“Microsoft Word not Responding Error” | 4 Ways to Fix

In this article, we’ll be deliberating on the causes of a technical error faced by almost every Microsoft word user is “Microsoft Word not responding error”. And discussing possible solutions that can help resolve the error.

Causes Of “Microsoft Word Not Responding Error”

  • Data Usage Overload / RAM Overload:​ This is the most common reason behind “Microsoft Word not responding error.” Excessive downloading of files simultaneously while working with Word can cause it to hang and subsequently, “not respond”.
  • An irreconcilable Plug-in:​ An incompatible plug-in or extension can cause deprecated application performance and consequently leading to lingering of the app
  • Document Retrieval Failure: ​A failure to open, save, or access a document hosted on a remote server, often arising from a server timeout, also leads to an unintended error.
  • A Damaged Program file: ​A vandalized file can hamper the system’s processing power and slow down the functions. It can also be a major reason for the malfunctioning of MS-Word.

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Solutions For “Microsoft Word Not Responding Error”

Follow these solution to solve the error you are facing with.

Checking The Task Manager

Task Manager is a pre-installed system program. It is used to provide data about the processes and applications running on the computer system. Once you open the Task Manager, you can check the current processes. End the task using the maximum amount of data. This is one way of overhauling the technical crisis; this works not only with MS-Word. However, with other applications and systems as well.

end task in task manager
End Task in Task Manager

(Open Task Manager > Read through the Data Usage Column > Identify the process that is using the maximum bandwidth >Right click and select the “End Task” option from the list)

Disabling Plug-ins

Try to load the app without templates and extensions and check whether the program works as it should. If it is still giving “Microsoft Word not Responding error,” an incompatible add-in is the culprit! Select “Files” option from the top-left corner, then select “Options” followed by selecting “Add-Ins”. This will lead you to the settings of the application, wherein you can disable all the add-ins.

microsoft word options
Options to disable pug-ins

(Files > Options > Add Ins > “Go” Button under Manage > COM Add-ins dialog box > Clear the check boxes next to each add-in > click on “OK”)

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Repair Microsoft Word

This is the surest way of resolving the “Microsoft Word not Responding error.” Open the Settings of your computer system, select “​App and Features​” from the various categories present. Further, Select ​Microsoft Office​ from the list of apps present; Select “​Modify”​and then you need to follow the options to repair Microsoft Word programs

repair word dialog box
Repair MS-Word dialog box

(Settings > App and Features > Microsoft Office > Modify > Repair MS-Word).

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Restarting Your System

This might surely be a tedious and time-consuming task, but if none of the above methods resolved your Microsoft Word not Responding error, the best is to end all the system tasks and processes by shutting it down and rebooting it.

restart windows
Restart Windows

You do not need to worry about your word file (if you have not saved it). Once your system starts functioning smoothly, all you need to do is open MS-Word and click on the “​Auto-Recover Document​” option that appears on the left pane of your screen.

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These are some of the hacks and ways to resolve when Microsoft Word stops working suddenly. I hope that this article proves to be useful for the error you are facing. Stay tuned for more such articles!

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