Memory Management Error | 8 Easy Fixes

Memory administration is, in brief, the mechanism that governs your computer’s storage. It records every byte of memory and whether it is free or used on your machine. It defines what amount of storage to delegate to those processes and when to send it to them (including the programs you launch). It’s even ‘open’ the memory when you close a program by labeling it for someone else. However, it will often fail, as in other processes on your computer. And you’ll possibly quickly see the error message “memory management error” as it happens. According to Microsoft, the blue death screen for memory management is shown when a major memory management mistake has arisen.

Memory management error

You will find out what is triggering the horrifying BSOD in your device using apps like WhoCrashed and BlueScreenView. But it is likely to be one such problem: apps, hardware, virus infection, defective video drivers, memory errors, disc errors.

To recognize the stop code memory management, simple troubleshooting is important. 

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Solutions For Memory Management Error

Let’s see what you can do to correct windows 10 memory management

Method 1 Open In Safe Mode

You can first open Windows 10 with simple drivers in safe mode. You should verify that the BSOD windows stop code memory management is still being received in this action. This effectively shuts down all computer-needed operations. When the memory protection bug stops, you realize it’s not hardware but more like a fix in an upgrade or a conductor in the program. If the issue continues, any defective hardware can have to be replaced. Follow the steps below to launch your machine in Safe Mode.

Run the Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool and see if it helps.

  1. Click-on Windows key and X.
  2. Click-on Control Panel.control panel
  3. Open Administrative Tools
  4. Double-press to start Windows Memory Diagnostics.
  5. Click-on Restart now and look for problems.restart-computer
  6. Diagnosis in Windows Memory

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Method 2 Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool

The Windows Memory Diagnostics tool checks the SDRAM and lists all the issues if any. This move should use Safe Mode to avoid problems with BSOD. This condition, though, is that your PC operated properly in Safe Mode utilizing phase 1 above.

  1.  Click on Windows + R’ keyboard pair, then type ‘mdsched’ and click ‘Enter.’run
  2.  Pick the restart option and run an SDRAM check.reset pc
  3.  When you restart, you will get a report that will inform you whether you have a memory error.

As the name implies, the memory management error affects the machine’s memory and maybe a physical RAM problem. This can be supported by the Windows Memory Debugging Method to detect when the issue occurs. If Windows restarts, it can inform you if your recollection is incorrect. If you have, you must either repair your RAM or give your device back if the warranty is available for memory management.

Method 3 Scanner Operated SFC

SFC Scanner is a Microsoft method to diagnose many device bugs, and it seems to have overcome memory storage issues in several individuals.

  1.  Type cmd with no quotes in the Cortana search bar and click on Run as an administrator for Command Prompt in the right window.Command Prompt memory management error
  2.  Since Powershell substituted Command Prompt, you cannot use the Start Menu choice right-click.
  3. When the Prompt command is opened, type “sfc/scannow” and click “Enter.” With no scan

SFC Scanner is already working through the device to see whether any disc faults need to be remedied. And if nothing is discovered, certain users found that after a complete search, their machines play better.

Note: Two to three rounds of the scan are easier since, on the first try, the process can not often catch something or solves anything else and wants to identify more problems.

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Method 4 Check Into Issues With Applications

It is a bit more difficult to pin down software issues. Nevertheless, if a comparatively new occurrence is a mistake in memory management error windows 10, you may want to see if any of your latest device installs are fixed.



Unique program parts also connect to errors in memory management. You may attempt and re-switch and uninstall new software and find out whether it fixes a BSOD, or you can re-load Windows 10 fully (even though it is a nuclear option). Isolating and repairing a programming problem or even a broken file can take some time.

Method 5 Memory Management Error then Update Your Operating System

Always keep in mind to have an updated operating system in the device. Using an obsolete operating system will create many problems in the device, and memory management error is one of the major ones. The device must run on the latest Windows Operating System updates. As if we talk about Microsoft, then the company provides timely updates on Operating Systems. Always keep a check on them. This will helps in improving the System’s stability. Not only memory management error problem, but it will also help you in fixing various other problems in the device.

update windows operating system

To update your Operating System you just need to access the Windows update section.

