How To Wake Someone Up Through Text iPhone? 3 Different Ways

Imagine needing to wake someone up, but you’re miles away. Your only tool? Their iPhone is notorious for its silence in the face of urgent texts and calls. 

Craft a message with urgency or humor and send it during their light sleep phases. Use creative emojis or make multiple attempts to increase the chances of waking them up.

This guide reveals how to pierce through that silence, ensuring your message doesn’t just buzz in the void but wakes them up.

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How To Wake Someone Up Through Text On iPhone?

How to wake someone up through text iPhone? Here are the different ways to wake someone up through text on an iPhone.

  • Understanding Sleep Patterns: First, consider whether the person you’re trying to wake is a light or heavy sleeper. Light sleepers might wake up with a text. Heavy sleepers probably need a call.
  • Sending Texts: For light sleepers, send something that grabs attention. Use emojis or a funny message to make them smile as they wake.
  • Making Calls: For heavy sleepers, a call might be necessary. Try calling more than once if they don’t pick up the first time.

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How To Overcome Silent Mode And Do Not Disturb (DND)?

Here is how to overcome silent mode and DND on iPhone:

  • Set An Exception In Dnd On iPhone: The person you’re waking needs to open Settings > Do Not Disturb. They tap Allow Calls From and choose Favorites. They add your number to Favorites in the Phone app.
  • Using The Find My iPhone Feature: Go to the Find My app on your device. Select the person’s iPhone from the list of devices. Tap Play Sound to make their iPhone emit a noise.
  • Emergency SOS Feature: Use this method only in real emergencies. Triggering Emergency SOS sends a loud alarm to the phone. It should be used responsibly and only when necessary.

Waking someone up through their iPhone, whether a light or heavy sleeper, can be done with a mix of strategy and understanding of the iPhone’s features. From setting up exceptions in DND to utilizing the Find My iPhone feature, these methods ensure your attempts don’t go unnoticed. Remember, the Emergency SOS feature is a last resort and should be used cautiously.

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What Are The Advanced Methods And Third-Party Solutions?

When the standard wake-up call or text doesn’t cut it, it’s time to get creative with advanced methods and third-party solutions.

  • Third-Party Apps For Alarms: Apps like Galarm and Alarmy take waking someone up to the next level. With Galarm, you can set an alarm for someone else’s phone, making it a perfect tool for ensuring they’re up on time. Alarmy requires users to complete small tasks to turn off the alarm, ensuring they’re awake.
  • Creative Messaging Strategies: Consider the power of a well-crafted text message. A joke or a funny meme could do the trick for the humor-lover. If urgency is critical, crafting a message that implies immediate action (“Your favorite breakfast place is giving away free coffee in the next 30 minutes!”) can jolt someone awake. Hence, the key is knowing what resonates with the receiver.

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How can I bypass Do Not Disturb to wake someone up?

Set your number as an exception in the recipient's DND settings or use the Find My app to play a sound on their iPhone.

What third-party alarm apps allow me to set an alarm on someone else's phone?

Galarm and Alarmy are popular apps that enable remote alarm setup to wake someone up effectively.

Can I send a text that will wake up a heavy sleeper?

Use creative messaging with urgency or humor, and consider multiple texts or calls for heavy sleeper wake-up strategies.

Is there a way to ensure my call wakes someone up even in silent mode?

Adding your number to Favorites and enabling Allow Calls From Favorites in DND settings can bypass silent mode.

How does the Emergency SOS feature work for waking someone up?

Emergency SOS sends a loud noise and vibration, but it should only be used in real emergencies due to its emergency SOS nature.


Waking someone up from afar can be challenging, especially with the myriad of silent modes and do-not-disturb settings. However, with a strategic approach using the iPhone’s built-in features, third-party alarm apps, and some creativity in your messaging, you can ensure your loved ones wake up on time. 

Whether through a humorous text that brings a smile to their face first thing in the morning or an alarm that requires them to get moving, the goal is to blend effectiveness with thoughtfulness. Remember, the best method suits the individual’s habits and preferences, ensuring they start their day right.

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