How To Fix The Logitech Gaming Software Not Opening

Gaming peripherals such as Logitech mouse, keyboards, headsets, speakers, and wheels may all be controlled and customised with Logitech Gaming Software. Users on Windows are reporting that Logitech Gaming Software won’t launch at all. Because there aren’t any other people that have encountered this issue before, finding solutions would be significantly more difficult. There are several ways to remedy this issue, therefore we’ve compiled them all into a single post for your convenience. What’s causing Logitech Gaming Software to not open on Windows?

Reasons For Logitech Gaming Software Not Opening

There aren’t many specific reasons for it to occur to remedy this issue, and the most common changes may be implemented in most projects. To help you narrow down your search, we’ve compiled a brief list of potential reasons.

logitech gaming software
logitech gaming software

The Logitech Process Is Running: If Windows starts up with Logitech Gaming Software, the process that started up may trick Windows into believing the software is open when it isn’t. Ending the Logitech job and stopping it from starting up is all that is needed to remedy this issue.

Windows Firewall Blocks Logitech Gaming Software: A problem with your firewall may prohibit LGS from establishing an internet connection when it is first started. Make sure to add it to the Windows Defender Firewall exclusion list.

Software Lacking Admin Rights: Ensure that the LCore.exe programme has the necessary rights to execute since Logitech may need them to function.

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Hence, there are some methods to solve these problems.

Method 1: End Logitech Process In The Task Manager

When the Logitech process is running in Task Manager, several customers were able to address the issue by stopping it in Task Manager and deactivating it from startup. This is because Logitech Gaming Software starts up with Windows and fools Windows into believing it’s open when it isn’t. Here are the instructions!

  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del and pick Task Manager from the popup blue screen that appears with various choices. Start menu search is another option.
  2. Expand Task Manager by clicking on More information in the lower-left corner of the window. It should be in the Apps or Background Processes section of the menu. You may end the job by clicking on it and selecting the End task option in the bottom right corner of the window.
    end logitech in task manager (fix logitech gaming software not opening)
    end logitech in task manager (fix logitech gaming software not opening)
  3. Take a look and check whether the issue has been fixed and if you are still having trouble opening the Logitech Gaming Software application itself. If the issue continues, you should turn it off at startup Select Logitech Gaming in Task Manager’s Startup tab, then click the Disable button at the bottom.

Method 2: Cleanly Reinstall The Operating System

Several people tried reinstalling the tool to fix this issue, and it worked. Reinstalling the tool isn’t enough, and you’ll need to go through the whole procedure below to fix the issue. As part of the process, we’ll show you how to back up your profile information, too.

Make A Copy Of Your Data

With a clean install, your profile data may be lost. Make a copy of your data by opening Windows Explorer and clicking on This PC. Turning on the option that allows you to access hidden files and directories may be necessary if you can’t see the AppData folder In File Explorer’s “View” menu, choose the “Hidden objects” checkbox and then click “Show/Hide”. The hidden files will be shown in File Explorer, and this setting will be retained until you alter it again. Take care to pick all profile data.xml files, right-click the selection, and choose Copy from the context menu. Save these files to your computer!

make a copy of your data
make a copy of your data

To begin wit reinstalling process, make sure you have an administrator account signed in since you will not be able to remove apps using any other account. Also, be sure to disconnect all of your Logitech accessories before beginning the removal and reinstall processes.

  1. Open Control Panel by doing a search for it in the Start menu. Windows 10 users may enter Settings by clicking on the gear icon.
  2. You may uninstall a programme in Control Panel by selecting View as Category in the top right corner and then clicking on Uninstall a Program. All installed apps on your PC should be visible quickly if you use the Settings app and click on Apps.
    reinstall logitech (fix logitech gaming software not opening)
    reinstall Logitech (fix logitech gaming software not opening)
  3. Locate and click on the Logitech Gaming Software item in the list to begin. Once you’ve clicked on the Uninstall option, you’ll be prompted to accept any dialogue boxes that may pop up. To remove Logitech Gaming Software, follow the on-screen directions and restart your computer.

Remove Data (Fix Logitech Gaming Software Not Opening)

After this, you’ll need to follow the procedures outlined below to remove the data it has left on your computer.

Windows Explorer is use to go to the following place on your computer: Delete the Logitech Gaming Software folder from the Logitech folder. Use this link to Download the Logitech Gaming Software Installer, then run it from your Downloads folder and follow the on-screen directions to reinstall it.


In this article, here are the methods to fix Logitech gaming software not opening issue. All you suppose to do is follow the solutions here and start using the software as before.

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