MTG Arena Get Thread Context Failed Error Fix Here

The MTG Arena get thread context failed error for various reasons. First and foremost, It is an error that is caused due to multiple reasons. Some of the reasons are the blockage/restrictions by the antivirus present in the PC, the presence of conflicting softwares, or what can be called an anti-cheat client.


This error  occurs in various operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, Mac, and the version available on Steam.


The first thing/resolution a user should try is to restart the Operating System and the network equipment to check whether it’d help eradicate the error.

Now, there are various ways to fix this error. Some of them are following :

  1. Uninstall Anti-Cheat Client (FACEIT)
  2. Disabling Multi-GPU technology
  3. Changing Antivirus and firewall settings
  4. Adding the Game to the DEP exception list
  5. Disabling DEPfix
  6. Disable and uninstall antivirus and firewall settings temporarily
  7. Add Game to the Antivirus and Firewall Exception List.
  8. Restarting the Updates download
  9. Starting the Game on a different Network
  10. Clean Booting the System
  11. Reinstalling the Game

How To Fix The MTG Arena Get Thread Context Failed Error Through Various Methods 

Here are some methods to resolve  error.

Method 1 Anti-Cheat Client (Faceit) 

  1. Search for Settings, click on appssettings
  2. Find and expand Faceit
  3. Uninstall Faceit

Method 2 MTG Arena Get Thread Context Failed Error Then Disable Multi-GPU Technology

This process depends on the type of GPU a user’s PC has.

If there’s Nvidia Processor, then :

  1. Open NvidiaControl Panelcontrol panel
  2. On the left top side, expand 3D Settings
  3. Click on Configure SLI, PhysX, and Surround
  4. On the right side, click on Disable SLI

Now, if there’s AMD CrossFire or CrossFireX, then :

  1. Open AMD Control Panelamd
  2. Choose and Expand the “Performance “tab present on the left side of the Window.
  3. Select AMD CrossFire or CrossFireXlaptop
  4. On the right side of the Window, Tick-mark “Disable AMD CrossFire or CrossFireX

Method 3 Changing Antivirus And Firewall Settings  

  1. Open Settings, then troubleshooting.Trouble shoot
  2. Uncheck the option of “Enable Hardware-Assisted Virtualization.”
  3. Finally, restart your PC.

So Follow above steps to fix MTG Arena Get Thread Context Fail Error

Method 4 Disabling DEP 

  1. Search for Command Prompt
  2. Type the command “ bcdedit.exe /set {current} nxAlwaysOff”restart-computer
  3. Then, restart your PC. 

Method 5 MTG Arena Get Thread Context Failed Error  Start The Game On A Different Network 

  1. Disconnect your Game
  2. Choose another Network of your own choice. wifi settings
  3. Restart the Game on the new Network.

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Method 6 Reinstall The Game 

  1. Search for “Add/Remove Programs “
  2. Look for MTG Arenalaptop
  3. Uninstall the Game
  4. Head towards “Steam”
  5. Download it again


In Conclusion This error occurs in various operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, Mac, and the version available on Steam. These are some of the fixes for the MTG Arena error

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