Minecraft Keeps Crashing On Windows 10 Fix It Here

 Minecraft is a game that has evolved into a pop culture phenomenon in the last decade. It has already been played by millions of pro gamers and fans worldwide. And continues to be a significant force to reckon with when it comes to playing online games. Because of its overwhelming popularity, the problems that gamers’ problems while playing this game have become severe headaches for the internet community. Minecraft Keeps Crashing On Windows 10 then  this  article is for youminecraft (fix minecraft keeps crashing on windows 10)

One of these significant issues is the rate at which this game crashes during live matches. This issue alone is responsible for the frustration of numerous gamers who are spending a serious amount of time on this game.

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Methods To Solve Minecraft Keeps Crashing On Windows 10

Below are the most effective methods to resolve this issue for Windows 10.

Method 1 Updating Your Graphics Driver

Generally, the most fundamental cause of the crash is a backdated driver card(such as Nvidia GPU). Gamers operating a Windows system often tend to ignore the outdated graphics driver card while updating their software. A direct result of such a mistake is observed when the card cannot support the constantly updated version of Minecraft and hence, it fails. update driver nvidia

This results in the shut down of the entire game, and so this is the number one cause of most crashes in Minecraft. A remedy is to install an updated graphics card like the DriverFix which automatically scans the web for system updates and then updates the software in the background without the intervention of the user.

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Method 2 Minecraft Keeps Crashing On Windows 10 Then Regularly Update Minecraft

This reason is mostly overlooked by players as they think to approach this from a casual gamer perspective and therefore, often mistake checking in with the latest version update. Minecraft is a widely circulate game worldwide boasting of many millions of gamers. Hence, it’s only inevitable that the company will release several versions multiple times in a year to provide the greatest gaming experience to a player.


When the casual gamer doesn’t pay attention and so doesn’t update the game, the game’s chances of experiencing crashes increase by many folds. The solution therefore will be to regularly update the game itself from the app or play store. Pop over here to know the fixes of  “Minecraft Sound Not Working?”.

Method 3 Installation And Updating Java

Few players actually know that Minecraft will not run smoothly if Java is not installed in the system. Moreover, for many versions, Minecraft refuses to run in systems devoid of Java. Therefore, it’s mandatory for users to first install Java.


Even after that, if the crash problems persist users must update to the latest version that is available on the official Java page. One advantage of this software is that Java sends the user any update notification directly from their website. So, it should be easy to keep up with the latest versions. However, the player can always go and check manually for the updates as well.

Method 4 Minecraft Keeps Crashing On Windows 10 Then Use SFC Scanning

Even after performing the above operations, the crashes are still regular, try using the SFC Scanning. This operation will update the full system and restart the computer. To execute this task, write cmd in the search bar, and after opening the command prompt type: sfc/scannow, afterwards, press enter.


The software will fully update itself and then the system will perform an automatic restart. This operation scans the full system and removes the necessary bugs from the computer.

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Method 5 Resetting Winstock

Even though the user successfully reset sfc but still the crashes are there, then the next step would be to reset the Winstock. For that, the user has to open the command prompt and then go to the admin page. After that, he has to write: netsh winstock reset in the command line and tap enter.winsock reset (fix minecraft keeps crashing on windows 10)

After the system resets, the user then has to restart the computer. This task resets the computer to the default controls after the SFC has successfully deleted the bugs that kept crashing programs. Therefore, even if the system is in the same position as before the SFC Scanning, this operation will ensure that all parameters are reset to the beginning to give the best possible results.

Method 6 Turning The VBO Setting To “OFF” in Minecraft

While the previous attempts were all external to the game, even after performing them; if Minecraft still doesn’t stop crashing the problem might be internal. Many gamers tend to ignore switching the VBO settings to off in the Minecraft setting panel.


By finally toggling the settings off. The Minecraft app will not only stop crashing mid-game but it’ll also resolve many other issues like game jamming.

Method 7 Minecraft Keeps Crashing On Windows 10 Then Delete Any Mod File

A major problem often overlooked even by the pro players in the presence of any suspicious mod or apk files in the system. These mod or apk files are on auto-download during the time of either downloading. Also, install any game or app from duplicate links or pirated websites.


These files greatly hamper the overall experience of the system as a whole. And they even may cause the shut down of the entire game .As a result of an error in their codes. Therefore, it’s compulsory for any gamer to remove all such files from the system. And even delete them from the recycle bin for a much better Minecraft experience.


The systematic execution of all the above steps is likely .To ensure the resolution of 95% of the crash issues with Minecraft. It’s also important to regularly update the Windows OS for a greater experience. Other than that, the above list should solve the Minecraft Keeps Crashing on the Windows 10 OS.

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