What To Do When Microsoft Teams Won’t Uninstall?

In this article, we will learn solutions for what to do when Microsoft Teams won’t uninstall. It is easy to uninstall the apps because it is a simple process. But there is something else that users need to do if they want to remove unwanted apps from the device. There are different ways in which individual apps get installed on your device. Portable apps are easy to remove by a simple deletion, but they can become more complicated for some other apps. Some apps are easier to delete with a simple uninstallation edition click, but you need admin rights for some apps.

microsoft teams

  1. Microsoft Teams is a multilayer platform that helps in keeping things organized.
  2. Microsoft Teams is an online co-working tool that is reliable and guaranteed to Boost Your productivity.
  3. If Microsoft Teams won’t uninstall, you need to read this guide to learn what steps to follow for the uninstallation process.

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Fix For Microsoft Teams Won’t Uninstall

The following are few methods to fix  Microsoft Teams Won’t Uninstall issue

Method 1 Microsoft Teams Won’t Uninstall

The Microsoft teams come in a bundle form with Microsoft 365 if you use a corporate account to install the same. Microsoft Teams is an excellent communication and collaboration platform for some people, but not everyone is convinced with this tool. Therefore, some of the users want this app to be removed from their devices. Some of the users want to get rid of this tool permanently. 

Every time the user deletes this tool, it comes back after every restart. Sometimes when you uninstall this app from your device, your program refuses to go, which can be an annoying issue for people. microsoft teams

We are here with some of these steps and processes that can help users uninstalling this tool from their devices to solve this issue. If you talk about uninstalling Microsoft teams, it is not simple, especially If you are using an AD account or your device is corporate-issued. Some of the policies that prevent the app from uninstalling ensure that you access the Microsoft teams. Here we are mentioning some of the points that you can try to remove. 

Here are some selected three points that will be helpful when Microsoft Teams won’t uninstall.

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Method 2 Uninstalling Microsoft Teams From Settings 

Here is the first fix to do when Microsoft Teams won’t uninstall. Following are some of the essential steps that you have to consider while performing the process:

  1. Open the settings on your device.
  2. Go to the apps group of settings.uninstalling from settings
  3. Select the apps and features tab. 
  4. Now you have to select the following two apps one after another and click uninstall.
  5. Microsoft teamslaptop
  6. Machine Wide teams installer

Method 3 Uninstalling Microsoft Teams Through PowerShell 

Here is the second fix to do when Microsoft Teams won’t uninstall. Following are some of the steps that you have to consider while performing the process: 

  1. Firstly, open the PowerShell with admin rights.
  2. Now run the prescribed command to change the script execution of the policy. Tap on “A” when the screen shows it.powershell uninstall
  3. After the execution policy has been set, you have to copy the script into the PowerShell window to remove the Microsoft teams.

Method 4 Uninstalling Microsoft 365

If you are using a corporate account on your device with Microsoft 365, then you have to install and reinstall it with your account. Here is the third fix to do when Microsoft Teams won’t uninstall. Here is the third way that will help you in installing Microsoft teams from your device.

  1. Open settings.
  2. Go to the apps.app and features
  3. Open apps and features.
  4. Select Microsoft 365.
  5. Click on uninstall.settings
  6. Once Microsoft 365 is install, you have to download it again using your account and the license to get the office apps back but exclude the Microsoft teams.


If you use corporate software and hardware licenses, it comes with some of the problems, out of which the biggest issue is of lack of control. We have mentioned some of the solutions that can be helpful for you in installing the Microsoft teams. Else you can ask your system admin to remove the app from your device.

The user should be aware that the up serves as the primary communication tool within a particular organization or company. If you remove these apps, this means you miss the critical information and communication part.

Hopefully, this article will solve your query about what to do when Microsoft Teams won’t uninstall.

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