What is .tax file and How to open a .tax file in Windows 10?

Taxation has been the instrument of revenue collection for the government. The salaried, businessman and everyone who makes a sizeable income has to pay taxes. But the taxation process is very complex and challenging to understand for ordinary people. Pen and paper have been the traditional methods of taxation. But with the emergence of technology, the practices of conventional taxation have changed. There is multiple software that is available for taxation purpose. This software is not technologically up to date, but it also makes taxation easier for ordinary people. This article is all about how to open a .tax file.

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What is a .tax file?

The file extension of .tax is one of the file formats used to store the data of software. The TurboTax uses .tax file extension, a software under Intuit Inc. The software is used only used for filing and creation US-based tax returns. It can be used internationally across the globe. There is multiple version available for different platforms like Windows and Mac OS. It has applications for both state and federal returns of income tax. The final forms go through validation either via online medium or have to be posted. Chipsoft was the previous owner of the software. 

Recently, Intuit INC. brought it under its umbrella.

how to open a .tax file
how to open a .tax file

The methodology of the software is very simple. It is meant to be easy so that anyone can use it to fie the returns. There are mentioned FAQs too in the software to troubleshoot any problem. The software uses .tax as the file extension. The file extension has nomenclature like .tax04 or .tax2004 for easy identification. The file contains all the details of the tax returns in a properly structured way.

Essential things to keep in mind :

  1. Only special software can open it. They can be data files instead of documents or media, which we cannot view directly.
  2. It is only for U.S. Based Income Tax filing.
  3. We can make changes after generating the report, usually through software like turbo tax.

What is TurboTax Software?

TurboTax is a tax filing software for US-based income returns filing. It has a very user-friendly U.I. enabling users to file electronic returns of their taxes. It makes the taxation process very easy and understandable for ordinary people. Both individuals and businesses can employ it.

how to open a .tax file
how to open a .tax file

TurboTax can do free processing, and e-filing of non-commercial federal tax returns up to $28,500 gross income in the U.S. Every year, there is a set limit of the amount of tax that a different set of individuals or businesses processes. For those who make more than those limits but less than $100,000, TurboTax is free under the company’s Absolute Zero program for individuals who:

1. Do not own home or rental property

2.Made no sell in investments in the tax year

3. Do not come under Business owners.

4. Not incurring medical expenses

The software demands Annual updates for accuracy relevant to tax form revisions. It not only processes taxes but also the company offers a maximum return guarantee on paid versions and a guarantee of 100% accuracy of calculations for all versions. TurboTax is CRA-certified for NETFILE in Canada and partners with the IRS in the Free File Alliance to provide free e-file in the U.S. Audit defence is also available. Users can have the facility of experts defending their income.

How to open the .tax file in Windows 10?

You can open the .tax files on software like TurboTax. The following are the methods to know how to open a .tax file extension meant for taxation purposes.

  1. Download and Install TurboTax if not installed.
  2. Select the operating system as Windows for the purpose.
  3. After download, complete the information process with default settings.
  4. Run the TurboTax software after installation.
  5. Click on the File menu in the top left corner.
  6. Click on the open tax return from the sub-menu list.
  7. Go to the destination of the file.
  8. Click on the file with the .tax extension 
  9. Click on the open option mentioned in the window.
how to open a .tax file
how to open a .tax file

It is important to know only the correct user can open the files. If anyone else tries to open the file, it may be corrupt, and the original owner of the account will receive a notification. This is because it contains private information of taxation of individuals, which shall not be in the public domain. 


The users can face errors while accessing the .tax file, which can be due to several reasons. The company provides a forum where all the queries can be addressed along with the regular FAQ with the software, which is free to access. Specific software updates need updates with the latest taxation revisions for the returns to fill annually. I hope you have found this article helpful and have the solution to “How to open a .tax file”.

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