  1. In this section, you just need to type update in the search box.
  2. However, there are no such problems that this will work for specific versions. This will work for every version of windows.
  3. Later you need to check on the Windows Update option.
  4. Here just check for updates, and in the end, if any update is available, you can see it over there easily. If you find any updates available, just click on it and install the update.
windows update

If you find that memory management error is causing software damage, you can also remove the recently installed software from the system.

  1. To remove your recently update software you just need to go on the start and type control panel.
  2. There click on program and Features.
  3. In the program and Features, you will further find an option to uninstall. Just click on it, and you will be available to remove the software.
  4. After doing so just restart your PC and see if the memory management error has been solved.

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Method 6 Restore System Files And Settings

  1. While using system restore, you can fix a problem that might make the computer run slowly or stop responding.restore system 
  2. However, this will not affect any of your documents, pictures, or other personal data. 
  3. To perform this task, you just need to go to search, type search properties. 
  4. There you will find an option to open system protection.
  5. Click on system restore. system restore
  6. Now click next and choose the preferred restore point in the new window. 
  7. Once you have selected your preferred restore point, click on next and finish the task. 
  8. Your device will restart and the process for restoring will start automatically. 
  9. However, Windows 10 will provide you a series of advanced recovery options to clean and install the OS. reinstall os
  10. Now you can do so while going to settings. 
  11. There you will find updates and security. Now select recovery under the left pane..reset pc
  12. Now click on Get Started under Reset this device. Choose to keep your files otherwise they deleted. 
  13. Now follow the provided instructions to complete the reset. 

Method 7 Memory Management Error then Run A Disk Check

The BSOD can also be caused by NTFS, i.e., New Technology File System, a file organization system that stores and accesses information in many Microsoft Windows, including Windows 10.

  1. Click-on the Windows key and simultaneously press S to bring up the search box. Now type cmd.
  2. Right-click on Command prompter and select Run as Administrator.
  3. Type chkdsk /f /r, and press Enter on your keyboard.  chkdsk memory management error
  4. Click-on Y when asked Would you like to schedule this volume to be checked next time the system restarts?

Method 8 Memory Management Error then Exit And Restart Your Device

Fix Faulty Drivers- outdated or broken drivers can easily cause BSOD errors. This is why it is important to keep the device functional all the time. Keep your PC in optimal condition without wasting time conducting any additional operations. You need a great software solution. If you are a gamer, photo/video maker, or you deal with any kind of intense visual workflow daily (GPU). Significant slowdowns, lag, and fatal mistakes will result from an outdated GPU driver.

  1. In the device manager to see if there is hardware with a yellow exclamation or unknown devices under Other devices. If you find it, try to fix error device driver issues.
  2.  Make sure that any important drovers are up to date, especially the graphic driver.device manager
  3. But you can use Driver Booster to support you if you have a problem locating them independently. It is a professional scanner, downloader, and installer for Windows drivers., For upgrading the drivers you need, you can rely entirely on it, and it can give you tremendous drivers. This is a safe and resource-saving tool for this form of operation that will be your best advisor.
  4. The process is simple enough. Download and Install Driver Fix. Launch the program and wait for it to fix the errors in the device.

Driver Fix will inform and alert you of all the device issues, and all you have to do is select the ones you would like fixed.

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Memory Management” is one of Microsoft’s unhelpful sentences for searching for a BSOD error while operating Windows 10. “Memory Management” So, how can you address the dilemma of memory management?

The first move is to isolate the root of the problem so you know what to correct. It can be difficult to know where to proceed with ominous errors such as this. But if you follow these methods we have mentioned, you’ll be able to spot and solve the ‘Memory Management Error” on your PC. Tired of the Error “There Is Insufficient Memory Or Disk Space, Word Cannot Display The Requested Font”? Click here to know the fixes.

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