Hulu Keeps Logging Me Out! How To Fix?

The most exciting part of one’s routine is to sit and chill out while watching your favorite shows on Hulu. But with it also comes the most annoying thing: the issues while logging into your account. Hulu keeps logging me out is one of the major and common issues customers face, which may happen without warning or error message.


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There could be various reasons behind this issue arise, and this article would take you through the most common and obvious causes and their solution that you may try to resolve the issue.

Problem: Cache Buildup

 Solution: The cache buildup can create conflict when you log into Hulu. Delete these Cache and cooking. For different browsers, there are various methods to clear the cache buildup.

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For Chrome (Windows and Mac)

  1. In the top right click More
  2. Then click More Tools
  3. Click Clear browsing historyclear browser cache (fix hulu keeps logging me out)
  4. Tick the boxes for Cookies and other site data  and files

For Firefox

Below are instructions given for Mac and Windows.

Mac and Windows:

  1. Go to the History menu
  2. Click  Clear Recent History
  3. Click  Everything for the time range.clear firefox cache (fix hulu keeps logging me out)
  4. Mark off the box for Cache (it’s ok to leave everything else unchecked)   
  5. To confirm, click Clear Now
  6. Refresh Firefox

Problem: Browser

Solution: Sometimes, the browser can be the root of your issue. In solution, you can switch to another browser.

switch to different browser

Before logging into a new browser, make sure you have logged out of your account from the previous browser. If it works, you can uninstall your last browser and install it again or update it.

Problem: Playing Videos in High Quality

Solution: Viewing videos at a high resolution can lead your app or site to crash as it raises high processing requests on your devices.

change video resolutions (fix hulu keeps logging me out)

So you can make your video quality lower. Flutter over the gear icon at the bottom of the video player to lower the resolution.

Problem: Running Intensive Bandwidth Usage Apps

Solution: If you are using apps or sites that have intensive bandwidth usage and share your internet connection, it can lead to failure (logging out of Hulu). So first, pause all such intensive usage applications and then retry logging into your Hulu account.

intensive bandwidth usage apps (fix hulu keeps logging me out)

To know the amount of bandwidth utilization by specific applications, you can go to the task manager and get the info there and look out for those specific ones and fix them.

Problem: Internet Issue

Solution: It is necessary to have a stable internet connection while using Hulu and stream videos. Minimum 3 Mbps speed is recommended for watching videos on Hulu, and if you are streaming live videos, then 8 Mbps is recommended.

5mbps speed

Hence, if you do not have internet speed rates, it may log out of your account. The reason behind this is that the Hulu servers are constantly verifying your credentials, and thus a slow internet causes loss in contact with the servers and log out your account.

Problem: Change In Router Settings

Solution: Sometimes, a small change or bug in the grounds of the Router can cause it to slow down effectively. In this case, try to reset the Router.

reboot your router

Switch off the Router and let it remain in the same state for some period, then switch on the Router and observe if the performance has enhanced.

Problem: Excess Devices Being Logged In

Solution: Going through the following steps would resolve this particular issue when you have many devices logged into your Hulu account:

  1. Go to the Hulu app or the website
  2. Now, Go to “Your Account” and then click “manage devices.”remove excess accounts from hulu
  3. Go through the list and remove all devices
  4. Refresh the app/website and log in to your account again

Problem: Social Media Accounts

Solution: The social media accounts such as Facebook are linked to your Hulu account. If you are logging into another Hulu account that is not linked to your social media accounts, it may cause the logging out of the account you are trying to use.

login hulu (fix hulu keeps logging me out)

Try to log out from all your social media accounts on the browser till the issue is fixed.


In this article, we got to know about Hulu and Hulu Keeps Logging Me Out! How To Fix? Listed above are the causes and solutions to the problem.

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