FIX : HP Laptop Screen Goes Black Randomly But Still Running

Your hp laptop screen goes black randomly problem can be the cause of various problems. Like, it can be a simple problem if your HP laptop has low light settings, outdated drivers, or BIOS. Other than that, perhaps a major problem like your monitoring has damaged any hardware problem. In that case, you may need to step down.

The basic solution to HP laptop screen goes black randomly :


Check Charger Remove the charge and turn on the laptop: If it turns On, it’s good; otherwise, try any other charger until you are satisfied that there is any other problem.

Check Battery Remove the Charger and battery (If it’s easily possible) and try again with the only Charger, not battery inserted if it turns on. Then it’s good; otherwise, try with another battery. 

Check Overcharged Remove battery Charger and all cables(If any) like- wifi, mouse, keyboard, press and Power Key for 1 min and then connect the only Charger, try again to turn on the laptop if it does then it’s alright. 

Check RAM Remove the Charger and everything as done in the 3rd step, turn off the laptop, flip over it, open its back cover, open the RAM, and rub it with soft clothes or brush, insert it again as same as before. Try to do with all RAMs if possible. 


Check Ribbon Bend the laptop gradually: If it bends easily in a normal way, then it’s fine. However, if it shows some light or color or line, then there is a problem with the ribbon; try to contact any hardware shop/engineer/Manufacturer. 

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How To Solve The Problem HP Laptop Screen Goes Black Randomly?

Here are some of the solution that could fix your problem.

Method 1 Performing A Hard Reset

Perform a hard reset on your system because sometimes a hard reset can solve many problems that create black screen issues. If your HP laptop black screen has a cursor and you don’t know how to reset the HP laptop, kindly follow the reset instructions

  1. Turn off your HP laptop.turn off laptop
  2. Remove the port replicator from the computer.
  3. All external devices such as printers, external monitoring, and USB cache disconnection.
  4. If the computer has an AC adapter, disconnect it.disconnect ac adapter
  5. From the laptop battery space, remove the battery.
  6. The HP laptop screen is dark but still functional. After unplugging the battery and connecting the AC adapter, press the power button for 15 minutes and hold it until it helps drain the remaining electrical energy from the capacitor.laptop cable
  7. Connect the AC adapter and plug the battery into your laptop again. However, it would help if you did not connect to any other external device.
  8. Turn on your laptop by the power button.
  9. Selecting Start windows normally, press the arrow keys when you open the start menu. Then press Enter.

Method 2 HP Laptop Screen Goes Black Randomly Then Reconnect all disconnected devices.

Your HP laptop has been successfully reset. Update your windows and update all your drivers from HP help to keep your system up to date after the reset.reset

After performing a hard reset, if your problem of the hp laptop screen goes black randomly persists, go to the next solution.

Method 3 Check The Display By Connecting An External Monitor

The hp laptop screen goes black randomly may be darker if there is a problem with the backlight of the LED display. To make sure your display is correct-

Connect an external monitor and restart your laptop.connect external monitor

If there is a problem checking the external monitor, press the F4 key and hold it until the screen appears.

If you are displaying an image on an external monitor, it may be a problem with your graphics driver colliding with the laptop display.

With an externally connected monitor, download the chipset driver and the latest drawings from HP Customer Support and install them. If you find the latest BIOS version there, download and install it too.


After updating the image, the chipset driver, and the BIOS, the display remains dark; it may be an LCD deviation. You need to send your laptop to the service. This is an easy getaway to Connect external monitor issue.

If you feel you are doing well, you will need to take the next step in solving the problem. What to do when Driver WUDFRd Failed To Load error shows? Click Here.

Method 4 HP Laptop Screen Goes Black Randomly Then Get The HP Laptop BIOS

The problem to Connect external monitor, when you upgrade the BIOS to an HP portable computer, an earlier copy of the BIOS version is stored in the hard drive’s HP_TOOLS partition. Many HP laptops come with an emergency BIOS function to help you regain the latest BIOS version that comes out of your laptop hard drive as the hard drive works well. Follow the step when HP laptop screen black screen.

  1. Close the laptop.
  2. Use a power adapter to connect the laptop to a power supply.usb port
  3. Press and hold the “B” and “windows” keys together while you are away from the laptop.
  4. With the “B” key and the windows key, press and hold the power button on the laptop for one second. After that, let go completely.
    get the hp laptop bios
  5. The laptop screen will remain dark for 40 seconds. The BIOS updates your screen display and automatically starts the update.

Method 5 HP Laptop Screen Goes Black Randomly Use LED Lamp

The LED light indicates a different type of error mode. If you hear one of the two explosions before starting the laptop, the BIOS starts normally. If your laptop has major hardware problems, it may sound, but it will not start.led lamp

The HP laptop screen is still dark but still working, follow the guide above to help you find the problem and solve the problem successfully. Then, restore your regular laptop and use it again. 

Method 6 Reseating The Memory Modules

If somehow memory modules lose, it might create a similar problem like the screen goes black or blank. We can resolve this problem by removing the AC adapter and memory module and reseating at its usual place, then reconnecting the AC adapter. reseating the memory modules

Turn off the laptop, and then disconnect the power source and every other external component. Before starting this procedure, touch any earthed metal lose static electricity.

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The above-mentioned steps are a probable solution to HP laptop screen goes black randomly issue. So follow the steps to cure this issue. And furthermore leave us your feedback so that we can improvise.

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