All You Need To Know About Language Accessory Pack For Office

In this age of technology-dependent lifestyle, keeping your software up to date with brand new features takes the top priority. Quality software that is next to nothing short of brilliance is essential to success. Subsequently, the Language Accessory Pack provided by Microsoft is one of the most powerful tools to enhance Microsoft Office. Office, as known, is a collection of applications created to assist with prolificity and for undertaking regular tasks effortlessly. The Language Accessory Pack includes features that append proofing tools, additional help, etc. Click here to check out if your Netflix is freezing.

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Language Accessory Pack

The language pack enhances a user’s experience exponentially since they would be able to work in an environment that sustains the language they are most comfortable with. Consequently, the user can work with full potential, bringing out the best of their abilities, and enabling them to perform at their peak. Accessibility provided with the newer versions also supports efficiency and productivity. Important things to note carefully:

language accessory pack

  • If some partially localize Language Accessory Pack exists, then a few Office segments will be shown in the same language as your Microsoft Office version.
  • In a scenario where there is a language that has been listed only a single time. Then, in that case, the pack would comprise tools for every region/country where that language is helpful.
  • In case Office was installed by your institution, it is good to get correspondence from the IT Department to assist in installing any pack. 
  • The proofing section displays “Installed” when the Language Accessory Pack consists of the proofing tools for a particular language. 

It is advisable to keep these 4 points in mind lest a user encounters some error/undesired output on the screen. Therefore, we can resolve those issues efficiently on our own since you are aware of these points.

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Steps To Install The Language Accessory Pack

Installing the newer versions is very easy, simple, and time-efficient. The Language Accessory Pack download is free; they are readily available, and anyone can download them. Carefully follow the steps below:

Download The Language Accessory Pack

We will start by downloading the Language Pack. Before we download, it is necessary to know the version of Microsoft Office in use as it describes the architecture on which it is running. If the performance is known, we can download the correct Language Accessory Pack easily, and hence you can access all the latest features it provides. Since they are free to download, there is no economic pressure to undertake. They come in 2 versions, 32-bit and 64-bit Office Architectures. You must first pick the Office edition you are using before choosing the desired language from the drop-down menu. To know the Office version, follow the steps below:

  1. Open any Office application. We will take Microsoft Word as our example. We will select Microsoft Word from the Microsoft Office 365 application.
  2. Go to account → then About Word.account
  3. The description conveys the version details. Go through the details carefully to understand the version and keep in mind the architecture mentioned there.

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Now, to download the Language Accessory Pack for the Office, go through these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Language Pack Website.language accessory pack
  2. Then, from the available download links (32-bit or 64-bit architecture), select the appropriate architecture suitable for your version of Microsoft Office.
  3. After downloading the comprehensive language pack of the most appropriate size, double-click to install the pack on your system.

Download: Language Pack

Configuration Of Language

After installation, we must determine which language we require or want to use. To be able to avail that language, we need first to configure it in a very concise fashion. Follow these easy steps :

  1. Open any Microsoft Office application of your choice. We will be taking the example of Microsoft Word from the Microsoft Office 365 application.word
  2. Go to “file” first. Then you will go to “options.” Finally, select “Language.”language
  3.  Browse below “Choose Editing Languages.” Ensure you see the language you want to add below the list. Click on the desired language.  
  4. Go to “Choose Displays and Help Languages.” Under that sub-segment, the default display is alterable. The user can switch the help languages of every single Office Application.display language

Let us choose Turkish as an example. We will select Turkish from the drop-down menu. 

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Restarting Office

Follow these steps to restart MS Office.

  1. Restart all the Microsoft Office Products. Thus we will restart Microsoft 365 to have the changes reflected on the applications. If we try to see the changes without restarting, a pop-up dialog will appear instructing the user to restart all the Microsoft products. The user would be unable to use the application unless they office
  2. Default Language changes using the “Set Office Language Preference” pop-up dialog box. We have already set it in Turkish, as we have seen before. After restarting all the Microsoft applications, we can see that now the application is running in the Turkish language.

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Adding the newer versions of the Language Accessory Pack to Microsoft office applications collection is easy, free, simple, and effective. Take 5 minutes out of your busy schedule to install the desired language pack. Suppose someone still faces an issue installing the packs. In that case, they are thus advised to consult assistance from a professional at their organization, as mentioned in the starting, or just technical support who would be able to assist.

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