How To Set Default Font In Word | Step By Step Guide

How often have you encountered Calibri and Times New Roman in Microsoft Word documents? Most users do not go beyond their default format when writing Word documents. This is a shame since an array of fonts will fit the document’s style. This article will explore your questions on how to set default font in word. Similar to this error, you could also come across errors where your Windows menu is not starting and some more errors like these. 


Changing the font regularly can be quite a hassle if you own an existing font you frequently use. This lets you use the same font for each new Microsoft Word document you create. This is what you’ll need to do to alter the default font in Word.

We have forgotten to acknowledge that the Microsoft Word should open and respond properly to change the default font. Hence fix the error- Microsoft Word Doesn’t Respond, then change the default font.

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What Are The Different Fonts?

The fonts that make up the font families. Fonts are the complete set of characters—that is, letters, numbers, and symbols or icons—within a typeface, which is the design of the characters. For instance, Arial is the typeface; Arial Bold, Italic Narrow, (Wide), Black, and so on.MS Word needs specific permissions to access and edit the fonts required by Microsoft products. If these permissions are not provided, it may lead to operating problems.


Each typeface falls into one of five classifications:

  • Serif (Times Roman, Bookman Old Style, Cambria, Garamond, etc.)
  • Arial, Helvetica, Humanistic, Calibri, and other fonts)
  • Script (Calligraphy styles, Black Letter styles, Zapf Chancery, English Adagio, etc.)
  • decorative typeface.
  • Icon/Symbol, which are images sized to be measured in points (1/72 inches), pixels, and millimeters (such as Wing Dings, Bullets, Ornaments, Christmas Fonts, etc.).
  • The sixth category (handwriting) has emerged since the creation of font design software. The typefaces listed can be classified into earlier classifications, so long as they’re “handwritten.”

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Modifying The Default Font Of Microsoft Word

You must first open the Word document and the font dialogue box to alter your default font. There are two ways to accomplish this.

How Do You Change The Default Word Font?

Sometimes, due to some error in the Windows, your mail also might not open up, which could also give rise to these issues. Just follow the below written steps to change the default word font easily:

  1. To begin, open the document, right-click inside the body of your text, then click on the Font
  2. You can also click the Font Dialog window launcher. To do that, choose your home tab from the menu bar, and then click the small arrow on the right-hand side of the bottom of the Font section.word font
  3. After the dialogue box opens, you can select the font you would like to choose. Along with altering the font’s appearance, you can also change the font’s style, size, as well as the color that your font appears.dialogue
  4. After you’ve completed your edits, Once you’ve done that, select the Set as default button. This will change your chosen font as the default font in subsequent documents. Click on all documents that are based on these normal templates.
  5. Select “OK” to confirm your selection. Once you’ve verified your choice, the font will appear as the new document’s newly created default font.

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Editing or Deleting the Word Template File

If you have tried changing your default Word font and it doesn’t work, it’s possible that you aren’t authorized to modify this normal. dotm template file. It’s the format Word utilizes to make new Word documents with the standard formatting preferences.

This file is restrictable in certain work settings to protect your personal information. You may need to gain access to edit or delete the document. By deleting the template file, you will reset the standard Word format settings if you want to change them.

How Do You Delete The Word Template File?

Follow these steps to delete the word template file.

  1. Shut down all open Word documents and begin to work.
  2. Start an entirely brand new File Explorer window and type Normal. dotm into the search + e
  3. Give the time needed for Windows to find the file. To permit adjustments to be made to the Word templates, click on the normal file and then press properties.
  4. Within the normal properties window, ensure that you select the general tab and check it. Please uncheck the Read-only checkbox under the attributes section to allow modifications in the data file.
  5. Click Save to save your settings.

It is now possible to modify the standard Word setting for formatting. If you’re not able to alter these settings, ask your IT administrator to gain access

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How Do You Reset Your Word Template File?

You can remove your Word template document if you wish to restore it completely. This will cause Word to create its Normal.dotm template document using its default settings, including the default font option.

  1. To restore the Word templates, open a new File Explorer + e
  2. Use the search bar on the upper-right corner to find your Normal. dotm file.
  3. Once Windows detects the file, right-click on it and choose the delete option to eliminate it.

Once the file is removed, open Microsoft Word again to regenerate the template and then restore the default settings.

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Also, there can be several issues like the windows 10 menu does not startupwindows is showing some errorwindows does not start up correctly, or fails to connect to a windows service. All these can easily be solved.

In this article, I have provided information regarding how to set the default font in Microsoft Word. I have also talked about resetting and removing the Word template files. This is the news. Hoping that you have learned how to set default font in word.

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