to End All Tasks In Task Manager Within Minutes

Your system is slowing down, glitching, or actions not getting a proper response results from a lot of processes being run at once. Some might be visible to you, and some not. Closing down unnecessary programs using the task manager is the way to boost your computer speed. Learn here how to end all tasks in task manager.

There are ways you can end all the programs on your computer but doing it through Task manager is probably the easiest and safest. The article takes you through the steps you can follow for ‘how to end all background processes.’ In one line, select the programs and just click on the ‘end task’ button on the task manager window.

task manager


Task manager is an easier answer for how to stop all background processes in windows 10 because it provides you with clear information on which application or which background process is slowing down your computer by how much. So you can select the particular program and save your laptop from glitching.

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End All Background Processes In Task Manager

This article will take you through the smallest of the steps to end all tasks on task manager while keeping you aware of the consequences of closing a particular program. It is an easy process, but the following steps will guide you through variations, understandings, and an overall answer. 

Method 1

Let’s go through the general and simple first steps you would need to tackle the issue.

Open The Application 

As many fewer methods, a regularly used application has to open it, and as many more methods, the unseen task manager application has to appear before you. If you have never seen it anywhere before, the windows made sure the application is not short of its commands and you of your options. Here are a few ways. Choose one at your convenience to tackle how to end all tasks using task manager.

1. Search for it on the search icon.

2. Use the key commands: Ctrl + Shift + Esc

3. Ctrl + Alt + Del

4. Windows key + xSearch-task-manager

5. Right-click on the taskbar to find the task manager

The More Details Option

When you have found the taskbar, you will see a few opened applications showing up. But when you click on the ‘more details’ option, you move on to the advanced setting. Here you will see a list of applications and programs alongside some statistics under the process tab. This step is where you know how to end all tasks. Read this article to learn about how to stop avast browser opening on a startup.

  1. Scroll the list to find everything grouped under three files. A. Apps B. Background Process and C. Window Processes.
  2. Look at the statistics mentioned beside each app and program. It shows the contribution of the respective program in slowing down your device.process-tab
  3. Select the programs with higher numbers and either right-click and end task or click on ‘end task’ in the bottom right corner.end-task
  4. If you are worried about closing down the wrong program, don’t be. It is because the application gives you a warning and asks for confirmation or gives you an option by right-clicking to surf the net to understand the consequences.

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Method 2

The Single Application. The method, as mentioned above, was an answer to how to end all tasks using task manager but under the process tab. Below is another way.

Though this article is on how to end all tasks using task manager, this is a process to use task manager when a particular app is crashing. Go through the following steps to know-how:

  1. Open the Task Manager using one of the steps mentioned earlier.
  2. Under the process tab, look for the application needed with ‘.exe.’exe
  3. Right-click the application and end task, or simply select and click end task.
  4. Once that is done, go back and open the app. It should start.

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Method 3

Multiple selections. There may not be an option for how to end all processes in task manager at once on Windows 10, but you can select multiple programs and end them all at once in a tab other than the process tab. Here are a few steps to follow:

  1. Open the task manager.
  2. Now click on the performance tab instead of the default process tab
  3. You will see something called the open source monitor. Click on it.ORM
  4. There is a list of programs you can see beside checkboxes.
  5. Press Ctrl and click on the programs you want to dismiss.end-process
  6. Once you are done selecting, right-click and choose ‘end process.’

Method 4

Clean booting using task manager. One of the most commonly used yet effective solutions is. But this process requires a little help from the task manager to fix the problem. The steps below tell you how to:

  1. Search for the system configuration on the start icon.
  2. Open services to find the checkbox beside ‘Hide all Microsoft services.’Microsoft-services
  3. Disable all is the next option.
  4. Then open task manager and disable every item present on startup.startup-items
  5. Now restart the computer.

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Other Methods

Using task manager is an easier way to get rid of your slowing computer. But here are some other methods in case you might need them.

The Command Prompt

  1. Click on start and search for command prompt
  2. When you see the pitch-black page with little text, type this- taskkill /f /fi “status eq not responding.”command-prompt
  3. Then press enter.
  4. This will end the unresponsive programs.


  1. Search for PowerShell on the start.
  2. A blue screen will appear before you.Powershell
  3. Now type ‘Get-Process.’getprocess
  4. You’ll see a list of processes running. Then type Stop-Process -Name “ProcessName” -Force.
  5. This will end the process you want to.


What is the function of the Alt F4 Key on Windows?

The Alt F4 key can be used as a shortcut to close down the application you are using at the moment. At the same time, the Ctrl F4 key closes a particular window you are using on an application.

Is it safe to end programs on task manager?

There are hundreds of programs running without your knowledge, and you can view them on task manager. So when you want to end a task or a program, make sure to know the consequences. You can do that by right-clicking on the required program and surf the net for it. Then You will know if you want to end it or not. You will also receive a warning and a confirmation box when the task manager believes it to be necessary for the device. Also, know that ending a process unknowingly might cause your system to either crash or lock up.

Why is the disk at 100 on task manager?

It means that your disk is at 100% usage, and you may want to lessen it. You can do that by restarting the system, checking for any viruses, wiping the hard drive, or even by doing a clean booth.


Task manager is an easy use because it clearly shows you the data you need. Unlike other programs or apps, you can understand what it is showing so you can act upon it. It lets you know the statistics and the wrong move you are taking. 

This article tries to cover various ways you can use for how to end all tasks using task manager. Apart from task manager, the report also provides other methods to use if your task manager has crashed or simply because you might need them some other time. I hope you found it helpful.

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