Hulu Error Code 2 | Easy Fixes

While streaming your favorite movies, TV series, or live television from the Hulu app, you may sometimes encounter the Hulu error code 2(998). This error is caused when the app or web player experiences a sudden failure in its operation. If your video content suddenly stops streaming in the Hulu web player or the Hulu app, then it appears that you are stuck with the Hulu error code 2(998). This article will examine some of the best options to help fix this Hulu error code 2(998).

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What Is Hulu Error Code 2(998)?

The Hulu error code 2(998) must probably go on its own as it is a temporary error. However, if it is not fixed or in some hurry, you may need to follow and apply a few fixes. These solutions may be helpful and practical in resolving the error you face. Likewise, if your Hulu app is not working, then you may apply the same fixes mentioned below to solve the issue you are facing.  

hulu error code 2(998)

There are many reasons for the error on your device, and the below-mentioned are some of them.  

  1. There might be some server issue on Hulu. 
  2. Your app version may have been outdated.
  3. There might be some issue with internet speed. 
  4. Device-related issues can also be one reason. 

After you have pointed out the exact cause for the error that occurred, the immediate step could be to apply these fixes based on the precise reason that might have caused the error.

Website: Hulu

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Cause Of The Hulu Error Law 2 (-998)

After probing the issue in detail, we concluded that the following must be the most important triggers behind the error.

  1.     Outdated App – It’s possible that the Hulu operation has been outdated on your mobile/ computer, and due to this, the error communication is getting started. Thus, we suggest that you try to modernize it as we’ve mentioned in the way below.
  2.     Spoiled Cache – Occasionally, the cache on your device might have gotten wrong, and this might be causing the Hulu error law 2 (-998) on it. Thus, we suggest that you try to clear out this corrupted cache as mentioned in the way below and check to see if the issue is resolved.cause
  3.     Cybersurfer Issue – If the cybersurfer you’re using isn’t suitable to duly load the sluice for any reason, it might spawn this error. Thus, changing a cyber surfer might be an excellent way to troubleshoot the issue.

We can eventually start enforcing the results now that we’ve taken you through some of the most pivotal reasons behind its circumstance.

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Ways To Fix Connection Error For Hulu Error Code 2(998)

Some of the courses are

Force Shut The Hulu App

The first way to resolve the error is by force shutting the Hulu app. It can be one of the best options that might be practical enough to fix your issue right away. But, of course, this option to force close your Hulu app is dependent on the operating system and device that you may be using. 

To force close your app, you may follow the below steps:

  1. Press hold the Hulu app icon on your home screen and click on app info. 
  2. There will be a force stop option available on the right side of your screen. force stop option
  3. Click the icon and force stop the app.  

The steps in both Android and iOS are similar to these. 

Check If There Are Any Pending Updates

It may sometimes happen that it skipped from your mind to update your Hulu app, which might be a case with this error. It’s worthwhile to check to the same here. One of the reasons your Hulu app is throwing errors such as Hulu error code 2(998) is that it has become outdated and needs an update.

check for the pending updates

If you have a pending update, make sure you update it immediately. You may directly sweep onto your relevant app store to check for the pending updates. This may solve your error relatively quickly. 

Update Your Streaming Device

Make sure that the device you are streaming on is up to date, as this might also be one of the causes of the error. Hence, you can fix this issue by checking your device and updating it if required.

update your streaming device

This option might help you to correct the problem. 

Perform A Power Cycle

If you are looking for a simple yet effective fix for your error, then applying a power cycle can be one of them. Firstly, you can begin with power cycling your streaming device. After that, you need to turn off your device and then wait for about 30 seconds before you can again switch it back on. 

perform a power cycle

Moreover, you can also apply the power cycling method to your modem and router. This solution can prove to be one of the best options to resolve the error with utmost ease and get your system back into its original position. 

Clear The Cache And Cookies

This solution can be another great option to help you get rid of this Hulu error code 2(998). Cache files created by your device to speed up the app performance may sometimes cause glitches and errors. Hence, clearing the cache and cookies on your device may solve this error. You may also check the error by clearing your browsing history.

clear your cache

If you are using a device browser, you may remove the cache by going through the browser’s setting, and if using the Hulu app, you may go to the app info and then clear your cache. 

The System Should Meet The Hulu System Requirements

You should also make sure of one thing that your device should meet all the Hulu system requirements.

hulu system requirements

First, check the minimum system requirements of Hulu and then checklist all the essentials that your device meets. 

Uninstall And Then Reinstall The Hulu App

If the steps mentioned above still don’t work for you, you may try uninstalling your Hulu app. You may reinstall it after uninstallation. This option would be one of the excellent options to achieve a better solution. It is not that of a difficult task to uninstall your app.


This fix may provide you with one of the excellent options in fixing the Hulu error code 2(998). 

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This article sums up all the ways you may follow to achieve a solution for the Hulu error code 2(998). I hope you find this article beneficial, and these fixes will help you stream seamlessly on the Hulu app.  

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