How To Factory Reset Firestick With Computer

The most readily available is Amazon’s Firestick, which is cost-effective and allows you to watch various movies, web-series, play games, or listen to music all in one place. For setting up a Firestick, you need a one and a TV with an HDMI input slot. Now, just plug in the Firestick, and you will be good to go transform your standard TV into a Smart TV.

amazon fire stick

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Amazon Firestick offers many unique features as it has many apps linked to it. Most of the apps here are free, but some often charge for their service. It is a small device and can’t handle ample storage. Therefore, the more you use it, the slower it will become and increase the chances of malfunction. Due to this malfunction, there is a need to restore the system.

What Is A Fire Stick?

Fire Television Stick is a streaming video platform with an oversized USB flash drive, and it can plug directly into Television HDMI video input. It can turn any TV into a smart Television as it’s a full-featured streaming player.


It is crucial to know when to Factory reset your Firestick. Factory resetting will turn your device into default factory settings if you are having problems like these:

  1.  Lagging your system
  2.  Whole black screen
  3.  Freeze application
  4.  Repeated episodes of rebooting your Firestick Factory Reset on your PC 

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Factory Reset FireStick With Computer

The following steps need to be followed for Factory reset on your PC:

  1.  Plug the Amazon Firestick into your PC.plug the amazon firestick
  2.  Log in to your device. log in to firestick
  3.  You need to make sure that both PC and Amazon Firestick connect to the same wifi.
  4.  Press home on your Firestick Remote, using the right button, and navigate mirroring. home on your firestick remote
  5.  Now, the Amazon device enters the mode where it’s waiting for connection and then goes to your PC.
  6.  You will see a Notification area in the bottom right corner (if your using Windows 10), a Connect option will be seen
  7.  Click on Connect to MT’s Firestick ( Here, MT is the name of your prime account)click on connect to mt’s firestick
  8.  Your PC screen is duplicated on the Fire TV; you will also be able to switch into a different projection mode in the PC settings.
  9.  Your PC is connected to Firestick.firestick factory reset
  10.  Now, click the My Fire TV option and scroll down to find the Reset Factory Defaults option. firetv
  11. Click the Reset to Factory Defaults option and confirm it by selecting Reset in the dialogue box that appears. reset
  12. Your device is ready as default factory setting, set up again the way you did in the starting.


In this article, you got to know about FireStick and what errors occur in it. Follow the Steps given here properly to get rid of the problems and Factory Reset FireStick with the computer.


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