C drive is the core of the Windows operating system where all the programs and system files are saved. You may get run out of space on C drive over a time if you have installed lots of programs on your computer. Well, in this situation you may want to increase the C drive space but to do it, you need to format C drive and that’s not possible. because of you format drive, you OS gets vanished, and you will need to install it again. however, there is a trick to extend C drive without formatting. This guide explains the same. You will know the easiest way on how to extend C drive without formatting and without losing any data.

How to Extend C drive without formatting

To extend a C drive you will need to shrink another drive first. Then you can add the available space in the C drive. We will see all this process one by one.

Note – You should have empty derive on your hard disk to extend C drive. Please move your drive right side of C drive and format it to make it available for a shrink.

  • Step1: At first, click on the Windows icon to open the Start menu.
  • Step2: type “format hard disk” and select option, Create and format hard disk partitions
  • Step3: Now, click on the Drive which is on the right side of C drive.
  • Step4: Right click and select “Shrink volume”.
  • Step5: You may see the “Queue volume…..” notification, wait for the process to complete.
  • Step6: Type the amount of space you want to increase the C drive in MB in the option Enter the amount of space to shrink the volume in MB
  • Step7: Now, click on Shrink button and wait for the process to complete.
  • Step8: The new unallocated space will be created on the right side of C drive.
  • Step9: Now, right-click on C drive and select extend volume.
  • Step10: Click on the extend button and C drive space will be increased.

Extend C drive process is now complete and now you can see your C drive space is increased.


How to extend C drive explains to you the procedure to increase the c drive space without formatting the hard disk and without losing any data. you just need an empty drive space on the right side of the C drive shown in disk management tool

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